Bacon, steak and cheese? Woman sheds 140 pounds after going keto


Weight loss is often associated with punitively giving up favorite foods, but that doesn’t have to be the case on a keto diet. Alexa (picture above) enjoyed delicious low-carb staples like bacon, cheese and steak – and lost 140 pounds (64 kg).

Her diet is full of healthy vegetables, but also includes fatty meat like bacon and juicy steak. “I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself or cutting much out,” she said.

Express: Weight loss: How this woman lost 10 stone by eating a diet of bacon and fried cheese

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  1. sammy
    Tell us what her blood numbers were, pre and now, for cholesterol.
    Replies: #2, #5
  2. Peter Phelps
    ........ and why would that matter ????

    Congratulations Alexa on shedding your weight and improving your health.

  3. Lisa
    Awesome Alexa!
  4. Fran Charlip
    I agree with Sammy.
  5. Ruthy
    You ever heard of The Bacon Challenge? You will see someone who got bloodwork done BEFORE doing it then AFTER. Results were WAY better after and doctor told him to keep doing what he was doing. Dude ate nothing but bacon for 30 whole days (2 pounds of bacon a day).
  6. Trbobtch
    The saturated fat myth was based on research done by Ancel Keys. Except, instead of using butter to represent "saturated" fat he used margarine, which is hydrogenated vegetable oil, a TRANS fat. Trans fats and seed/vegetable oils actually cause problems. Human being have been eating animal fat for a LOOOOONG time, long before someone figured out how to chemically extract oil from rapeseeds (canola). Eat your bacon (preferably from pastured, not grain-fed, pork)

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