1. lasslassiter
    Congratulations fine sir!
  2. Bobby
    Congratulations, Doc!
  3. Mary D
    Congratuations!!!! She is just beautiful!!!!
  4. Mark B
  5. Jutta K.
    Was für ein wundervolles Ereignis.
    So ein entzückendes Baby !
    Meinen allerherzlichsten Glückwunsch.
    Liebe Grüße
  6. Anita
    Congratulations! What a little beauty..........!
  7. Jennifer
    Two little girls to adore their papa now. Wonderful news!
  8. Janet
    What lovely news.
    Even without carbs, beautiful babies can be made....
  10. Welldun
    Congratulation! Picked a name yet?
  11. Anthony
    Congratulations Doc ! Hope you didn't faint....
  12. Dave
  13. Daci
    I know your thrilled.
  14. Marg
    Congratulations! She looks lovely.
  15. PatrickP
  16. Laurene Weichman
    Congratulations, she is gorgeous.
  17. Chrissy
    Congrats on the arrival of your newest family member, Andreas and well done Mrs Diet Doctor :)
  18. Oliviascotland
    Very many congratulations to you and Mrs Diet Doctor, and also to the new Big Sister! What a very beautiful baby!
  19. Jean
    Congratulations to you all!
  20. London Lady
    What a little treasure! Many, many congratulations on this new addition to the Eenfeldt family.
  21. MargaretRC
    Congratulations! She's beautiful!
  22. Vicente
    She is beautiful.
  23. Janknitz
    Mazel Tov!
  24. Susan
    What a gorgeous precious new life, congradulations!
  25. sten
    Means one more lovely girl will grow up very much free from sugar cravings and the associated tantrums. What will it take for more of us to find out ?
    At least fertility improves on low carb so there is good hope.
    Cheers to the whole Eenfeldt family!
  26. sten
    Means one more lovely girl will grow up very much free from sugar cravings and the associated tantrums. What will it take for more of us to find out ?
    At least fertility improves on low carb so there is hope.
    Cheers Andreas!
  27. tony
    Congratulations doc. You are a very lucky man to have 2 lovely daughters.
  28. Mary
    Oh my goodness, sincere congratulations to you, your wife & other sweet "big" girl! :))
  29. Sarah
    Congratulations to you and your wife! Will look forward to glimpses of seeing her grow big and strong and happy along with new big sister Klara! :)
  30. Jan
    Fantastic news.

    Best Wishes to all the family.

    All the best Jan

  31. Rebeka
    Congratulations Andreas!
  32. Moira
    Looks like a keeper! Congrats.
  33. Marc
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
  34. Sara
    What a beauty! Congratulations on your growing family!
  35. Paul the rat
    Wishing you rewarding parenthood dr Eenfeldt !!
  36. Ro
    Beautiful baby. May the sun shine on your family and may good health be their blessing!
  37. Liz
    Congratulations to you all - she's gorgeous xxx
  38. Marilyn
    Congratulations! What a beautiful baby!
  39. Lisa
    Congrats on your new adorable bundle of joy!
  40. IreneT
    congrats! i'm due in two weeks :-)
  41. Maddie
    Congratulations! What a beautiful little girl!
  42. Beth in Dallas
    Yay!!! What a cutie.
  43. Morganier
    As a father to a father: "Great job!" And as advise from an older father: Enjoy every day because time flies and she will be grown up in no time. (then its still nice but soo different!)
    Congratultions and keep up the good work!
  44. Darag
    Big Congrats to you and your wife, Andreas.

    Nothing like being a father:)

  45. Steph
    All the best for your little beautiful daughter and your whole family!
  46. Nan
    Beautiful! That is one lucky baby.
  47. Cheneen
    Congratulations dad!!! From my husbands experience, there is nothing better than having a daughter. Now you have TWO!!!!
  48. Chattegrise
    Congratulations, Doctor! Theodore Dostoievsky said: "A child's smile is a ray of light sent from Heaven". Enjoy it!
  49. MISSIT
    My baby girl just had her first year of life. I no longer want her to drink milk powder for babies, because the amount of sugar...... how can i feed her now? i already give her chicken and eggs, avocado, ham,,,, but, she still want milk to go to sleep.... help :)
  50. Stacy
    I wonder if you and your wife would be willing put together some information to help other pregnant mothers wanting to have a low-carb pregnancy. I have not had a lot of luck finding much info (although I've gotten the most from you, already, between what you wrote about your wife's last pregnancy and the video interview you did with Dr. Fox). I've been following a LCHF diet for almost 6 months and love it. My husband and I are hoping conceive this year but I'm a little anxious about how (or if) I should change my diet if I do. I would love to know more specific details about the diet your wife followed!
  51. Elsa
    What a beautiful baby, congratulations!
  52. Sean K
    What a beautiful girl! Congratulations!

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