Baby dinner: broccoli with butter


Many people wonder what we feed our children. Here’s one of the very first solid foods that 5.5 month-old Alva has had. The ingredient list is short: Organic broccoli and butter.

Here’s how the preparation and eating goes:



The broccoli is boiled and blended until smooth. It may be frozen into ice cubes for future quick preparation.

You then take a couple of frozen cubes, heat them and mix with butter. The result will look like the first picture in this post.



The food is eaten with a small spoon – or hands – depending on ability.


How much to eat? Until satisfied and not wanting any more. Play with what’s left… and then off to change clothes.


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  1. deborahkrueger
    Looks about a 50/50 deal. 50% goes in and 50% gets smeared and played with. What a happy looking child.
  2. Pigums
    Must be good. She looks pretty happy.
  3. junejoy
    What a beautiful baby! She could be a baby model...and you'll have college already paid for! A natural in front of the camera!
  4. Apicius
    Very lucky baby indeed! How wonderful to have parents who are well-informed in proper "real food" nutrition, as well as showering the growing child with love.

    Another observation is how cost-effective proper baby nutrition can be. Instead of buying prepared foods and ready meals (which can be laden with suspect chemicals and added sugars) it's best to buy the original ingredients and making the food yourself. Cheap and clean food = healthy and happy baby.

    Doctor, perhaps a few more recipe ideas like this may be beneficial to your readers...anymore other wonderful baby food recipes you have to share?

  5. Janet
    I do hope you are planning to have more babies... They turn out so well :-)
    Does she have bone broth too?
    Reply: #10
  6. Pierre
    Replies: #7, #12
  7. Justin
    Looks like another dietitian who doesn't understand how science works, and who never looked into why the paleo diet took off in the first place. It was never about losing weight. As far as I know the very first books about paleo were all about the science behind it: clinical vs observational, timelines for when "foods" were introduced, etc. It looks like she just took a couple headlines about celebrities losing weight with paleo, and applied mainstream group-think to it.
  8. Justin
    Screw "for babies", that stuff looks delicious! It's like a broccoli version of creamed spinach! I think I'm gonna make some for me.
    Reply: #13
  9. Cindy C
    Thanks so much for sharing this. The first solid food can be an addition to breast milk, or a try to substitute for unavailable breast milk. Fatty acids like in coconut oil, and egg yolks can be good for the baby and the breast feeding mother. Breast milk does contain some starches(that the baby cannot digest, but the bacteria can that is also in the breast milk). Beast milk mostly has simple starches, and changes as the baby gets older. Some give their babies some lightly cooked egg yolk, or avocado, or green plantain, or some sweet potato, or some goats milk, and a little extra virgin coconut oil. The places were babies were fed starches, it seemed the mother chewed it first. Also did your ancestors eat those starches? Meat was not always available, or the religion forbade it. Grains for babies are certainly a different subject, as talked about earlier. Some adults try some raw grass fed liver, and perhaps some light cooked grass fed liver would be good for babies.

  10. bill
    Please stop at two.
  11. Apicius
    Interesting news article today. Some baby and children food have obscene amounts of sugar (like 30%). Check out this link:

  12. Christoph
    We're not in the middle ages no more, Pierre. All those nonsense studies are completely from yesterday. Welcome to a new future with (finally) healthy babies, fed with real food that CAN'T be unhealthy.
  13. Sophie
    Wow this looks good. I need to get a food processor.

    My mom fed me and my brother home made baby food too. I can't see it not being a very practical, economic and healthy way to go.

  14. donnabrook1984
    Hi, I think this is amazing. More recipes would be amazing as I have a10 month old and struggle with what to give him. He only has his 2 bottom teeth which makes it hard.
    Reply: #15
  15. Crystal Pullen Team Diet Doctor

    Hi, I think this is amazing. More recipes would be amazing as I have a10 month old and struggle with what to give him. He only has his 2 bottom teeth which makes it hard.

    Thank you for your feedback. I will share it with our team.

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