Frida Hofmann

Frida Hofmann

I am an editor at Diet Doctor, with a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications, writing under the supervision of Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt.

I have always been interested in food, nutrition and all things related to good health. I stumbled upon Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt’s book Food Revolution in my own bookcase a few years ago and it just changed my life forever. I have gained so many health benefits by going on a low-carb diet and I can not imagine going off it. I truly believe that whoever you are and whatever your story is, a low-carb diet can change your life for the better.

I have found that a dairy-free low-carb diet is the best fit for me. On a typical day I have breakfast, lunch and dinner, and no snacks in between. I usually make some kind of green smoothie bowl for breakfast with some delicious granola topping. A big salad with lots of leafy greens and vegetables is usually what I have for lunch. A steak or some other form of protein, with a fatty sauce and some vegetables, is my go-to dinner. Eating like this always leaves me content and satisfied with no hangry feelings whatsoever.

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