Authorities in Uproar As Scientist Suggests We Should Eat More Salt


Should you eat more salt to improve your health? Possibly, according to Dr. James DiNicolantonio’s new book The Salt Fix. It’s challenging outdated anti-salt advice in an effective way, and I think Dr. DiNicolantonio is basically right.

But not unexpectedly, some authorities are now in uproar against his advice for people to eat more salt:

The Guardian: A Danger to Public Health? Uproar As Scientist Urges Us to Eat More Salt


“As a Doctor, I Want You to Eat Plenty of Fat, and Add Plenty of Salt to Your Food”

Should You Eat MORE Salt?

The Salt Guidelines Are Too Restrictive, Say Experts


  1. John
    Yes, but only if its sea, Celtic or Himalayan salt.
  2. anderstiger
    Fleur de Sel de Camargue
  3. John
    Maldon salt. Lovely stuff. It's been produced there since the bronze age
  4. jenny
    I agree, salt is necessary common sense comes into the situation, if you use salt say in cooking, do not put at the table, simple as that.

    Also agree without doubt, only sea salt and or better Himalayan!

    The body needs salt especially so if one is low carb,and watching the ingredients if not making home made sources, so many products have salt included, so common sense comes into place again, MODERATION is the trick here.

    Have a nice afternoon from Hot sunny Mallorca.

  5. Steve Stephenson
    Recent study of 100,000 people around the world showed that the lowest mortality occurred when the daily intake of sodium was 5 grams, that's 2.1 teaspoons of table salt (NaCl). On Dr Phinney discusses the new salt study. (5.6875 g salt = 1 tsp salt = 2.35 g sodium) x 5 g / 2.35 g = (12.1 g salt = 2.1 tsp salt = 5 g sodium). Conversions from
  6. Jonathan Zappe
    Next season you health experts will say salt is BAD for you or FATS are bad for your cholesterol!what next you gullible bunch of people ? Everyone's body is different and certain diets or eating lifestyles are good or bad . Yes, the Western world is certainly proof of poor diets and convenience foods are proof that your food is ruining g your health . Look at the fatties out there , disgraceful and it's your own fault .
    Moderation- is the key word, eat when you are hungry and then not Salty chips . Wholesome food ! In a nutshell , everything is about MONEY, filthy money !Greedy food industry ! Making you fat, then people making money out of getting you back in shape ! Everything COSTS! It all about money ! Shame shame shame !

    Eat properly if you can afford to and do things always in Moderation. No salt at the table , use Himalayan salt when you cook your food.Countless times you see people loading the salt onto the plate without even tasting! LoL! I have kept a constant weight since my 20's and now 61 I'm still the same weight . Excercise is a must , take a 30 minute walk. Over exertion is not good in my mind.

    I'm tired of all this nonsense on the internet! Believe what you want to as you are the master of your destiny , You are however what you eat . Good luck and ENJOY LIVING!

  7. mrsj03
    I got a copy of James' book last year when he asked to promote it in my lchf group. After reading it, it all made so much sense, I have now increased my own salt intake and the palpitations I have had since my mid 20's have gone and I mean gone completely. A little research ourselves isn't hard folks and as we become more aware of how dodgy the information our governments have been using is to advise us on our dietary guidelines self-study is definitely a must.

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