Australia faces butter shortage


You might want to stock up on butter if you live in Australia, because the country is facing a looming shortage of the rich deliciousness. One of the reasons? International demand for butter is up, as it’s seen as much more natural than the alternatives.

Broadsheet: Is Australia Short on Butter?


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  1. Peter
    Nice story, pity about the truth.

    I live in Australia and there is plenty of butter around.

  2. Dan
    Yeah. Heaps of butter. No signs of any shortage
  3. Anne
    It says looming shortage and stock up. Clearly it's a predicted shortage. I hope they're wrong but who knows?
  4. Jeroen
    I transport butter. Tons of butter. I just brought a load to a town to the South East of Paris and tomorrow I'll haul another load to Central France; they love our Dutch Butter in their croissants. I'll skip the finished product but will eat the butter...
  5. Carol
    O oh we're in for a price hike. I had noticed the margarine section is shrinking in my local supermarket. Think it's time to start putting pressure on restaurants and cafés would use butter not trans fats.

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