Attacking Those Who Criticize Statins


Questioning the massive overprescription of cholesterol-lowering medication is risky. When the Australian TV show Catalyst aired a show discussing this the drug industry went into damage control overdrive:

Dr. Kendrick: Attacking those who criticise statins – again

Of course it’s much more effective for the attacks to be perceived to come from outside the industry. So, in an example of such an attack, the article discussed by Dr. Kendrick is about how negative statin news in the media decreases the number of people taking the drugs, possibly (given all kinds of assumptions) resulting in more people dying. This is a potentially effective way to silence critics and journalists: “take your drugs and shut up, leave the thinking to us.”

This article is written by a Dr. Børge G. Nordestgaard, who just happened to receive an unknown amount of money for “consultancy” and for “lectures” from Astra Zeneca, Pfizer and Merck. These are the three companies making billions of dollars selling the statins Crestor, Lipitor and Zocor.

Is Dr. Nordestgaard a concerned scientist or a simple industry attack dog? With his pockets stuffed with statin money? You decide.

Mail Online: Ignore statins scare stories – says expert paid by drug firms: Top professor under fire for pushing benefits of the drugs while pocketing thousands


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