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I tried diets and never lost much and when I did lose I would gain it back later… I thought I would give this 2-week low-carb diet a try and I felt amazing just after four days and lost 6 pounds (3 kg)! But then I took a second job and I just don’t have the time I need to shop for meals let alone cook! So… what can I do if I’m not able to cook?… Is there something quick I can do or buy on the run?


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Dear Andreas,

I loved the low-carb challenge, very easy to follow, I lost 1 kg (2 lbs) only but still plan to continue.


Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,

I had a great experience with the low-carb diet challenge. I have to admit, I didn’t stick to the letter of the law, but definitely to the spirit.

I began my LCHF diet a few days before signing up for the challenge. I had gained a lot of weight and abdominal fat over the last year (coinciding with full time work after years as a stay at home mom. Once working outside I began eating canned pasta, crackers, canned beans for lunch every day, take-out pizza and other junk many nights per week, so much processed food!). This crummy diet continued into the summer, my brain was constantly foggy, and I kept crashing, exhausted every afternoon.

I had tried to follow an LCHF diet before this year but I made it too complicated, didn’t eat enough fat, didn’t plan my groceries well and kept too many carb-rich foods in the cupboard… anyway, it didn’t take long to go back to eating poorly once life got busy.

I didn’t eat the meals you suggested or follow the grocery lists, but I did find many delicious recipes on your site: the pesto salmon was my absolute favourite. The grocery list really helped as a guide.

I didn’t do my pantry clean-out right away either, my husband wanted me to prove we could eat this way before getting rid of so much food.

One week into the diet we went camping for a week. I was delighted by how easy it was to stick to the diet away from home. We brought some frozen LCHF chili I prepared ahead of time, lots of butter, heavy cream, bacon and eggs, loads of vegetables, and chicken drumsticks. We ate like kings, were full of energy, slept great. The first day home I cleared out our pantry with no regrets.

I have definitely lost weight, though I don’t own a scale. Clothes that haven’t fit for over a year now fit beautifully. The belt I’ve owned since high school, but haven’t been able to fasten for years, is holding up my pants right now.

While I didn’t follow the exact meals I did learn so much from your website. I am very grateful for it.

We have four kids who we are trying to wean off the sugar. I’ve gotten them off the sugary spreads; I have them eating eggs most mornings rather than cereal. I have them drinking only water… they are still having some bread and popcorn, but I am trying to be patient. They are picky so I’m focusing on trying to find some delicious recipes they will enjoy and slowly get rid of the refined carbs and starches.

Our next challenge is that we will be visiting my parents for two weeks in another province. My mom (61 years) is diabetic (type 2) and has always struggled with obesity but is thinner now than when she was younger. I am hoping she will want to give LCHF a try too. My father is the harder one: he is a junk-food addict, has always been skinny but is on medication for cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. He always buys loads of candy, juice, soda, potato chips, cookies etc. when my kids are around. Every meal is french fries and breaded chicken nuggets or boxed macaroni and cheese, every meal has dessert too. I really need a plan to show up with good food and to keep ahead of them.

I feel a hundred times better: great mood, smooth and soft skin, no crashing midday, thinking much more clearly… This will be my motivation to stay on track.

Oh, one last thing: I thought eating this way would be more expensive but I have actually seen my grocery bills drop! I’m eating much less, not craving constant snacks, haven’t been buying take-out, and nothing processed. Just simple food. I never realized how expensive a “cheap” carb-rich diet was!

Thank you so much for all of the work you have put into dietdoctor.com. It is truly a Godsend.

I plan to become a member of the paid site once we get to my parents’ place and make them watch your videos.


Okay, lost 3 lbs (1 kg), thought food was a little boring and I’d like to see the nutrition content in the recipes, not just percentages.

Thank you,

The challenge was good, I lost 10 pounds (5 kg) and 2″ (5 cm) off my waist. My one suggestion is to have a 2-week challenge plan for people, like myself, who need to be dairy free.

I have a diagnosed casein and whey allergy, along with gluten. So I had to modify almost all the meal-plan recipes to get rid of the dairy in them. This proved difficult in some cases and left me wondering if I was still getting enough carbs, fat and protein due to changing the recipes. ​

I checked the meal plans but although there are dairy-free week plans only one of the week plans are 20 g of carbs or less. There need to be more 20 g of carbs or less meal plans added in general. I ended up resorting to another keto diet that had a full month of dairy free under 20 g of carb meals in order to complete my two weeks.

Thank you,

The challenge was easier than I thought it would be. I’m down pounds and inches and plan on continuing this way of eating!


Waaal I’m so grateful for this diet. I’m really thankful. This is the first natural diet that I have seen results on. Not only was it helpful because the delicious, easy-to-fix recipes were provided, but also an explanation of what to expect and what is really happening to the body. I loved it and would surely want to continue.

Thanks to whoever is behind this noble cause,

I was kind of disappointed that I only lost 2-3 lbs (1 kg) in the 2-week challenge. I felt I did everything right, followed the guidelines, and I wasn’t hungry. I did not exercise at all. I am 61 years old and weighed 150 lbs (68 kg) at the start of the challenge. I am barely 5′ (152 cm) tall on a good day. A lot of my weight is carried in my mid-section.

I gave up all carbs, ate lots of protein and tried to choke down as much butter as I could as the recipes were over-the-top filled with too much butter and fat, especially the scrambled eggs in the morning. That was just way too much fat for me. Can I continue but maybe cut the fat in half?

Not sure how to proceed because I do feel a little better and my pants seem to be fitting slightly better. The absolute worst part of the 2-week challenge was the horrible sleep. I was restless, uncomfortable, and could not sleep at all. I felt extremely hyper and just couldn’t settle down at all. Not sure if this was related to the challenge or not.

Thanks for listening!

It worked ?



I’ll start off by saying that I really enjoyed having recipes and instructions on how to cook the meals. The meals were nutritious, tasty and satisfying, and the meals didn’t take a lot of preparation time. I lost 1 kg (2 lbs) so far with this low-carb diet that I am even gonna advice a few of the people I know to try it out, especially of those complaining about their weight.

Thank you,

The low-carb challenge was a very good introduction to this new way of eating!

Here are the things that I really appreciated:

  • The recommendation of bouillon to combat the symptoms of sugar withdrawal
  • You provided the meal plan for the week so I didn’t have to think about what to eat
  • You provided the grocery list that goes with the weekly meal plan
  • The recipes and the grocery list could be adjusted by selecting the number of servings
  • I could trust that the meals had the correct number of carbs and I didn’t have to calculate anything
  • The supper recipe is used for lunch the next day which cuts down on cooking new meals


  • Look at the serving size as it seems to be very large which encourages over eating since most things are very tasty
  • What do I do with the left overs when I have more than enough for supper and lunch for the next day?
  • It would be nice to have instructions for reheating the meal for lunch to prevent the use of the microwave

Thanks for all your hard work to make things easy for us!

The low-carb challenge is a great way for one to start slimming their body, especially if they don’t know about nutrition, calories, or carbs. They only need follow your plan.


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