Ask Dr. Michael D. Fox about nutrition, low carb, fertility… and coffee

Dr. Michael D. Fox

Today we’re really proud to have another world-leading expert start answering member questions.

Dr. Michael D. Fox, MD, specializes in reproductive medicine. He has much experience in using strict low-carb diets and other lifestyle interventions – combined with medication, if needed – to maximize the chances of getting pregnant, and for treating PCOS. He’s also quite knowledgeable in other aspects of women’s health.

You can learn a lot about the work of Dr. Fox in our interviews with him, plus a 45-minute presentation, available on the membership site. And now you can also ask him questions on the membership site and he’ll start out answering at least once per week.

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  1. Van
    Hi Dr Fox, I am very inspired reading your answers to questions. To make a long story short, I have been LCHF for four years. Five years ago I was diagnosed with pre- mature ovarian failure. We decided to to an IVF cycle with donar egg. The clinic adviced not to be in ketogenic state. For about a month now I introduced more healthy and unhealthy carbs into my diet. I miss being in ketosis. Four days from today I will be going for my embryo transfer. Is it too late to cut back my carb intake? Thank you very much!

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