Diabetes shocker: Most adults in California have diabetes or pre-diabetes


Here’s a scary number: 55 percent. It is the percentage of adults in California who have diabetes or pre-diabetes, according to a new study.

LA Times: Are You Pre-Diabetic? 46% of California Adults Are, UCLA Study Finds

This epidemic is way out of control.


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  1. Federico
    I'll appreciate if you share the research, source,credits.
  2. tz
    Ironic joke: California is the land of fruits, flakes, and nuts.
    All high carb.
  3. Eric
    Why not California branded grass fed beef, dairy, eggs farmed in a co op to hire unemployed?

    Sold to or given to poor ?

    Medical savings would pay for such a program.

    Experiment with free enterprise, NGO, and government? See what works

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