Tip: Are you addicted to sugar?


Many people adopt an LCHF lifestyle without realizing that they’re addicted to sugar. But how do you know if you’re addicted or not? And what can you do to break free?

Fighting a sugar addiction is just as difficult as fighting against an addiction to smoking. The big difference is that you can’t live without food. Trying to handle a sugar addiction without the proper knowledge or insight can be really, really difficult.

If you want to know for certain if you’re addicted to sugar, or any other kind of food, you can start by watching the first video with our expert on sugar and food addiction, Bitten Jonsson. The first part is free for everyone.


On the membership pages there are many more parts on how to beat a sugar addiction and also a link to a document in which you can answer questions, giving you a quick idea of whether or not you may need to get professional help.

Also, keep in mind that addictions are often connected with one another – if you’ve been addicted to alcohol or drugs, sugar is definitely within your danger zone.

Video course on food addiction

What Is Sugar Addiction? – Bitten Jonsson
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Are You Sugar Addicted – Bitten Jonsson
The 3 Stages of Sugar Addiction – Bitten Jonsson
How to Quit Sugar – Bitten Jonsson
How to Stay Quit – Bitten Jonsson
How to Avoid Relapse – Bitten Jonsson
Don't Act on False Emotions – Bitten Jonsson
If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail – Bitten Jonsson
How to Reach Long-Term Recovery – Bitten Jonsson
The First Steps to Treatment – Bitten Jonsson

Ask Bitten

If you feel uncertain or have questions, please feel free to contact our expert on sugar and food addiction, Bitten Jonsson, RN.


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