Are Sunglasses Paleo?


Klara and dad

We try to give seven-month-old Klara a nice Paleo-inspired start in life. Good quality real food, relatively low in carbs, no grains, spending most of her time with bare feet and so on. But I do think she enjoys her new sunglasses.


  1. Michelle
    How lovely. Kids are hard work, especially when it comes to helping them make healthy choices with food. I have a 6 year old and he is very concious that we eat differently to those in his class. However, he enjoys what I give him, I just hope that he will stay happy as the teenage years are difficult to influence because of peer pressure. No soda or sweets in this house, but I do allow him some chocolate.
  2. mezzo
    Sunglasses may not be Paleo... but I can still remember how proud I felt when I got my first pair. I must have been four or five years old at the time and still have a black-and-white photograph where I am walking, holding my Dad's hand with one hand and putting my other hand up to my sunglasses, filmstar-style...
  3. FrankG
    Nice photo of you both! She looks happy and healthy ;-)

    My son is now 21 and makes his own choices: which on a day to day basis are mostly real whole foods that are naturally LCHF -- but he is at University and lives with friends, so on occasion that may include beer and pizza. He also likes to cook gourmet food and I keep him well stocked with supplies from my local grass-fed farmer/butcher.

    When he was younger we agreed that it was OK to have a can of soda as an occasional treat BUT that if he were thirsty the first thing he drank was water. Since then I always keep a glass carafe of cold water in the fridge.

    My attitude with him is that it is what he eats every day (rather than on occasion) which has the most effect. I am keen that he does not follow my genes down the same path to metabolic damage.

  4. SL
    So, do we really need to wear sunglasses?

    The usual advice is, 'yes....we need sunglasses for eye health?", but how good is the science behind this?

  5. Ruby
    According to dr. Moalem, sunglasses trick the brain into thinking it's dark and stop the natural skin protection mechanism.


  6. Dr. J
    Awesome!! It brings up a good point, what do we feed our kids? As low carb as we are eating or moderate? Also, how is this done when one member of the parental team is not on board?
  7. FrankG
    "So, do we really need to wear sunglasses?"

    It seems to me that traditional hunger-gatherer human communities -- paleo if you like -- did better than us in other regards as well: namely eye and dental health; despite not having access to opticians or dentists... or even tooth brushes and floss for that matter. From a species point of view: lack of healthy teeth, or poor-eyesight does not bode well for long-term survival.

    Dr Weston A Price was a Dentist and in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration - A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects... he describes how: in as little as a single generation after changing from a traditional diet, a broad white smile can be disfigured into a stunted jaw that is too small for all the teeth.

    I suspect that many of the ills we see today are also due to the change in our diet.

    Also to mention that my paleo ancestors would probably have spent a great deal of time in the relative shade of a forest-covered Europe -- unlike the wide open, clear-cut landscape we see today.

  8. Funnily enough I wrote a blog post about just that last spring - and I concluded that no, they aren't!
  9. I wonder if wearing sunglasses could affect circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion.
    Combinations of bright light, scheduled dark, sunglasses, and melatonin to facilitate circadian entrainment to night shift work.

    Personally I like having as much BRIGHT LIGHT exposure during the day, so I'm better able to sleep at night.
    Human DNA is set to produce the antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antinociceptive Vitamin D3 from dawn to dusk given UVB availability and from dusk to dawn we should be producing the antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antinociceptive Melatonin.

    Dr Briffa has a recent blog on The dark side of sunscreens. Those wishing to consider NATURAL ways of improving natural sunscreen protection my like
    Healthy Fellow Natural Sunscreen Options and Wellness Mama, Eat your sunscreen?

  10. Meghan
    I'm an Optometric assistant, and I am a huge advocate for sungalsses. Back in the old days people just went blind from cataracts and macular degeneration because they didn't understand enough about how to prevent and treat such things. They're still the leading causes of vision loss around the world. India and Africa have the highest numbers of people with cataracts in the world. UV is one of the main contributing factors to these conditions. I'm sure diet does as well--diabetics are at high risk for diabetic retinopathy, or bleeding in the back of the eye. There are also people, particularly with light coloured eyes, who are at higher risk due to higher absorption levels, and they tend to be quite light sensitive (photophobic). Those people are generally from northern climates, or descended from people from northern climates. We have the majority of our UV exposure as children.

    The Inuit wear protection against the glare of the sun off the snow by making goggles with slits in them out of animal hides, or they would suffer from snow blindness. In many cultures around the world, hats, umbrellas or parasols or sorts have been used for who knows how long, likely in part to mitigate the effects of the sun. Has a very practical tool simply gone out of fashion in the west? Culturally unacceptable? Many cultures with high UV exposure potential also take a midday siesta when UV is at it's peak.

    I wear sunglasses a lot and have no problems sleeping.

  11. Laura
    She is very cute I must say....I also wear sunglasses and have no trouble sleeping sometimes even with them on! But Ted I have often thought if I might be depriving myself of the natural intensity of light my brain requires. hhmm intriguing!

    One comment on cataract formation: I have been led to believe that cataract is NOT caused by sun damage but by glycosilation of the lens of the eye that become opaque. This is because this tissue much prefers glucose as a fuel to other potential nutrients but as we know glucose damages proteins and the crystalline lens of the eye is mostly that so prone to glycosilation damage...cataract is not very common in hunter gatherer society but has become the norm with ageing in modern societies even in domestic pets who are often fed industrial pet foods that have cereal based ingredients in them.....those nasty carbs again!

  12. Elenor
    Awwwwwww. What a total cutie!!
  13. Such a beautiful little girl. Anybody who won't wear sunglasses or a hat because they weren't around 10,000 years ago should spend most of the day in the shade of a cave (to protect their eyes) and get off the internet so they will stop making the rest of the Paleo crowd look like fanatics. I know this was a half-serious post doc but sadly, some people take questions like yours way too seriously.
  14. Frivolous topic on the surface, but coming from an ultra-pale sun-dodger who's light-sensitivity was so bad he couldn't see very well in anything more than a cloudy sunrise (slight exaggeration), I've gone from basically wearing welding goggles when out on the street and still being squinty mcsquint, to no sunnies at all 99% of the time.

    Also I spend a lot more time in the sun and don't get burnt, I'm just far more light and heat tolerant than I ever was.

    Nowadays, sunnies are just to make me look cooler.

  15. Michael
    I emailed you a while back, but never got a response. Could you please post more about your daughters diet? I have a 6 month old and when I told my doctor I didn't want to give her rice cereal or many carbs she looked at me funny and said she was worried about trace minerals. I figured most of those would come from leafy green vegetables.


  16. Michelle
    @ Bobby

    There are some intense people on this site for sure.

  17. shums
    We have an 8 and a half month old who we are treating the same way. Sadly he was born with Cystic Fibrosis which you I am sure you know Doctor is a genetic disorder. We never knew we were carriers of this disease until he was about 6 months in the womb. We feel it is more important than ever to feed him a low carb high fat diet to keep him healthy so that he can have a healthy and hopefully long life.

    The CF doctors told us we should expect that he will sometimes need to be admitted to the hospital to deal with infections that are simply a part of CF life. In January we had our first turn at this with him. He was in the hospital for three weeks to clear up a lung infection and partial collapse. While there he was also treated for failure to thrive. Obviously we didn't know about this. He appeared fine and was not unhappy so the malnourished part was a shock. For those reading please understand that CF also inhibits food absorption so it can be a real challenge to get kids to gain. We learned his weight was low but within the percentage still. While there the nutritionists offered us many suggestions to help him gain weight. Most of them were really terrible. They wanted us to feed him formula, rice cereal and things like this. We told them we had no interest in doing that and we wanted to feed him real food that we made ourselves. We had already started him on a few solids but we ramped that up a lot. We added coconut oil to his food, kept him on breast milk and added things like avocado. We kept his foods low carb but nutritionally dense. We also started him on pro-biotic to combat the heavy antibiotics he was given via picc line in the hospital.

    When we told the nutritionists of our healthy low carb lifestyle and how it has been a boon of health for us personally they often didn't say much. When they came up with high carb processed food suggestions for our son we asked if there were alternate ways to do the same thing they basically ignored what we suggested and repeated their thoughts. We decided to ignore their suggestions and do what we knew was right. The results are that our boy put on a lot of weight and is now at a normal weight for his age. In fact he is going to break 20lbs before 9 months which some feel is actually heavy. I am also glad to be giving him coconut oil as I know how important good fats are for brain development.

    On our most recent visit for his monthly checkup they told us that we are doing a great job and to keep it up. Vindication feels great. I hate talking to nutritionists but we seem forced to do that as part of his care on his clinic days. Calories and a calculator is the center of how they do business. I don't even agree with their calories in calories out view. We will just keep doing what we are doing and in the process keeping him safe from CF related diabetes which their diet will not do. Thank you for doing what you do Doctor!

  18. shums
    Rice cereal was the argument we had with the nutritionist too. You wouldn't believe how quickly all the doctors and nurses learned we didn't want to give him rice cereal when we were in the hospital. We regretted even bringing it up. They really made a case out of it. We won in the end and we proved they were wrong.
  19. Michael
    @shums Glad to hear it's working well. I mentioned coconut oil to our pediatrician and she said we should probably wait on it. Not sure why it would bother a young one. I would love to hear Dr. Eenfeldt's thoughts on infant/child eating habits.
  20. Laura
    Hi Shums So sorry to hear about your son CF diagnosis.
    From the genetic point of view the prevalence of CF carriers like yourself and your wife amongst caucasians (are you caucasians?) remains a mystery even though people argue that it may have had adaptive advantage (like the thalassaemia mutation that in carriers is believed to protect against malaria for example) CF mutation in healthy carriers might have been protective against Tubercolosis or other respiratory infection.

    As CF is a defect of hydration of the mucus & other secretions produced on teh endothelial side of the airways and in various ducts around the body e.g. pancreatic/hepatic ducts (hence the threat of diabetes that in the case of CF will be more like Type 1) bile duct etc due to their increased viscosity then a diet that decreases overall mucus production and requires little insulin should help.

    Your son may benefit once older from a cocktail of digestive enzyme but as he is thriving now why tinckering?
    Well done for doing a live experiment...I think your case would be of great interest to someone like Dr Briffa here in teh UK.
    GOod luck and well done

  21. Rachel
    You all have me laughing with your comments. I think the Doctor was just show off his cute little girl.... not really asking if sunglasses are paleo. But interesting discussion about how sunglasses might affect sleep. :)
  22. Steve
    More Time Outdoors May Reduce Kids' Risk for Nearsightedness, Research Suggests
  23. Meghan
    It's true that excessive reading can induce myopia--and cause it to get worse! It's essentially elongating the globe of the eye. I was severely myopic until I had Lasik, and I read like a fiend as a kid. I played outdoors a lot too though...
  24. moreporkplease
    Please all listen to Meghan - cataracts are largely caused by UV light. Your Vit D & anti-oxidant status doesn't protect the lens. And macular degeneration has several co-causes, one of which now appears to be UV exposure. Protect your eyesight! :)
  25. Brad
    Most people are probably living at the wrong latitude for our baseline melanin levels. Either wear sunglasses or move closer to the nearest pole :)
  26. Bee
  27. They're cute on her and can enhance your visual acuity in certain situations (polarized lenses for fishing & sailing) and for certain people that need to see better in varying light conditions (pilots, snipers & artillery spotters) and can protect against Photokeratitis from OVER exposure of REFLECTED UV but shades are not paleo.

    @SL, No science behiind that, here's science showing the opposite.

    @Meghan & @moreporkplease Wrong, the leading causes of vision loss from glaucoma, cataracts & macular degeneration is not UV exposure from lack of sunglasses, it's still diet, primarily high carb-low fat & high trans fat vegetable oil processed 'food" diets.

    Trans fats corrupt cell membranes & block flow of nutrients into & waste products out of the cell & completely shut down your hormone system & block uptake & utilization of essential fats & fat soluable vitamins A, D & K, & also causes oxidation & corruption of the natural cholesterols in your skin preventing skin production of vitamin D which causes loss of protection from cancer & melanoma.

    @Laura, Correct, glycation of proteins in the whole body, not just eyes, and microvascular damage from sorbitol the body makes from excess glucose which is the cause of high carb diet & diabetic related retinopathy, neprhopathy & peripheral neuropathy.

    From Wikipedia re Daibetic Neuropathy:
    "While most body cells require the action of insulin for glucose to gain entry into the cell, the cells of the retina, kidney and nervous tissues are insulin IN-dependent. The cells will use glucose for energy as normal, but ANY glucose not used for energy will enter the polyol pathway and be converted into sorbitol.

    Under normal blood glucose levels, this interchange will cause no problems... However, in a hyperglycemic state, (caused by high carb intake & diets) the affinity of aldose reductase for glucose rises, meaning much higher levels of sorbitol and much lower levels of NADPH, a compound used up when this pathway is activated. The sorbitol can not cross cell membranes, and when it accumulates, it produces osmotic stresses on cells by drawing water into the cell. Fructose does essentially the same thing, and it is created even further on in the chemical pathway."

  28. Also, from Wikipedia re Sorbitol:

    "Too much sorbitol trapped in retinal cells, the cells of the lens, and the Schwann cells that myelinate peripheral nerves can damage these cells, leading to retinopathy, cataracts and peripheral neuropathy, respectively.

    Aldose reductase inhibitors, which are substances that prevent or slow the action of aldose reductase, are currently being investigated as a way to prevent or delay these complications, which frequently occur in the setting of long-term hyperglycemia (from high carb diets!!) that accompanies poorly-controlled diabetes (and ANYBODY that eats too much carbs!!). It is thought that these agents may help to prevent the accumulation of intracellular sorbitol that leads to cellular damage in diabetics.[13]"

    Just what the world needs, several more pharmaceutical drugs. NO!!! Just stop eating so many damn carbs & eat more steak & bacon & butter!!! Or not & go blind, get your legs & arms amputated & then die from kidney & heart failure from sugar & insulin corroding all your veins & arteries. Your choice, take your pick.

  29. DoragonMama

    Try this book, it is written by paleo parents raising paleo kids: Eat Like A Dinosaur

  30. Meghan
    @cancerclasses: I believe I said UV is a contributing factor, which is a fact. I don't deny that diet plays an ENORMOUS role. I'm not arguing against that at all. It may even contribute to a lack of natural protection that the body would have. That doesn't negate the fact that UV contributes to ocular disease and degeneration. The conditions and environment we live in today are nothing like early man, so the comparison is somewhat moot anyway. Shades aren't paleo, but neither are houses, cars, jeans, or refrigerators...come to think of it, neither is this blog, or any blog! :p

    Anyway, this is harshing my mellow. Peace out!

  31. Dean
    Hi Doc. Thank you so much for all that you do. My wife and love this site and have learned so much. We too have a seven month baby girl and are also curious as to what the diet of your little one looks like. We, like many others are not comfortable with the whole rice cereal idea. Can you share your views on iron needs of babies and how best to handle that.
    Thanks again.
  32. jaymaster
    No. Easy!

    But neither are flush toilets, cars, jet airplanes, chlorinated water, toothpaste, eyeglasses/contact lenses, air conditioning, central heating, antibiotics, aspirin, TVs, computers, cell phones, pen and paper.....

    Well, I think you get my drift.

  33. Lissa
    Hi Andreas

    Nice piture! :o)

    As Denmark is still left in a "national ignorant bliss" about the real damages of carbs/sugar and apparently clueless about real healthy food, we are also striving to feed our son, now age 16 months, a more balanced diet with low carbs...
    We are also interested in hearing about your thoughts on feeding infants a low carb diet??
    People have also commented on the diet as being not healthy, concerned with micronutrients. As though they are only found in potatoes, rice and pasta..!!!???!!!
    Our son still eats rye bread and he gets a lot of different veggies, like tomatoes, spinach, peas, nuts and so on combined with full fat cream and differents kinds of meat.
    He is normal weight and hight and is a thriving young boy.
    The benefits of his diet is: feels more content after a meal, sleeps better, no problems with gassy stomach and no constipation.
    The same goes for my husband and I, who are loosing weight by the minute.
    Thanks for a good blog!

  34. Don't throw out the commonsense positives of science and learning of thousands of years along with the stupid diet decisions driven by agri-business, et all. Eyes are fragile, sun is good but we get more, stronger exposure due to ozone layer erosion, etc. Some exposure to sunlight is good, too much is not.

    Very cute baby in sunglasses. My experience is kids don't like them and they were probably off a minute later anyway.

  35. @Dean- if you search this site you can find several posts on subject.

    Also, check out Hyperlipid's video, Peter's baby has always been on lchf, see how she rejects banana for dark chocolate--very telling and cute:

  36. @Shums--good for you and your baby! One of the hardest lessons I had to learn about medicine was that you have to be your own advocate for health. Having the courage of your convictions is important, and as you have done, show the results. Unlike Dr. E., all too many docs have limited education in nutrition, none in non-CW, and it is a rare nutritionist/dietician that doesn't spout same old same CW. You might be interested in

    Best wishes for your little one.

  37. shums
    Michael, the nutritionist actually felt coconut oil was fine for him. To her it was all about calories. We were once told by a CF doctor that he would not need to eat a "heart healthy diet" which is of course low fat and high carb but instead would be able to eat the "fun" diet which is lots of fat. I kind of rolled my eyes at that one.

    Laura, he has been on enzymes since he was 2 weeks old.

  38. Laura
    Cancerclasses...thank you! You are a mine of info. I am also of the school of thought that diet has a far greater effect in the long run that other external agents except extreme circumstances e.g. being lsot in the desert or at teh poles....dare I ask the reason for your username?
  39. Laura
    Shums that makes sense but there are relatively unusual cases of CF where the effect on the airways is far greater than that on other ducts so there are people who do not need digestive enzymes nad even cases that are not diagnosed at all till well into adult life...Even a well characterised genetic defect like CF can tehrefore have a variable penetrance so one can enver be sure of how it will manifest and its severity.
    I had a colleague from India who was a CF sufferer (a rare occurrence in itself). she had the MILDEST phenotype I ahve ever seen and she was in fact of great medical interest. I only realsied something was strange when once she coughed and she sounded like a heavy smoker but I knew she was not so then she told me and unsuprising perhaps she did noot need pancreatic enzyme supplements but she had been confirmed genetically as carrying the classic D104 mutation.
    Anyhoo sorry I digress this was all about a very cute little paleo girl wearing sunglasses on a sunny Sweden?
  40. @ Laura: Thanks, but everything I know is only what I learn on Wikipedia! Just kiddiing, what I try to do is get people to realize how much info can be found on Wiki and elsewhere on the web IF THEY'D JUST TAKE A MINUTE & do a Google search instead of using their computer to post rhetorical questions. Everybody has a computer, but it seems like nobody knows how to use it to find answers to their questions, and it seems like NOBODY has ever heard of Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is an astoundingly deep resource, since it's user based it's dynamic & constantly changing & updating, there's just a tremendous wealth of knowledge there. I'm constantly amazed at the stuff I learn there, for instance that fact about micro vessel damage from sorbitol being formed by the body from all glucose that's not used & burned off through exercise, who the hell else in the world knows & is teaching that to people?? NOBODY!! It usually even says somewhere in the Wiki articles that researchers don't know what causes many conditions, but then just a few lines later or in a related article the answers are right there!

    I've learned that if I use my own brain & take the time to look stuff up, then read slowly & carefully & take the time to think clearly about it & click on all the links & read the related articles, some really astounding truths pop up that cuts like a hot laser through all the conventional wisdom & bullshit we're being fed from the government and the medical & pharmaceutical industries.

    I do often forget that most people don't have or want to spend as much time as I do reading & trying to figure things out for themselves, so I pass on the things I know & have learned & try to include links to the sources I get info from.

    Cancerclasses is the name I use for my Twitter channel where I post information about & relating to cancer & diet, nutrition & health. I started that after reading the absolute single best & most important book I've ever read in my entire life called THE HIDDEN STORY OF CANCER by Brian Peskin. His wife is a Type 1 diabetic & every time they followed the nutritional advice from their doctors, nutritionists & dietitians her health would get worse. So after he realized the "experts" didn't know what the hell they were doing he quit his electrical engineering job & took 3 years to start researching things for himself. Along the way made some astounding discoveries that have been covered up & that no one ever learns or talks about. The book is mostly about a German MD. PhD biochemist named Otto Warburg who was awarded the 1931 Nobel Prize for medicine for his discovery of the prime cause of cancer. They have known since 1930 what causes cancer but this knowledge is not taught and most doctors have never even heard of Otto Warburg, but it's all right there on Wikipedia!

    Here's my Twitter bio:
    You're stressed out, confused, overwhelmed & don't know where to go for the REAL cancer facts. You said to yourself, Self! I need some Cancer Classes!"

    You don't need to have a Twitter account, just go there & put @cancerclasses in the search box and you'll see the timeline & all the info I've posted.

    “The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” ― Nikola Tesla

  41. Laura
    Ehi Cancerclasses THANKS!! I will!
    The book you suggest will be my next read..I also have a young colleague who has been diagnosed with colon cancer (luckily he is in remission now but it is only two years into what will be a 5-10 year wait for the all clear!). He also thinks there is enough eveidence to say that most such growth aberrations like cancer come from what we eat so he is extremely careful of what he eats and I ahve given him many paleo tips as he had never heard of the paleo or ancestral diet/life style and I am sure he will also buy the book! Let me pass on this tip!

    It is like the story of Lorenzo's was the parents NOT the so called experts who found the cure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. finn
    I guess when she's teenager she'll protest and eat only candies, bread, pizza and hamburgers. :D But whatever she does she have good genes and healty body so even if protesting comes she'll be fine.
  43. Maggan A
    As long as she uses Ray-Ban wayfarer I dont´t see any problem ;-)

  44. @Laura Around 95% of all human disease is caused by what we eat, less than 5% of people have actual genetic mutation related syndromes, & most genetic syndromes are autosomal RECESSIVE, NOT dominant gene sequences, and cancer specifically IS NOT genetic.

    Diseases appear to be genetic & "run" in families because we learn our eating habits and patterns from our families, including preferences for specific brands & types of foods and even the stores we shop at. The problem with cancer is that the latency period in it's development is measured in decades, so long that by the time it's discovered people don't associate the cancer with what they've been eating all their lives. Unfortunately, that means the best time to stop eating industrially processed "foods" & substances known to cause cancer is 20 to 30 years ago. Cancer & disease is orders of magnitude easier to prevent than to cure, but there is hope & there are thing we can do, and it starts with knowledge.

    Have your colleague do a Google & Wikipedia search and read EVERYTHING about butyric acid & butyrate and butter, it's the primary food for colon cells, very important for colon health. I wonder if he has been avoiding all the good fats, eating low fat "food" products all his life or maybe eating too much fiber? Speaking of which also go to & read all about how fiber causes colon cancer.

    Here's a page about butter to get him started:

    And for comparison here's one about margarine:

    The 6th edition of the 'Hidden Story' book has just been released but it's not on Amazon yet, go to & click on the blue banner about the book.

    Finally, here's a good story about Lorenzo Odone by lipid researcher Patricia Kane PhD, I really like her work, note that she wrote that 15 years ago, Lorenzo died in 2008 but the info is still relevant. http://goo.glY5Z5h

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  46. Paul Jaminet writes:
    "UV light reaching the blood is also antiviral … it can kill viruses in blood cells. One place it may reach vessels is in the retina."


  47. Naveen Chaudhary
    I don't think our stone age people wore sunglasses, but I'm sure its a nice invention of modern man for our eye protection...:)
  48. JGW
    Just another mom who would love for you to do a blog post on what you're feeding your daughter and how you continue to introduce new foods to her, roughly how many carbs she's getting, etc. I have a 21 month old and a 2 month old. Our toddler loves her LCHF food and I assume our baby will as well, when we get to that point. I just wish I could change her day care meal, but at least we have breakfast and dinner at home. Thanks for all you do!
  49. Connie
    Kevin Trudeau says getting light in your eyes helps your metabolism but my only problem is I wear contacts and can't see to drive or anything without them plus squinting leads to crows feet which I swear I'm getting at 30 lol Hmmm what to do, my metabolism needs all the help it can get lol and have to have complete darkness at night so I bet that is true as well.
  50. Ash Simmonds
    Dear God, did you just reference Kevin Trudeau?
  51. Along with @AshSimmonds, Kevin Trudeau is well established as a charlatan, but even the charlatan occasionally gets something right. We need some sunlight for regulation of the system, but most everything I read says about 15-20 minutes is adequate. As to our paleo ancestors, they probably spent plenty of time in the shade if the sun was intense, and didn't have to drive, and all that goes with modern life, so sunglasses make sense for lots of reasons that don't equate with paleo life. But a few minutes of light on the eyeballs is important. I found in years of traveling that the quickest way to get over jet lag was to get out in the daylight for a few minutes as soon as possible.
  52. Bill
    i would be interested in information about Jeff Volek's work and how that is adapted to growing children who compete in athletics at a high competitive level.

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