Is Apple taking on diabetes?


Tim Cook showing his Apple watch

Apple might be taking on diabetes by creating a continuous blood-sugar tracker, that could be used with their Apple Watch. Reportedly you would not even need to stick yourself to use it.

It’s mentally anguishing to stick yourself many times a day to check your blood sugar. There is lots of hope out there that if someone has constant knowledge of what they’re eating, they can instantly know what causes the response… and that they can adjust well before they become diabetic.
– Tim Cook, Apple CEO

It could be great news for millions of diabetics around the globe. And people without diabetes could also use it (if it ends up becoming a commercial product). Just like the elite in Silicon Valley, you could jump on the popular trend of continuous blood sugar monitoring.

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  1. Jessie
    I don't get the Apple Watch story. We do intermittent fasting and LCHF so we don't have to constantly monitor everything like blood sugar. This story, in my opinion, is contrary to the spirit of everything DietDoctor is all about...
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  2. Eddie
    What about T1 diabetics? If this was able to accurately measure BS it would be a great invention. Also, if non-diabetics had a way of tracking BS and saw the response to eating items from the SAD, they too might soon change their ways, thereby perhaps overtime reducing the prevalence of T2 diabetes.
  3. Dee Bracewell
    As a type 1 diabetic who follows a LCHF diet my blood levels are more stable although it's harder to control than people with type 2. If they can beat the high prices the competition offers then this will be a winner. £27 a week for a CGM is overpriced for many of us.
  4. Nick
    Agree With Dee - as a family with two people living with T1D, the ability to continuously and easily monitor blood sugar levels is a plus - good for Apple.
  5. Pam
    I would buy one (I am not diabetic) and so would my husband who is T2 but refuses to really be rigorous with his diet. This would really help T2 diabetics realize in a concrete way how what they eat effects their blood sugar in real time. How High it goes and for how long. For instance, my husband, a physician, will not take his blood sugar level after eating a bunch of sweets. He doesn't really want to know and relies on his fasting BG which is the slowest parameter to indicate damage from diabetes. So I think this would be fantastic!
  6. Margaret
    I would buy this watch. Any idea when it will be on the market?
  7. BobM
    I am neither type 1 or type 2 diabetic, but I take my blood sugar a lot. I realize that I have "high" morning blood sugar (>100), even eating very low amounts of carbs and being in ketosis. I don't know why. I also realize that my blood sugar response is not the same, even eating the same meal. That is, I can get a +15 rise one time and a +5 or no rise the next time, both times eating the same meal. And, apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach lowers my blood sugar by about 10 points. An herbal tea I drink when I'm fasting seems to raise my blood sugar by about 5 points.

    Having said this, the blood sugar monitors we use aren't accurate. They're good for ballpark figures, but are not good to know exactly what your blood sugar is.

  8. Jan
    I am a Type 1 diabetic and several years ago I noticed I was having high blood sugars in the morning (after I had taken my initial blood sugar test and I.e. Had a shower)
    Presenting at my Hospital Diabetic Nurse we discovered from my Consultant I had what is called " Dawn Phenonomen" therefore I have to adjust my insulin accordingly in the morning.
    I have completed the DAFNE ( Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating ) course and this was affirmed to me.
  9. Omar
    I'm pre diabetic and been using keto to keep everything under control. I do however check myself like if I was a full blow T2. I do own an apple watch series 2, but am Android person. I would buy anything that allows me to check myself without having to poke myself. I don't feel pain or anything, but that would just make thing much simpler when going out to eat.

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