Another paleo baby: sick only once in her life – but dietitian freaks out


Here’s a child that gets a wonderful start to life. Real Paleo foods and breastfeeding. She’s only been sick once in her life, with a cold.

So what’s to worry about? Plenty, apparently, as a dietitian warns of a lack of grains leading to an “unbalanced” diet. It’s unclear what “unbalanced” means, as it has no scientific definition. But it probably refers to a diet that does not match the dietitian’s dietary beliefs.

Scientifically or evolutionarily there’s no clear need for grains in the diet.

Daily Mail: The baby girl who has never eaten a carb: Meet Grace, who has been on the Paleo diet since birth – and her fitness fanatic mum says she has only been sick once in her life

As a sidenote we give our two daughters – 1 and 4 years old – a very similar start in life, with similar foods and some breastfeeding for almost two years. The kids are almost never sick, apart from the occasional cold with very mild symptoms.

I can’t even remember when the oldest daughter had a real fever last time, must be more than a year ago. And the youngest, well I don’t think she’s ever had a high fever.


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  1. Tuva
    "Depriving her child of grains"
    I just... That´s just so STUPID.

    "But she said 'helps a lot' that Ms Cooper is breastfeeding her child. That makes up for a lack of dairy"
    O, dear me. That´s REALLY stupid also. Since lactose intolerance is actually more the rule than the exception, except maybe in the nothern european decendants (around 5% lactose intolerant there) that Dr Stanton looks like she stems from. (As do I and I´m glad since I do love my dairy products)

    The rest of the world, like big chunks of Africa and Asia, suffers from acute dairy deprivation since the prevalence goes up to a whopping 90% in some areas..

  2. Kurt Lass
    Rosemary Stanton is the "go to" dietitian for lazy journalists. She parrots the mainstream burning stupid and totally incorrect "if you do not eat "healthy whole grains" you cannot possibly get the nutrients you need dogma.
  3. Kourtney
    The title of the Daily Mail article is very silly. She's eating paleo, not low carb, and her diet includes sweet potatoes, potatoes, strawberries, and bananas.
  4. Stealth
    "Dr. STanton said that she hoed Ms. Cooper "knows an awful lot about nutrition."

    Dr. STanton should rest assured that Ms. Cooper knows a lot more than Dr. Stanton about nutrition. Geez! The stupidity and hubris of dietitians of Dr. Stanton's ilk is blinding!

  5. Marisol
    I have a Paleo 14 month baby girl! Hardly ever gets sick as well! We live in Chile, southamerica. Is ir just a coincidence? Guess not!
  6. Teech
    I had a similar experience with my pediatrician. He told me I should switch my daughter over to skim milk because of her weight Lol. At the time she was 32lbs and 35 inches tall and full of muscle.
  7. Lisa Brockmeier
    "Eggs fried in coconut oil with roast veggies including sweet potato, carrots, potatoes and steamed broccoli, plus a quarter of an avocado and a small scoop of sauerkraut." It sounds like an up-market cafe breakfast... but it's actually just a regular morning meal for 13-month-old Grace, the Queensland baby on the paleo diet.

    Potatoes? Sweet potatoes? OMG, that breakfast is FULL of carbs!

  8. Dan
    I don't measure my little boy's (3 years) carb intake, but he doesn't eat grains, vegetable oil or anything with added sugar. Well... he's has oats occasionally but never bread, pasta, spaghetti hoops, Krispy Kreme, etc. Poor boy doesn't even know what a tomato ketchup is let alone doughnuts, LOL.

    He's had a couple of colds but recovered remarkably quickly, and on those occasions besides a runny nose he's not been phased in the slightest. He's never had an infection or any cause for antibiotics, and he's never had fever. Most people don't believe his diet plays a role and think he's just lucky, but we know better ?

  9. chris c
    It always astonishes me that dieticians purr with pleasure when people cut out saturated fat, and gurgle with delight when people go vegetarian/vegan, then respond with horror when anyone reduces their grain intake and screech about "missing out whole food groups"

    Cognitive dissonance much?

  10. Stan Bleszynski
    Same story. All family on a low carb high animal fat diet (Kwasniewski's Optimal Diet) since 1999. We have 4 girls (16-24), none ever needed a dentist, one had appendoctomy at 14 but none was ever seriously sick not even a flu. It works.
  11. Zola
    My man is an authentic Italian, swears by pasta and bread, I wonder how I am going to talk him into not feeding grains to our baby
  12. geoffrey stone
    I find it incredible when people ask me how I lost 14kgs in 3 months that they say they cannot give up sugar or grains. They are overweight, even obese, know they are unhealthy but still can't consider lchf. No diet works for them. Such is the addition of sugar, in all its forms : Fruit, bread, pasta, processed foods etc.

    My doctor says the lchf has carbs and he's right. Low carb is a misnomer as vegetables are rich in carbs. It's the glycemic index that matters.

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