Another misguided attack on paleo in Australia

Who'll get type 2 diabetes?

Who’ll get type 2 diabetes?

Paleo diets do not help people with type 2 diabetes, according to Australian news:

All this is based on the opinions of the infamous researcher Sof Andrikopoulos. Yes, the same one who “proved” Paleo diets cause diabetes and obesity in humans, by feeding mice sugar and canola oil.

So how can you prove that humans are harmed by Paleo, by feeding mice something that is not Paleo? Beats me. You’ll have to ask Andrikopoulos, because it makes zero sense to me.

Anyway, now Andrikopoulos is again claiming Paleo is bad, as it does not have enough long-term evidence for a positive effect in diabetes type 2. And obviously more scientific backing would be great. But conventional treatment does not just lack the same evidence, what evidence there is shows it works really badly, and the track record is abysmal.

I’ll leave the details to Professor Grant Schofield:

SciBlogs: Anti-paleo diet attacks miss the point

To summarise: Paleo may offer no obvious benefits beyond other low-carb diets in diabetes type 2. But that’s still very good. The real problem is something else:

[C]ommercial food companies promoting highly processed food, the health system that is dominated by big pharma, and [focuses on] sickness not health…

Surely we have bigger fish to fry?


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  1. Lewis
    Has Swedish connections I see!

    Has an award from ASTRAZENECA AB - SWEDEN no less:

    I wonder what that might tell us.

  2. Stephen
    Any healthy diet that causes weight loss will improve or reverse T2DM in patients. Who doesn't believe that? HCLF, LCHF, Paleo, ketogenic will all work to reverse T2DM, especially with exercise.

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