Another lunch at the diabetes meeting – and another test


Perhaps a somewhat better lunch the day after the last one, which says a lot about how horrible the former lunch was.

I didn’t eat from the conference bag above, but instead I went to a restaurant where you could buy real food. The idea was to test my blood sugar and compare with the last test:


Tuna fish salad and the bowl contains a goulash soup (meat and some potato, etc.)

This time I measured my blood sugar before and after 2 and 3.5 hours after, respectively. How high do you think my blood sugar went this time?

Thursday’s lunch was considerably more filling than yesterday’s, which gave me a high blood sugar of 160 mg/dl (9 mmol/l) and 126 mg /dl (7 mmol/l) after 2 hours.


The Result of My Diabetes Lunch

Lunch at the Diabetes Conference


  1. Lou
    Hmmmm . . . . I'd guess 110 based on the soup.
  2. Stephen
    I'll go for 1/2 the response of the junk meal (above baseline).
  3. BJ
    I don't know for sure the actual numbers but I'm POSITIVE it was lower!
  4. Peggy Holloway
    Next day, eat a very high fat meal with well-marbled meat and put lots of butter on non-starchy vegetables and test your blood sugar again. That would really be a good example of what "diabetics" would be best to eat. Your lunch today looked too low in fat and actually something that the mainstream would consider "diabetic friendly.." I consider 160 and even 126 to be very high BG readings, even post-prandially. I have not had a blood sugar reading above 100 since going low-carb in 2000 - and I have a major family history of Type II and was having symptoms of insulin-resistance before I switched to low-carb.
  5. Caylee
    A pear is junk food!!??
    Yes please stay away from those evil toxic pears they will make you morbidly obese and you will die a miserable painful death. Bacon and pork rinds are heart healthy but stay away from that demonic pear!!!
  6. Lomax Zoltor
    Nothing wrong with a pear... until you're metabolically broken. When you have T2D though, depending on how high your insulin resistance is, a single pear that delivers around 15-20g of sugar can easily cause high blood sugar for a prolonged period. Better to just 'thick-peel' the pear and eat that part. And unfortunately, because of modern agriculture bacon and pork rinds contain high amounts of omega-6 and aren't healthy either.
  7. Daniel Ferreira
    I heard, and im not sure if this is true, that fruits have a high PH lvl of acid. If you eat alot of it, it turns your teeth bad, ive noticed a vegan friend teeth, and it seems a little bad.

    Not sure if this is true or not.

  8. Granny Gibson
    @Kaylee: pears are lovely, but they make my blood sugar rise dramatically and I don't generally eat more than a slice or two in a salad. Better with a nice burger, steak or fish. We are talking Diabeastie here. I'm quite fond of my toes.
  9. Mark
    This is a great salad lunch. If I had it it would have LOWERED my blood glucose! Thismorning before breakfast I was 114/6.33. 1.5 hours after no-Carb breakfast I am 104/5.77

    I have some weird problem.

    Working on idea of artificial sweeteners causing bad micro-biota so am using antibiotics to kill them off and this would drop my blood sugar. Already looking good, but I am only a few days into it. Idea came from research mentioned last week

    Reply: #10
  10. bill

    Look up "Dawn Phenomena"

  11. Galina L.
    Does the inclusion of a pear (25 grams of carbohydrates and one gram of protein) make the lunch of cereal bar+crackers+fruit to be a good option for somebody who does not have a diabetes or even not junk? On another hand, it may be the part of a rice diet we discussed recently. I would rather eat normal food like the one Dr.Andreas choose. Probably, a burger from a fast food place would be more nutritious than that "healthy" lunch from the conference.

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