Another Health Cake!


Here’s yet another birthday cake without added sugar or wheat flour, from Johanna B:

Here’s another picture of a melon cake from when my daughter turned 1. Melon with whipped cream surrounding a fruit salad in the middle.

All kids liked it, although some wondered where the cake was, so perhaps I’ll call it a fruit bomb next time. Got inspired by your blog post about the health cake!

All the best!



The Health Cake is Catching On

Kid’s Birthday Party With No Added Sugar


  1. heisenberg
    fruit bomb, BOOM!


  2. Jan
    What a great idea .... thanks for sharing.

    I'm for everyone eating real fresh food and the earlier we can introduce our children/grandchildren to this the better ...we can only do our best to give them a good healthy start in their young lives.

    All the best Jan

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