Another bizarre way to lose inches: electricity

How about electricity for losing inches? Could this work even temporarily as they claim (“a few days”) or is it just a scam?

I’m unsure. What do you think?


  1. mezzo
    Wouldn't we be surrounded by slim people if it worked? Man likes to believe in miracles. Especially when they cost an arm and a leg and are surrounded by mystery - buy this essence handed down by generations of shamans who live in the inaccessible wild jungle of Borneo and some such. Low-carb is easy and it is free. No charges for information. Not mysterious enough for some people.
  2. Zepp
    I think its working.. with calorie restriction and a lot of exercise! ;)
  3. Wade Henderson
    At first I didn' believe it was effective. But then when the nurse said she was applying a detoxification solution, I knew that when the toxins started exiting the inches would come off as well.
  4. It could possibly be related to this effect
    Effect of Neuromuscular Electrical Muscle Stimulation on Energy Expenditure in Healthy Adults

    or maybe it's something like this going on?
    Effect of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on foot/ankle volume during standing.
    This study demonstrates the potential uses of NMES as a means to reduce swelling in the lower limbs for individuals who do not fully activate the musculo-venous pump. The activation of the musculo-venous pump by NMES-induced muscle contraction may have minimized the increase in foot and ankle volume by increasing venous return, reducing venous stasis, increasing lymph flow, and increasing interstitial hydrostatic pressure, which would reduce capillary filtration and assist fluid reabsorption.

    We used to have a spa hospital locally where mud therapy was available as one of the treatments offered to arthitis patients.
    There are still folks around who say they were effective for pain relief and reduced swelling. Here is an example.
    Effects of mud therapy on perceived pain and quality of life related to health in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

    I don't doubt the effect of the treatment as in the video is temporary and is more to do with parting people from cash while giving them the impression that something has happened but it's possible there is a grain of truth in the idea that electrical stimulation combined with a mud pack is toning up the muscles and reducing swelling in some way.

    A no point do they claim this is going to cause WEIGHT LOSS only temporarily tighten muscles to lose inches.

  5. Jana
    It looks like what they used to do back in the Victorian age. Electro shock therapy and all. What goes around comes around.
  6. Aaron
    I found a miracle cure for weight loss. In the mornings I take 6 pills. 2 are shaped like eggs and 4 are shaped like bacon. For dinner, one is shaped like a chicken breast and several are shaped like a salad. None of them are shaped like bread or pasta...
  7. Not bad at all. :)
    But I think that Hadacol (had 'da call it something) is still the best one of all. This one could have relieved you of everything in general and of your money in particular.
  8. Ocean
    I'm sure it works...until she has a glass of water, or eats or drinks anything at all. What a scam!
  9. Where did all that water go in thirty minutes? Pee or sweat? Wet spot on the floor? Lots of questions to be answered...
  10. Brandon
    You're wrong Ted, they claim you will lose water weight.

    It makes sense, running electricity through water converts some of it into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas. So you will lose water weight, but your body is just going to compensate by taking in more water (or excreting less) hence why they say it should last a couple of days and is temporary.

    Look up electrolysis of water if you want details.

  11. Boris
    It could work.It's like cheap Bioresonance therapy .
    Electricity kills bad bacteria, gut!
    Good gut is good for skinny body, says research on rats.I thinkt Gabriel (Gabriel method) told me that.
  12. Cheri
    Only strong and very determined person can do this. As for me, I'd rather follow the traditional way of losing weight and that is through diet and exercise.

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