Was Ancel Keys a fraud? Dr. Harcombe on the Seven Countries Study, part 2

Seven countries and Ancel Keys

Did the famous researcher Ancel Keys use misleading statistics to start the low-fat craze, with his “Seven Countries Study”? Yes, says many people today. No, says a new white paper commissioned by the vegan-leaning organization True Health Initiative.

Are you interested in the details? Dr. Zoe Harcombe offers a detailed analysis. In the initial part 1 she discussed the problems with the white paper, and now she goes into the real issues with the “Seven Countries” study:

Dr. Zoe Harcombe: The Seven Countries Study – Part 2


Was Ancel Keys a Fraud? Dr. Harcombe on the Seven Countries Study, Part I

Dr. Harcombe

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  1. Nate
    thanks for this article, Dr. Harcombe. Ever since reading Good Calories, Bad Calories, I've believed that Ancel Keys was being paid by the big cereal companies located in Minnesota. My only clues were that universities need money from industries to do expensive research and that Minnesota had several cereal companies.
  2. Kyrani Eade
    Fat is bad they said, knowing all along that fat is an essential nutrient. Lipids are required to make all cell membranes. First year university biology class!
    Now sugar's bad. Sugar is the body's preferred fuel! Give us a break.
  3. Gentiann
    Sugar is not the body's
    preferred fuel. The body has to use sugar first to avoid the danger of high blood sugar.
    The body seems to run better on fat and ketones.
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  5. Arthur
    Indeed the body 'favors' alcohol as fuel even over sugar, that is because alcohol is even more toxic than sugar so has to be cleared as fast as possible as otherwise we would be intoxicated by alcohol for a long period, making it more likely to perish as a result of an accident

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