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Presentation Zen

One of the people who have taught me the most about presentations is the American-Japanese guru Garr Reynolds. We met when I attended his excellent presentation seminar in Paris this past winter. Mr Reynolds is also interested in LCHF, and he has now analyzed my lecture video on his blog:

Presentation Zen: MD’s provocative presentation at health symposium

Fairly good grades and I got some extra pointers by mail. Next time the sound recording will be much better, I’ve ordered some equipment for that.

If you want to change your world then it’s like mr Reynolds says: “presentation matters”. I highly recommend his first book: Presentation Zen.


  1. Eddie
    I came to your presentation via Garr's blog and I'm chuffed to have found it! I've just finished Tim Ferriss's 4-hour body book and your work has given me that extra push to get into a LCHF diet. I'm a week in and it's already looking very promising.
  2. After seeing your presentation I thought you might have read Presentation Zen. Reynolds has been great help to me too. It is so good to see people who understand the importance of design and good presentations. It is naive to think the power of your message is enough. Looking forward to seeing how you will become an even better presenter.

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