Americans are trading carbs for fat


A new survey by the International Food Information Council reveals that more Americans are ditching carbs in favor of fats, a clear indication that the view on what is healthy is changing.

Overall, the survey suggests that Americans are increasingly trading carbohydrates for fats. Twenty-five percent of survey respondents blamed carbohydrates for their growing waistlines — up from 20 percent last year, while 33 percent blamed sugar. These numbers are both at “the highest since 2011,” according to the report. Only 16 percent blamed fats for weight gain, and just three percent fingered protein.

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  2. Cody parsnips
    Carbs are sugar... there's no reason to have two different statements about sugar and carbs. They are literally the same thing. 1g of carbs is 1 g of sugar as far as your body understands.

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