American Diabetes Association: Satisfy your sweet tooth with “diabetes-friendly” sugar

Definitely not recommended if you want to manage your diabetes

The American Diabetes Association apparently wants to give you diabetes in their new campaign America’s Diabetes Challenge. How will they accomplish that? By recommending that people with diabetes use recipes such as this one, full of sugar and other carbs:

ADA on Facebook: Satisfy your sweet tooth with this diabetes-friendly recipe!

The good news is that this insanity resulted in huge pushback, with over 500 angry Facebook comments from people.

Update October 13: To their credit, the ADA removed the recipe due to the avalanche of criticism and posted this explanation on Facebook:

Yesterday we posted a dessert recipe, and after further reflection and community feedback, we realized it was missing important context to show how people with diabetes can incorporate dessert into a balanced meal plan – information such as portion size and how to enjoy sweets in moderation. It’s important to work with your health care provider and nutritionist to figure out an approach to meal planning that works best for you.
At the request of our social media community, we have deleted this content from our Facebook and Twitter pages. We truly appreciate your feedback – we missed the mark, and will keep this in mind for future posts.

The not-so-good news is that the ADA requires assistance via social media to realize that sugar and starch are bad news for people with type 2 diabetes. It’s not like this was their first time making this mistake.

The harmful ignorance is also evident in their explanation. Like many people have answered them on Facebook, the problem really was not the lack of portion size information. The problem was calling a sugar bomb a “diabetes-friendly recipe!”

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  1. Nate
    The many great responses to that stupid recipe on the ADA's Facebook page just warms my heart. Things are changing.
    Reply: #2
  2. Alan
    I was just about to post about the same thing! I've not seen one response that's not attacking their post.
  3. Lori
    Nor have I seen anything by the ADA Defending their recipe. Lots of people promoting Diet Doctor as the better way to go! Whohoo!
  4. Marie LCHFDiva Baker
    bahahahaha they removed the post!
  5. Bill
    I saw a recipe on Diabetes UK web site with watermelon and pineapple (I think) skewers and a sweet dipping sauce. I reckoned it had 10 spoons of sugar in each helping. Good for pharma, not a lot of use for diabetics.
  6. Ginger
    Unfortunately they have also 'got rid of' the evidence of the backlash and all the comments calling for a class action lawsuit and their collaboration with the drug companies. Yes it's good they retracted their instant blood sugar spike recipe but along with it went the growing awareness of the population that they are being lied to and manipulated.
  7. Tim
    Oh well, they can come out in favour of banning soft drinks...then they'll be in the good books again.
  8. Marcella
    I firmly believe the ADA is funded by drug companies, federal government, processed food companies, and their lobby organizations. This is a multi billion dollar industry with zero incentive for doing anything constructive to help people alleviate this condition. Where would all those cushy, high-paying jobs go if people knew they could do much to alleviate diabetes on their own without all this 'help' we have been brainwashed into believing we need and must have.
  9. kicki
  10. Dale Hanson
    If you are hospitalized and diabetic they still serve you mashed potatoes and rolls
    Reply: #14
  11. Kelley Pounds
    Kudos goes out to Type 1 Grit, Reversing Diabetes and other groups who came out in droves to protest this harmful advice to people with diabetes. Way to go! It was a proud day! PS the post was deleted, not because it "lacked context" but because it was utterly humiliating to the ADA.
  12. Tony
    The establishment doesn't seem to have a grip on reality. There is an upcoming documentary on T2D on UK TV, BBC 1 Monday 24 at 19:30. This is the info:-

    Dominic Hughes investigates the impact of type 2 diabetes on patients and NHS finances and Dr Ranj Singh asks if the health service should offer bariatric surgery to people with it

    The inmates are running the asylum!!

  13. em
    so very very true
    well said

    everywhere you turn

  14. Glenda
    Dale Hanson, that's right about the hospital "diabetic" foods. The food is high starch, low fiber, and BLAND. It is as though they think being bland is what a diet should be. I remember one of the meals was mash potatoes w/gravy, carrots, a roll, and some roast beef, plus a dessert. The only thing good for me on the plate was the meat. However, I ate it all because I was so hungry from not having good lchf food while I was there. In fact I was ravenous most of the time I was in hospital because I didn't have the lchf meals I was used to having. Then they gave me insulin injections to balance it all because my readings were high. Hummmm!
  15. Sandi Giles
    I have been on the diet since the 2nd October 2016 but not happy :-( I have only lost 2 1/2 kg and have been really strict.... I was never hungry and only ever ate 2 meals a day, usually a small lunch (because I still wasn't very hungry) then a really great dinner using your recipes. My fasting sugars were amazing (I am type 2 diabetic for last 20 to 30 years) B/S ranged from 4.5 to 8.8 but mostly in the 5 and 6's. I actually went off my insulin (30 units Lantus at night) but that didn't make a difference, I am also on 2 Metformin a day.
    One of the problems is with the recipes, some are for up to 8 people.... Its only me here and I got really sick of eating the same thing day in and day out even when I cut the recipes in half.
    One of the best things to happen is that I didn't touch sugar or bread/pasta/rice OR even miss it. I am going back to my Impromy diet with sadness.
    Happily my adult daughter is having a huge success (when the wine and crackers don't tempt her) lol.
    Maybe its my age 61 years old or maybe its a bit of age and being diabetic for so long. I so want to lose the weight. I cannot exercise much as I have had both my achilles operated on and the nerves have grown back into the scar tissue on the back of my heels, I can't beat anything touching them so I live in thongs (flip flops) and ugg boots and slippers. Its very hard walking any distance in these things as there is no support what so ever.
    Has anyone else had this problem on the diet, both my doctor and my diabetes specialist gave me the thumbs up to do this diet. Summer is almost here in Australia and the thought of hot creamy main courses doesnt also sound that yummy...... is there a summer recipe change?
    Love to hear if anyone in a similar circumstance has had brilliant results.
  16. Chris hayman
    Sandi why don't you try eating a very big breakfast then a small meal in the early evening g. Your circadian cycles will thank you for it.
  17. gbl
    In 17 days you've lost about 6 lbs. That's a lot. I think more would be unhealthy, especially for a woman.

    Can you get into water, walking, or swimming?

  18. Sara
    @Dale - I agree, hospitals needs to really work on the food they serve. Not just for diabetics, but for many different aliments. I cringe when I'm visiting friends and the food tray is brought in, especially when it comes to the pudding/jello.

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