Advanced low-carb tips

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Are you having trouble on your low-carb diet, despite being experienced in all the basics? Are you struggling with weight loss for example?

Here’s a treat: Dr. Eric Westman, one of the world’s leading experts on low carb, tells us his best advanced low-carb tips. These are things that even people experienced on low carb may miss, or may even be completely unaware of.

Watch the short segment above for a slightly controversial highlight (transcript).

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Advanced Low-Carb Tips! – with Dr. Eric Westman

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Here’s what our members have said about the interview:

What a great interview with Dr. Westman! It validates what I speculated to myself the problem was. I had just started losing weight again when I discovered “bullet-proof coffee.” Instantly (within 1 week) I gained 3 pounds (1 kg)!

Another great tip (that I had noticed and am now validated) is that I need to wait 15 – 20 min before I get a true reading on how hungry I actually am.

Dr. Eenfeldt, thank you so much! I have a doctor’s appointment coming up next week and had worked myself into such a “funk” that I was going to be heavier than my last visit. Now I have renewed self-confidence and believe I know how to continue.
– Ellen

Great interview.
I would like to see more of these type of interviews where Dr. Eenfeldt has more interaction with the interviewee.
– Jim

Yes this was an interesting interview – good to identify several issues that are likely contributing to my weight loss slowing/stalling. At 59, I am post menopause (& 10 years post breast cancer treatment). It’s nice to know that these are known issues and not just me!
– Sue

Advanced Low-Carb Tips! – with Dr. Eric Westman

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  1. Nati
    So calories matter anyway after all...
    We here a lot of keto people saying that uou do not count calories on keto....
  2. Peter
    Calories do matter, of course they do but the point that has been made on this website many times is that if you are fat adapted and if you only eat when you are hungry and do not eat when you are not hungry then you are very unlikely to eat more calories than you need.

    The point that is being made with fat drinks is that they are very very high in calories and are consumed in such a very short time that the body is unable to give you the "full" message fast enough. In this way you are circumventing the eat when not hungry rule.

  3. Sarah
    Yes calories matter. I can only have about 1000 or I gain. Even on super low carb. Haven't lost in 2 years. Still a fat ass. Been IF over a year. No movement. I can't even talk about low carb because I look like I binge on muffins. It really SUCKS.
  4. Peter
    1000 calories, that is tough. I read somewhere that jolting your system somewhat can help and I have tried it a couple of times with some success. By jolting your system try

    5 days normal LCHF (1000 calories) then 1 day carbs >150g then back to 5 days LCHF, then 1 day >1500 calories then 5 days normal LCHF followed by a 24 hour fast and so on.

    This seems to reset some of the bodies markers but you have to mix it about so after the above, maintain normal LCHF for a month and monitor your weight loss, if it starts to slow then try and re-jog it again otherwise stick with it.

  5. Jonda
    Isn't a lot of the practice behavior modification/change/control? Aren't we to be sensitive to ourselves in every way so as NOT to over-indulge?
  6. Kate
    I think eventually they will see that it goes beyond calories as well. How much additional fat/protein a person can add to their diet is an individual equation. The High Fat Ketosis diet has misguided us (bacon bacon bacon) to swing 180 in one direction, when at most this should be about finding the delicate balance. I am a testament to this. Once size does not fit all.
  7. Dianne
    Try fasting. It will break through any weight plateau.

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