ADA: Got diabetes? Have a brownie!


This must be read to be believed. What do you tell someone newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, who is wondering what to eat?

The New York Times asks Dr. Maggie Powers, president-elect of health care and education for the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Here’s what she replies:

NYT: Ask Well: Eating With Diabetes

“It’s a matter of give-and-take,” Dr. Powers said. “If somebody wants [sugar-sweetened] soda, we don’t encourage that, because a little bit gives you a lot of carbohydrates.” But, she said, -“If you say that you have to have a brownie every Sunday before you go to bed, I’d say, ‘You typically have a snack of 30 grams of carbohydrates, such as a large apple or banana; you can have a brownie instead.’ ”

You have diabetes and you want a brownie before bed? Sure, have a brownie!

That’s crazy.

Time to get real

People can eat whatever they want, obviously. But they deserve professional advice that works. They deserve the truth. And the truth is that snacking on brownies before bed is an absolute disaster in type 2 diabetes.

The person with type 2 diabetes was asking if he/she would ever get to eat a decent meal again. The answer is YES. Eat delicious food every single day, like these meals or these breakfasts. No weighing, no counting. Eat all you need to feel satisfied at your meals.

It will still be possible to reverse diabetes, using LCHF and, if necessary, intermittent fasting.

But the truth is that every brownie moves the needle in the other direction. Towards weight gain, higher blood sugar, more drugs, more disease. The ADA should know that, and the ADA should tell people with diabetes the truth.


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  1. Robert
    The baby boomer population cull will not work if we tell these people the truth. They must reduce their numbers.
  2. Janknitz
    A recipe "liked" by a Facebook friend popped up in my feed. "Flour and sugar free peanut butter cookies". They were sweetened with honey, 7 g of carbs EACH. It was an ad for something called diabetes It's puzzling website features articles on low carb and keto and sells a few "diabetic friendly" products.

    What was fascinating were the comments on this cookie recipe. A few people pointing out that honey IS sugar but others argued. A few of the comments:

    "Even diabetics get to enjoy life"
    "Honey is better for diabetics because it's natural and contains enzymes"
    "My doctor said honey is better than sugar and it's OK to have some"
    And my personal favorite. . .
    " I eat 3 before bed and take insulin to cover it. Yum!"

    Uphill battle to turn around years of misinformation perpetrated by organizations like the ADA.

    30 grams of carbs before bed?????

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  3. Nate
    The comments on that NYT's article, 'ADA: Got Diabetes, Have a Brownie' were very inspirational. Out of maybe 40 or so commenters, there were 31 who were for diabetics eating a LCHF diet to reverse or control their disease. Yes, I think the message is getting out there!

    One commenter recommended going to the Diet Doctor for advice. At least one recommended Dr. Bernstein.

    My favorite comment was by The Pooch, "Energy balance is supposed to be unconscious." This reminded me of a commercial for WeightWatchers I saw four times last night. Oprah, yes, the queen of nice talk show hosts, said that she had lost x amount of weight and did not have to count calories. She only had to count points, which was so much better than counting calories. What?!? Oh, and she ate bread every day. Finally, truth requires me to say that she still had a lot of weight to lose, if she wanted to lose more.

    Well the denial step is in full swing. And the commercial interests that need the low fat and CICO mimes are starting to throw some heavy punches.

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  5. Alan
    That advice is bordering on criminal neglect.
    When does the litigation begin?
  6. Cindy C
    This study just out today. I am not sure how good the advice given here to substitute whole grains for potatoes.

  7. Elwyn
    I went and read the comments after reading yours, and you are right, they are overwhelmingly recommending lchf or similar. It's fantastic to see that kind of grassroots change. Now it has to filter upwards to the medical profession.
  8. Jodi
    Elwyn said: "It's fantastic to see that kind of grassroots change. Now it has to filter upwards to the medical profession." and I have to agree. But have to say that it is sad that those of us with little to no medical background have to teach those who are supposed to be supporting us. It's a good thing we are already enlightened so we no longer have to be led by the blind who are "just following along." <
  9. Adriana
    I am allergic to any type of natural fats they cause severe eczma on my body. How can I follow a lchf diet?
  10. Apicius
    I got kicked off...actually one of those idiotic health blogs after I made a comment about someone's recipe for "healthy" chocolate chip cookies, made with brown sugar and margarine. Apparently, brown sugar is healthier than white, and margarine healthier that butter (WTF?????!!!!!!). When I confronted the twit who posted the recipe (who by the way played the "I'm just a volunteer blogger, ordinary citizen of the internet world" role) I got an angry email from their Silicon Valley headquarters that I was being banned for being mean. I did a bit of research, and then discovered that the website (although posing as a free-for-all helpful people wanting to give each other advice) was instead funded by....yep, you guessed it Big Pharma!!!!!!!!!).
  11. Apicius
    Oprah....queen of nice.....blechhhhh! She promoted Dr Oz to stardom (the idiot who shamed Gary Taubes for talking about LCHF) and caused a catastrophe with beef industry. Some people today still don't eat beef because of Oprah. I wish I can take back the years of the belief in all the stupidity she promoted and that I allowed myself to be brainwashed with.

    "don't count calories, just count points..." Is her take on dieting with weight watchers?!?! WTF?!?!?!? Doesn't anybody see the irony and inept stupidity in that???!!!! seriously!!!!

    Maybe her next marketing project will be cigarettes...."don't inhale, just puff."

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