1. Christoph
    Also Nestle asked for questions on german Twitter with "#FragNestle" ("Ask Nestle").
    My favorites:

    "Why do you hate rain forests?"
    "Why do you love child labour?"
    "How can you really sleep at night?"


    "Thanks, Nestle! Because of this I will try to avoid Nestle-products!" :D

  2. Steve
    The German Twitter questions are interesting but bewildering since I don't see what inspired them. It would be better if we had some context.
  3. chris c
    The ADA used to claim that "Medical Nutrition Therapy" produced around 1% - 2% improvement in A1c, and much the same for the drugs they tout. Yet for more than a decade now, posters on their very own forum routinely report 5 - 8% improvement and often 10% or more, through low carbing and postprandial glucose control. When John Buse was in charge back in 2008 they decided perhaps a very limited carb reduction to a minimum of 135g for less than a year was acceptable for weight loss, not glycemic control. Several of their oldest sponsors pulled their money. They haven't done that since.

    They still claim that there are no long term studies of carb restriction. Yet if they'd started one ten years ago they'd now have a ten year study. But less money.

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