ADA 2018: Very low-carbohydrate diets for diabetes

Selection of healthy fat sources

Very low-carbohydrate diets for management of diabetes have undoubtedly gained more and more popularity in recent years and the acceptance has grown. At the American Diabetes Association’s 78th Scientific Sessions, the ballroom filled up with a huge crowd when it was time for two presentations on a very low-carb diet (VLCD) for diabetes.

Dr. Jeannie Tay and Dr. Martin I. de Bock who gave the presentations explained their studies on how a low-carb diet can help reverse and manage diabetes. Dr. Tay stated that a very low carbohydrate diet offers a considerable advantage over a high-carbohydrate approach for patients with type 2 diabetes.

It is a good diet to have if you have diabetes, and the data support that.

This symposium generated a lot of attention in both social media channels and at the meeting. Here’s an interesting report from it:

Diabetes Daily: Very Low Carbohydrate Diets for Diabetes (ADA 2018)

Type 2 diabetes


The Nordic study of a low-carb diet for type 2 diabetes takes shape

“The score is 31 wins for low carb and a big fat 0 for low-fat”


Low-carb science


  1. Peggy
    Well then why did my glucose level go lower on a high carbohydrate diet than a low carb diet. Love plant based low fat.
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  2. Amy
    Been doing extreme low carb for a few months. Weight coming off and my blood sugar is manageable. I've tried everything in the past to stay out of the doctor's office. Finally!
  3. Adelene Hinson
    YIKES! Please can someone give a list of foods or a sample diet if what to eat?
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    I'm type 2 diabetic I'm homeless I get disability on e a month it's so hard to eat correctly I need help getting my own home disability doesn't pay me correctly help please
  5. On your side
    Plenty of green roughage stay away from starchy foods I. E. Breads, pasta and potatoes eat more protein and lean meats chicken, turkey and fish plenty of water and excersice
  6. Janet
    LCHF does not lower my numbers. Can't understand it
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  7. J. Dexter SMITH
    I have been half heartedly following a form of KETO diet for 6 months during which l had a back surgery and a hip replacement surgery, so l skipped going to my internist during those 6 months. When l finally got rehabed enough to go see him, his office got the A1C results about later and called me and they put my doctor on and he said "l had to personally congratulate you as your A1C is 5.4. This is the first time since you have been my patient in the last 20 years that your A1C has been less than 6.1! Whatever you are doing, keep doing it."
  8. Nate
    Did hell freeze over? I can't believe that the ADA is finally starting to come around. Good news for many diabetics.
  9. Nate
    I bet that you did not follow a strict low carb diet.
  10. Tony
    My blood sugars are perfect unless I eat something I shouldn’t. Been 4 injection a day for over 10 years. Don’t inject anymore. My neuropathy pain is gone. If I go over 30 g of carbs I have a high that has to be corrected. Lost 40 lbs so far since March. Anyone who says it doesn’t work, isn’t trying hard enough or following the guidelines
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  12. Bideshi Jim
    Because the carbs you ate (my guess would be leafy greens and vegetables) are the type of carb (fiber) that lowers blood sugar. The more good fiber and less refined carbs the better for diabetes.
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  13. Orangevale Ca
    I. Kashia Danials If you are on SDI and having a problem affording food what are you spending your cash on you are not paying rent or utilities? Plus what is happening to your EBT (food stamp)..
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  15. Xex
    Reporting system on this site isn't clear. Terrible user experience.
  16. Patty Gamelin
    I have been doing low carb diet since mid-Febuary...type 2 diabetic..numbers are much has lowered insulin amounts..but I know when I have a high fat food like hot dogs or sausage because that raises my blood sugars...I allow myself small portion of pasta once a month...I used to eat pasta and potatoes all day long
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  17. Bill
    Sausages and hotdogs, most of, have fillers which are often wheat based. Also some have added sugar. Total carbs on sausages is not great
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  18. Fawn
    They tested me and found I'm a type 1 and that's why my numbers didn't lower on low carb. Something to check out.
  19. Colleen
    I'm type 1 diabetic. My A1c was consistently around 7. I started a low carb diet and my last A1c was 6.0 the lowest it has ever been and my insulin has been cut 30 to 40%. I've lost some weight too. Around 15 pounds in 4 months.
  20. Andy King
    Go to and do the two week challenge

    Everything you need for a trial is there including recipes and shopping lists etc

    I started last Sunday weighed 207 lbs and have already lost 3

    Food taste great

  21. Mark
    T1 or T2? On meds? type of carbs?
  22. Fay
    You may be eating what you think is low carbs but a lot of veggies could have a high carb index, eg, carrots, etc. Start by going to Pinterest and research recipes for keto snacks and meals. By eating this way I've lost 30lbs, came off insulin and dropped my AIC to 6.

    Also, for support, try keto support groups online (Facebook) - try several as some are better than others! Good luck!

    LCHF does not lower my numbers. Can't understand it

  23. Sue
    I followed to the letter the Keto recipes on this site from April to September 2017 and at that point I was no longer having 4 injections a day with my AC1 readings in the non diabetic section. I have continued to stay on Keto as it is a life style now and if I stop those AC1 readings will go up and injections would be on the horizon again.

    I love the recipes although not all the ingredients are readily available in the UK. My weight has dropped, my energy soared and I feel the best I have for many a long year. This worked when many other 'diets' failed me.

  24. Karen
    Aren't you on the wrong website then? :-) I don't understand why you are here...
  25. Liz
    Why are you here? Go eat some more carbs
  26. Dianne Keller
    About time the ADA at least started looking at low carb. However, they are still recommending around 130 gram per day. I've been around 10 g/day and still had still had high blood sugars. I'm finding that a 24 to 36 hour fast brings them down. Just finished a 25 hour fast and dropped my blood sugars down into the non-diabetic range. Also off 185 units of insulin and all oral meds, Oh yeah, there is also a 100 pound weight loss since June 2017. If you need food lists Dr. Westman at Duke University has one you can get from their website and Dr. Ken D. Berry in Camden, Tennessee, has one on his facebook page.
  27. Scott
    Or doesn't have your same metabolism and your same exact situation. I know that this statement probably makes you feel better, but it is more than a bit arrogant and uninformed.
  28. Don
    You may have the APOE4 gene? Been tested?
  29. Don
    Read the book Fiber Menace. Those studies are anything but valid and associating fiber.
  30. Don
    You can also go low carb as a vegan.
  31. Don
    Definitely read the labels!

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