Acid reflux? Try diet and exercise before heading for the pharmacy


Before you start taking pills to treat your acid reflux (and risking bothersome side effects), consider changing your diet and exercise routine. It can be much more effective while bringing fewer complications:

The New York Times: Pop a Pill for Heartburn? Try Diet and Exercise Instead

There are studies showing that reducing the amount of carbs one eats and going low carb has a positive effect on acid reflux. So much in fact that many patients were able to quit their medications all together. Learn more here:

Low Carb Can Cure Reflux Disease


Low Carb for Beginners


  1. Stealth
    LCHF definitely improved my GERD--within 2 weeks I got off medication I had been on for years, this happened before any real weight loss. And I wasn't exercising at that point.

    "Diet and Exercise" seems to be a holdover from CICO--code for "you have GERD because you are fat, therefore you need to lose weight by eating less and moving more and your GERD will go away." Well, no, I had terrible GERD even when I was very thin. But getting sugar and starches out of the diet helped it instantly. Exercise is a great thing for mind and body, but it doesn't--by--itself, make GERD go away.

  2. FennFromMaine
    I have been on Nexium since 1999. Although when I first did Atkins back in 2004, and I lost weight, I seemed to be unable to shake the GERD. I'm a strong believer that all of the fake "no carb" foods I was eating at the time (loaded with artificial additives and Splenda) made my GERD worse. Fast forward 18 years later, been on LCHF w/IF for about 3 months and I have dropped Nexium for good. I feel LCHF helps for sure but probably more the IF as I stop eating at around 7pm and when I go to bed at 10-or 11pm there is really nothing in my stomach anyway.
  3. Bernat
    The article points to high-fat foods as possible triggers of acid reflux.


  4. Cassandra
    I've been on Keto diet for 2 weeks and just started getting Acid Reflux the last couple of days. My carbs are below 20g and my fat intake is high enough that I feel full quickly but is under 70% my protein intake is around 20-25 % of my calories. I have been a mildly constipated and I have been following the recommendations for that , but I am wondering what I can do to reduce the acid reflux? I am feeling a little disconcerted reading about people having eliminated their acid reflux on Keto when I am just getting after starting Keto
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  5. Indra
    I drink 2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar diluted with 300ml water. If you don't like the taste, use cold sparkling water (st pellegrino, etc) a bit of lemon juice and ACV. It helps.

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