1. I would like one! I would have ordered Tom's wheat one but I still eat some tetraploid wheat. No hypocritical side on HF though.


  2. Wendy D.
    THAT is AWESOME! AC/DC is my hubby's favorite band of all time and he LOVES this shirt!
  3. Jean Irvin
    Yes please! Tell us where to get them.
  4. Bookmark http://www.lchf.com
    and we will inform you a s a p when the T-shirts and baseball caps can be orderd overseas. For the swedish market they can already be ordered here (in swedish):
    but we have to sort out how to make international creditcard payments to work and shipping at a reasoneble cost.
  5. I'd love to have one! :)
  6. Sam Mackrill
    Will definately buy one of these!
  7. Front not Back
    The diet for the asses.
  8. Meritxell
    I love the t-shirt! Please tell me when it will be international shipping available. Thank you so much!

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