About Diet Doctor

About Diet Doctor

Regaining health in a sick world requires thinking and acting differently. It requires trusting not in corporate propaganda or old misinformation, but in nature. In the power of your own body to return to its natural state, given the right environment.

Our mission is to find the truth about health and supply tools for those who want to free themselves. Thus empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.


We invite you to join us in this defining struggle for the future. There’s a great conflict in the world, and it will determine our destiny and the lives of the people we love.

Quick facts about Diet Doctor

A broken world

Something is badly wrong. While the prosperity of the world has never been higher, people are suffering. More and more people – the majority in the Western world – are obese or overweight, and a large proportion are on prescription drugs every day for the rest of their lives.

Every year new people add to the sad statistics. As we get ever richer as a society our health appears to decline. Why is this?

People feel guilt and shame, like if the excess weight, hunger and tiredness was their fault, a moral failing. They count their calories and attempt to eat less food and exercise more, but it’s not working. If only they had more willpower.

Diabetes type 2 – a new epidemic in the history of humankind – will soon reach 500 million people. The death toll will be immense, as will the armies of people suffering the consequences: blindness, dementia, heart disease, cancer. This new disease is considered incurable and the treatment is daily drugs to reduce the symptoms. There is no cure, expert say.

Obesity – another new epidemic soon affecting half the population – is considered almost as incurable. The only effective treatment is said to be bariatric surgery, i.e. surgically removing parts of healthy organs. An operation with a significant risk of resulting in life-long misery and sometimes even death. And a year after surgery the excess weight usually starts returning.

What’s even worse, epidemics of obesity and diabetes are the tip of the iceberg. As these problems spread across the world other diseases soon follow: heart disease, cancer, eating disorders and food addiction, high blood pressure, ADHD, depression and on and on.

Experts still trumpet eating less and exercising more to slow down the epidemics. But that’s what we’ve been saying for 30 years, while the problem has exploded. It’s not working.

It may be even worse. The problem really started to get bad in the early 80s, just when we were told to eat “healthily”, just when the first Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released, and then copied around the world. That’s when the epidemic started.

Possibilities and what’s holding us back

Something is very wrong in the world today. Our bodies are made to stay healthy through our lives, and supply us with the energy to reach our goals and our potential. We can absolutely return to this natural state. With the resources the world has today there should be no stopping us.

This is not about a lack of willpower. You already have all the willpower you’ll ever need.

Imagine a world where all people can feel good in their bodies again, where all kids can run and play without catching their breath every few steps, where there’s no need for mass pill popping, a nation no longer on drugs, where nobody is obsessively counting calories to starve themselves. Where health is normal again. Where we can reach our potential and care for each other. Where we use our willpower for higher purposes, together shaping a better world for our children.

Much of what we need to get there is already known. But it’s not that simple. The food industry profits from selling cheap, low-fat, highly processed, nutritionally depleted and addictive food. And we’re advised to eat at least every three hours. The pharmacological industry profits by selling daily medications to temporarily reduce the symptoms of all the diseases caused by the food.


These are trillion dollar industries. There’s a lot of money to be made keeping you sick.

The truth is obscured by corporate propaganda, companies selling junk food and pills, using lies and misinformation, to the benefit of their shareholders, but to the detriment of humanity. It’s obscured by government ineptitude, allowing corporations to rule via armies of high-payed lobbyists, while relying on old experts who are often stuck in failed preconceptions, unable to update their thinking. That is, if the experts are not simply funded by corporations too.

Just as an example, it was recently exposed how Coca-Cola spend tens of millions of dollars buying the loyalty of government health experts and scientists as well as high-profile bloggers and personal trainers. To not mention the dangers of drinking sugar. To keep quiet about it. That’s the reality behind their slogan about “open happiness” and billions of dollars of feel-good advertising. How is obesity, disease and lies the road to happiness?

It may seem impossible to change this. What can one person do? Not much. But together, using modern tools… if we have the will, we can change anything.

Towards the solution

What would you do if there was a clear way to make the world a better place?

Most of the truth we need is already out there, it is already known, many are already using it with fantastic results. What’s needed is to find this truth and make it as simple as possible to use. To empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

This can’t be achieved using old thinking, we’ll have to question everything. And it can’t be achieved by selling a magic product, a pill or a packaged food product or by financing from the corporations who are profiting from the status quo. That’s the thinking that got us into this mess.

Here at Diet Doctor we want to be a part of the solution. That’s why we’ve decided to take no money from industry, sell no food, no supplements, no other products and to have no ads.

Instead we’re fully funded by the people, via an optional membership (free trial available).

Everything necessary we give away for free to the world, even without signing up. We’re focusing on free simple guides, recipes and step-by-step plans, providing everything you need to lose weight without hunger or to cure diabetes type 2.

Welcome to Diet Doctor. Let us tell you more about reality and some of the misconceptions that stop people from achieving health and happiness.

The solution

The solution to the obesity and diabetes epidemics already exists. It’s very simple:


That’s basically it. Although there are details too: if you want to lose weight effortlessly or improve your diabetes you should probably make a special effort to drastically reduce the carbohydrates, especially sugar and processed starch (like flour).

Natural fat, like butter? Eating that is fine. Red meat? That’s fine too. Calories? That’s just another, bizarre, name for food. Eating real food is perfectly fine, as long as you are hungry. Counting calories and ignoring your hunger is an eating disorder.

Exercise? That’s great for your health and well-being, but it’s never going to make you thin. You cannot outrun a bad diet.

There’s only one long-term solution that is truly effective. Eat real food, when you are hungry.

Why change is so slow

So if the problem is so huge, and the solution already exists – why is the problem not solved already?

TIME: Eat ButterBecause of inertia, old dogma and vested interests. Primarily it’s just hard for us humans to change our minds. It takes time.

The mistaken fear of natural fat is still just about alive, like some kind of half-dead zombie – even though modern science has thoroughly disproven it. The magazine TIME even put this fact on their cover in 2014. Fearing natural fat leads to even more high-carb, high-sugar junk food – so it’s been a really bad idea.

There is also massive money to be made from the status quo. The entire food and pharmaceutical industries depend on it, and they employ armies of lobbyists and even researchers.

The food industry wants to divert the blame from their own bad food (the real problem) to their consumers. Thus their emphasis on calorie counting, “personal responsibility” and exercise.

The pharmacological industry does not want people to get well. It’s easy to understand why. That would put them out of business.

The government would love to improve the health of the people, but official agencies move slowly and they are easy prey for trained lobbyists and influencers. Just look at Michelle Obama’s sadly failed “Let’s Move” campaign. As soon as the junk-food industry got involved it all turned into empty pep talk, with no real change that anybody truly believes in.

Bringing the solution to the people

Paulos Hughes
As no solution is coming from the top, it can only come from the bottom, from people like you and me. And it will, because nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

The Diet Doctor organization wants to speed this process up and we have a plan to do it. We want to make it much simpler to understand and get inspired to revolutionize your health. And then for you to help other people – your friends, family, etc. – to revolutionize their health.

Then the cycle can repeat, at ever greater scale.

Use the menu at the top of the page to find our best guides. And don’t forget to sign up for our free weekly newsletter. If you do it now you also get access to a free video course on eating a low-carb high-fat diet.



Direct support questions about the membership, newsletter etc. to support@dietdoctor.com (answer within 24 hours)

If you want to contact anyone in Team Diet Doctor send an email to firstname@dietdoctor.com, e.g. andreas@dietdoctor.com. Please note that while we read all emails, we unfortunately have limited capacity to answer every question. Furthermore, we can not give personal medical advice about diet or health over email.

The Food Revolution

This talk from 2016 summarizes the ongoing revolution. How we realize old mistakes and the most effective way to improve our health and weight.


Do you want to help change the world? There are many things you can do. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Be a positive example and inspire the people around you (answering their questions is more effective than trying to persuade someone who isn’t ready).
  • How do you become a positive example? Check out our guides like How to Lose Weight or How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2.
  • Do you just want to get started on low carb right away? Take The Two-Week Low-Carb Challenge – it contains everything you need.
  • Learn more. Check out or member site – free trial available – with a wealth of video courses, concrete expert interviews and Q&As, presentations and movies.
  • Consider supporting the Diet Doctor organization with a long-term membership at $9 per month. Our members supports our fast-growing organization with now seven employees and many freelancers, allowing us to stay completely independent and show no ads and sell no products.
  • Teach others: Comment on blogs and discussion forums and in papers, start a blog yourself, prepare a lecture, talk to your doctor.
  • Feel free to spread the link to dietdoctor.com. You may also use anything you find on this site in whatever way you like, if you mention the origin of it.
  • Do you have any other ideas? Please tell us in the comments below.

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Team Diet Doctor


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  1. I please have a question about what meals are called that do not contain excessive amounts of fat? 1. adequate meal 2. monosaturated 3. moderate 4. high carb I said 2. monosaturated which is healthy fats Thank you very much
  2. Zepp
  3. Matt
    I've found the easiet and cheapest way to get the protein I need is through tuna, cheese and greek yogurt.
  4. HI Doctor, I have been on a low-carb diet for about 9 months now and have lost 9 kg, down from 88 to 79kg, 1.8 m tall. I am very happy my weight loss, however have this question:
    I do ultra events, not competetively, am too old however find that after about 2 hrs of cycling or running that I become slower as I have been avoiding carbs during the normal water stops.
    I take only water along, nuts, biltong. The decline is slow and the hitting of "the wall" very soft, but definite after 3.5 hrs or so.
    please point me into a direction of nourishment during this type of exercise (i.e. half iron man), etc that will hopefully help..
    PS,. saw you in Cape Town and am inspired!
    Thank you
  5. Zepp
    Think this is the direction for you?


  6. Samantha
    Hi Andreas,
    I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
    I started on the Dr. Cohen low carb diet (complete with full panel blood tests) in January and by the end of June had lost 28kg's! My husband also lost about the same amount of weight on Weight Watchers.
    After 're-feed' was over, I struggled to stay at goal weight and I was bitterly dissapointed.
    I realised after listening to Prof Tim Noakes interview on the radio, that I am highly carb intolerant! He mentioned your website and it was so informative and helpful, thank you!

    I have been eating LCHF now for 7 days, have lost 3kg's, skin better, IBS gone, cognative function better. I am so suprised to see such positive results so quickly! I am not hungry between meals and I do not crave sugar (I had a terrible sweet tooth!)
    I have not experienced detox side effects too much (probably due to the conditioning from January to June), just a dull headache sometimes.
    Fortunately my husband is a chef, so we have no shortage of ideas for having variety in our eating, even on a tight budget :)
    I feel that this is a way of eating that I can sustain long term. So glad I heard about it! So liberating!
    Our kids are benefitting too!

  7. Yvonne
    I am Yvonne and I have a narrowing of the artery in the left leg due to smoking and that happened 5 years ago that I have stopped smoking and since then I have just put on weight. I am using Ecotrin 81mg in the morning and also using Aspavor 20mg in the evening and that is the only medication I am on. No High blood pressure. I am now weiging 95kg on a Tanita scale and my length is 159cm. I really need help but don't have the funds to book in at the clinic. How can u help me please. I know it would be the best for me to book in. I do not have a job and my husband is the only provider. Please can you help me.
  8. Bernadette
    Hi Dr. Eenfeldt,
    I am on a constant quest to improve my health while maintaining a healthy weight and stumbled across your videos from the LCHF cruise. I am still trying to wrap my mind around this seemingly contrary information but am greatly enjoying the liberal use of full fat dairy! My question is that I have been in the habit of making kefir from my own grains and I felt that this was an enormously beneficial practice. How does this fit in with LCHF? I recently purchased some full fat, raw milk for this process rather than fat-free or low-fat. Logic would tell me that the milk sugars are broken down in the incubation process, and yet all of the information I have indicates that the carb content of kefir is the same as milk. What is your recommendation?

    Thank you!

  9. Zepp
    Well if you eat dairys.. you should go for full fatty dairys.. thats the only recomendation one can give!

    The fermentation seems to only use a small part of the lactose.


  10. Bernadette
    Thank so much for your quick response. So then, do you recommend that I count the carbs in the kefir the same as for milk?
  11. Zepp
    Well.. you know.. the content of anything in food is as best a good gues.. if you read different manufacturers labels on there food they are different!

    Its dependant on a lot of things.. like there mesuring metods!

    I think that the level of carbs in Kefir is in the normal range of variaton of lactose content.

    And I know about microrganismes that only use the bounding betwen different saccharides.

    So mayby they moste make glucose an galaktose of the lactose?

    " Research has shown, however, that lactose maldigestors are able to tolerate kefir" ??


  12. Elena
    Hi Dr. Eenfeldt,

    what about red wine?
    There are 2,6 carbs in 100 g of red wine.
    In your site you mention: maximum 5 grams of carbohydrate (excluding fiber) per 100 grams of food. So is it ok to have a glass of wine?


  13. Zepp
    You got it right Elena, its not about being an asket!

    But you can probably find wines with less sugar altso.

    I do use a wine with 3,5gram/1000!

  14. Bernadette
    I think what Zepp means is "ascetic". Is that right Zepp?
  15. Zepp
    When a swedish speking person thinks he is wrighting english.. its then a english speking person think he understand swedish!? ;)
  16. Bernadette
    Not at all! I'd never presume to know Swedish!
    Perhaps a bit of German, though :)
  17. Petra
    I have started on HFLC a week ago, I feel nauseous today, can I be on this diet when I had my gall bladder removed
  18. Zepp
    Yes one can.. at least if one is Swedish.. becuse a lot of swedish lowcarbers is before obese persons that have removed there gallbladder before they transited to a low carb living!

    What I know.. and read about, its only about 5% of those how removed there gallbladder that have problems.. mainly that it leaks out gall in there deodendum.

    But then its probably better to eat a high fat diet.. but more often and less every time!

    Its the liver how produce gall and the blader is more a storage place, and to make it concentrated.

    Mayby some cant eat to much fat in one sitting.. but that you are able to recognaise after a time!

  19. Petra
    Thank you! I will continue then :)
  20. Zepp
    If you get problems becuse of removed gallblader its rather that you cant take up all fats, but its verry rare and should result in steatorea then!

    And one dont miss such a thing!

    The first time you gonna get different transistation problems, the more your body was a carb burning machine, and it now is forced to be a fat burning machine!

    "Initial side effects
    If you stop eating sugar and starch cold turkey (recommended) you may experience some side effects as your body adjusts. For most people these side effects tend to be mild and last a just few days. There are also ways to minimize them.

    Common during the first week:

    Heart palpitations
    The side effects rapidly subside as your body adapts and your fat burning increases. They can be minimized by drinking some extra fluids and by temporarily increasing your salt intake a bit. A good option is to drink some broth every few hours. Alternatively, drink a few extra glasses of water and put extra salt on your food."


  21. Phyllis
    Is it OK to eat ALL BRAN flakes while on LCHF?
  22. Zepp
    Its up to you to eat what you want.. but its not LCHF!

    If one try to eat e low carb diet.. then one avoid any flakes!

    If its about breakfast,, try to eat real food,, if you dont know about that, then I suggest an egg based brekfast, with bacon if you like such a food.

    Or just eat some leftovers from dinner.


  23. Sixtyyearsyoung
    Dr. Eenfelt, I heard you say on a lecture that some people have MORE heartburn with LCHF. I am oone of those people. After listening to a podcast on Jimmy Moore's site, his guest speaker suggested adding MORE acid, to trigger the closing of the spincter between the stomach and esophagus. She recommended drinking some apple cider vinegar with water. At first I tried salads or a dill pickle, but now after a LCHF dinner, I drink a couple tablespoons of vinegar in water. No more heartburn.
    On LCHF since August, I also have no more high cholesterol, very low blood pressure ( it was creeping up), no carb cravings, and blessedly no asthma symptoms on LCHF. Weight loss? Sloooooow. It seems to be coming off if I omit some dairy. I skip cheese and yogurt, but eat plenty of butter and cream. I share your execellent video with anyone who'll listen! It's great!!
  24. Jacqui
    Hi, could you please help me... i have been low carb for four months and i lost 3-4 kg at the beggining but now, nothing is happening, and i am 90 kg, should be 60 kg. i know i have dieted all my life and probably damaged my body and metabolism but being sugar free for months i was expecting more cooperation from my body. i havent had a sweet, not even sweetener, not even fruit, for weeks, atkins induction didnt help, maybe too much protein? i am trying really high fat but the truth is i am hungry, i am eating cream and cream cheese and eggs, and oils, and no carb mayo but i am needing protein desperately. i dont know what else to do to start losing weight, i have been counting calories for the last week. i feel that keto-taste in my mouth but i think i am burning what i am eating and not my stored fat.

    how would you reccomend i eat? how can i wake my body? why it is not so wonderful for me as all the stories i am reading from all around the world, people seem to be melting without the carbs


    Reply: #175
  25. Zepp
    Some have starved there body to be superstoring machines.. if this i so in your case.. you have to eat your metabolism up.. there it spend extra energy!

    Others totaly lose apetite.. its a different signaling with a sugar and carb depleted diet.. one dont get any blood sugar swings any more.

    Try to eat desent amounts of food till your body do get more comfortable of burning fat.

    Its cald Chronic Dieters Syndrome, it make one have less resting energy expenditure, and if that not enough it make one a lasy bum.


    Reply: #176
  26. Jacqui
    i reported the comment by mistake, so sorry :(
  27. Jacqui
    thank you so much for your answer, my husband and i have been inspired by your "food revolution".

    i am not english speaker so i dont understand what you mean by "eat your metabolism up", i will read the PDF (though it is long and i hope it is not too complicated for a non profesional)

    i have starved my self and overate and starved again, and tried all kinds of diets, i was desperate, now i am simply happy... free... no cravings, not hungry, i always needed sweets, now i havent touch a sweet (nor fruit or sweetener) for weeks
    I prey i can lose weight not only for me and my family but also to be an example for so many like me. last time i saw a nutritionist (i was in a 6 meals a day, 15 gr carbs per meal) she said that if i really miss carbs i should eat a whole plate of complex carbs after my daily walking hour. now i am shocked, how could she say that!!! all nutritionist here have the same many meals per day approach, and no one ever in my 30 years of wanting to lose weight, no one ever offered the really low carb approach.

    i was hungry, weak, craving sweets, and desperate. i am definitely not going back to carbs, no matter what, but i need to lose weight...

    so i will read the information but will be glad to understand what you mean by "eat your metabolism up". thanks again!!!

  28. Jacqui
    i tried to read the article, very very hard, the few words i understood is i need more physical activity? more lean tissue? does it mean body building? eat normally? what is that? again thanks:). by the way i am 36, active, mother of 5, healthy, actual weight 88 kg=194 pounds
  29. Zepp
    I only showed the study to demonstrate that it is a comon problem, and the state do affect both ones mind and body.

    One have to come to a more natural life style and eating habits.

    Its no secret that some lose muscel mass and gain fat weight on starving diets.

    And in some cases one get a lower resting energy expenditure, then its hard to lose weight.

    Exercise could be one form of getting a higher basal metabolism, by using ones muscels and make them burn fat.. and long walks is a god form for this.

    It not make you lose weight, but it could make you get a healtyer body, with a better basal metabolism.

    Eating that many times a day is for carblovers, they have to do this for geting there blood sugar to stay up.

    I say, eat when you are hungry, dont eat more then to stay unhungry till next meal, its about making your body to use the stored energy in glycogen depoes and fat tissuie.

    I am a sedentry person so I eat not more then 2-3 times a day, some days just one time.

  30. jacqui
    thank you so much, i will try your advice and see if i get going, in case you wonder i am writing from Israel so you have reached here and are inspiring us.
  31. Zepp
  32. jacqui
    so great!! i am so accostumed to read in english that missed the translation. i can see there is a link to a blog and a forum, i will be very happy to find people like me here. thank you so much!
  33. jacqui
    i wanted to ask if there is any problem with yellow, 32% fat, 25% prot, 0.5% carbs cheese?

    what about cream with the coffee? 38% fat, 3% carb, 3% prot?

    thanks again

  34. Dubski
    @jacqui, cream is no problem. High fat, low carb. And it tastes great in coffee.
  35. jacqui
    thanks, what about the cheese, all the protein... and is diary OK at all?
  36. Zepp
    Dairys is ok.. if you not to sensitive.. and if one use dairys one should take the full fat ones!

    Dont you have any 40% cream?

    The problem with many dairys is theyy have a carb content and if one drink a glass of milk one get about 5 grams of carbs.. and one seldome feel full of it!

    And the thing about full fat dairys is that one need less.. and then get less carbs.

    But dairys are extras, beside the food.. exept butter how is almost fat.

    You count the proteins in chees to your total protein intake.

  37. Jacqui
    thanks, i am feeling a bit overwhelmed, i am not eating carbs at all but i am not losing weight, so i am trying to figure out what i am doing wrong, maybe there are carbs i am not taking into account... like cheese, it says 0.5% carbs, i have to suppose it is true...

    i read people are sometimes able to make sugar from proteins, so people stop eating protein to lose weight, i tried it but it is very hard, there is no food to eat...

  38. Zepp
    Mayby you dont doing anything wrong?

    The theories goes like this.. if one eat little carbs and replace those with fat.. the body convert to use fat as predominant fuel.. one burn what one eats!

    And to that.. to lose weight, there should be an energy defiency.. and it supose to appear as less hunger and/or less meals a day.

    Its about ones capability to use stored fats betwen meals.. and the goal is to make this capability to increase.. and if one have a lot of fat stored.. to use some of it every day!

    And to that.. often in the first months.. one have an recomposition of the body.. one can get a smaler waistline.. but still have the same weight.. thats a positive sign!

    The number on the scale dosent tell that much.. perticuly its not telling if you getting any healtyer.. if you getting a better bodily composition!

  39. jacqui
    so since my REE is apparently low and i am eating very low carb and i am not losing weight (but i am feeling great :) ), then maybe i should start eating less... and then i will have to start burning fat?

    or exercising more... but no so much time for that... i could exercise twice a week or three times but not everyday

    thanks for your answers and your time :)

  40. Zepp
    Well this is a tricky question to answer.. becuse, if one eat less then one use.. almoste anybody do lose weight!

    But they often put it on again after some time, becuse the body have adjust to it!

    The best thing is to uppregulate your fat burning capability.. and wait till your apetite get lover.. by it self.

    And do you know, one have to try it out.. what ones apetite is signaling.. its so easy to eat like befor without thinking about it!

    I starterd by going hungry all the time, eating an big brekfast, a big lunch, and then a big supper!

    Now a days I dont eating any breakfast, a moderate lunch and a bigger supper.. it have changed!

    Some days I only eat one time.. I get a litlle peckish.. but thats no realy problem.. I dont get starving hungry, and I eat more then when I eats.

  41. Adele
    Is there a positive link between low carb eating and kidney stones? Anecdotally, a number of - specifically - men following the eating lifestyle have developed kidney stones. I suspect this could be an over-indulgence in the denser proteins like red meat (part of the general lifestyle in South Africa) and perhaps a less than adequate ingestion of fluids. Could this be the cause? And how would one prevent kidney stones from developing?
  42. Zepp
    Yes there is a posibly conection.. eighter to dehydration or PH in urine.

    Not hat much, but about an risk of 10 % in childs that eating a ketogenic diet against epilepsy.

    How many that should got it anyhow its not sure.

    "The high-fat, ketogenic diet is used to control epileptic seizures in children who don't respond to medication.

    But the diet comes with a high risk of kidney stones, which occur in about 6% of children who adhere to it. "


    But there is one study that researched about low carb and renal function.

    "his study provides preliminary evidence that long-term weight loss with a very-low-carbohydrate diet does not adversely affect renal function compared with a high-carbohydrate diet in obese individuals with normal renal function."


    Soo, if it is PH or dehydration that do it is not sure.. but a ketogenic diet against epilepsy is a harsh diet.. includes calorie and protein restriction to.

    I know by my self that one pee a lot more on a ketogenic diet.. and then one drink a lot of water.. it should flusch the kidney I think..

  43. Emma

    I speak Hebrew, if you want to Skype me please feel free to add me but just identify yourself as from this site.

    אני יכולה לעזור לך עם הדיאטה שלך פשוט לשלוח לי יומן של מה שאת אוכלת כל יום לעשות רשימה ואת הכמויות. אני מדברת עברית טובה פשוט לא יכולה לכתוב את זה!

  44. omayma
    hi doctor , my weight is 132 kg and I'm 163 cm tall, I made several diets and every time i lose weight, I gain weight again I ll be fatter, I like so much this LCHF system but please I need a copy in Arabic language cause I'm from Egypt... thank you so much
  45. Zepp
    Try doctor Dashtis blogg!


    I hapen to know by rumors that there is another Kuwatian how has a lowcarb blogg altso.. but no link to that.

    I heard this from a Swedish arabic talking member from our swedish forum.

    Here is her try to start a blogg by here self.. not uppdated.


  46. Kim
    Hi Dr. Eenfeldt,
    What are your thoughts on the strange-seeming advice on a way of eating called "The Plan", which looks at the inflammatory response individuals can have to foods? According to the person pushing this "plan", even some of the healthiest food choices can produce an inflammatory response if one is sensitive to that food, and the body's response results in weight gain. There is a 3-day cleanse to start it, where she says you have 2000 calories, but no way is the food listed anywhere near 2000 cal/day for those three days!
    I would really appreciate your feedback on this. I have just begun the LCHF and have lost a kilo already. :-)
  47. vijay
    I lived in sweden for one year and i heard lot about LCHF and I asked about the same to my doctors back in india but no one buys that idea , but when i look at web pages Mr.Andreas Eenfeldt doesn't have time to read our comments and reply R our doubts ?? not sure what to do??
  48. raffaele
    hi!i'm italian personal trainer,are there LCHF italians book or LUSTIG's italians book?thanks
  49. Cheneen
    Dear Dr Eenfeldt

    Thank you so much for sharing information and knowledge of LCHF lifestyle. So many want to benefit from it financially, however you are sharing it with the world through your blog and interviews with experts etc. You have increased my understanding and excitement to a healthier lifestyle.

    I look forward to sending you my success story soon.


  50. Astrid
    Hello Dr. Eenfeldt,

    last week I got to know about a book from a German author (W. Mersch), who claimed to have "healed" his migraine totally by a low carb diet based on the theories of a Dr. Lutz (author of: Living without bread).
    Have you any experience with migraine-patients or can you recommend me studies on the topic of effects of lc-diets on migraine?

    Thank you very much!

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