About Diet Doctor

About Diet Doctor

Regaining health in a sick world requires thinking and acting differently. It requires trusting not in corporate propaganda or old misinformation, but in nature. In the power of your own body to return to its natural state, given the right environment.

Our mission is to find the truth about health and supply tools for those who want to free themselves. Thus empowering people everywhere to revolutionize their health.


We invite you to join us in this defining struggle for the future. There’s a great conflict in the world, and it will determine our destiny and the lives of the people we love.

Quick facts about Diet Doctor

A broken world

Something is badly wrong. While the prosperity of the world has never been higher, people are suffering. More and more people – the majority in the Western world – are obese or overweight, and a large proportion are on prescription drugs every day for the rest of their lives.

Every year new people add to the sad statistics. As we get ever richer as a society our health appears to decline. Why is this?

People feel guilt and shame, like if the excess weight, hunger and tiredness was their fault, a moral failing. They count their calories and attempt to eat less food and exercise more, but it’s not working. If only they had more willpower.

Diabetes type 2 – a new epidemic in the history of humankind – will soon reach 500 million people. The death toll will be immense, as will the armies of people suffering the consequences: blindness, dementia, heart disease, cancer. This new disease is considered incurable and the treatment is daily drugs to reduce the symptoms. There is no cure, expert say.

Obesity – another new epidemic soon affecting half the population – is considered almost as incurable. The only effective treatment is said to be bariatric surgery, i.e. surgically removing parts of healthy organs. An operation with a significant risk of resulting in life-long misery and sometimes even death. And a year after surgery the excess weight usually starts returning.

What’s even worse, epidemics of obesity and diabetes are the tip of the iceberg. As these problems spread across the world other diseases soon follow: heart disease, cancer, eating disorders and food addiction, high blood pressure, ADHD, depression and on and on.

Experts still trumpet eating less and exercising more to slow down the epidemics. But that’s what we’ve been saying for 30 years, while the problem has exploded. It’s not working.

It may be even worse. The problem really started to get bad in the early 80s, just when we were told to eat “healthily”, just when the first Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released, and then copied around the world. That’s when the epidemic started.

Possibilities and what’s holding us back

Something is very wrong in the world today. Our bodies are made to stay healthy through our lives, and supply us with the energy to reach our goals and our potential. We can absolutely return to this natural state. With the resources the world has today there should be no stopping us.

This is not about a lack of willpower. You already have all the willpower you’ll ever need.

Imagine a world where all people can feel good in their bodies again, where all kids can run and play without catching their breath every few steps, where there’s no need for mass pill popping, a nation no longer on drugs, where nobody is obsessively counting calories to starve themselves. Where health is normal again. Where we can reach our potential and care for each other. Where we use our willpower for higher purposes, together shaping a better world for our children.

Much of what we need to get there is already known. But it’s not that simple. The food industry profits from selling cheap, low-fat, highly processed, nutritionally depleted and addictive food. And we’re advised to eat at least every three hours. The pharmacological industry profits by selling daily medications to temporarily reduce the symptoms of all the diseases caused by the food.


These are trillion dollar industries. There’s a lot of money to be made keeping you sick.

The truth is obscured by corporate propaganda, companies selling junk food and pills, using lies and misinformation, to the benefit of their shareholders, but to the detriment of humanity. It’s obscured by government ineptitude, allowing corporations to rule via armies of high-payed lobbyists, while relying on old experts who are often stuck in failed preconceptions, unable to update their thinking. That is, if the experts are not simply funded by corporations too.

Just as an example, it was recently exposed how Coca-Cola spend tens of millions of dollars buying the loyalty of government health experts and scientists as well as high-profile bloggers and personal trainers. To not mention the dangers of drinking sugar. To keep quiet about it. That’s the reality behind their slogan about “open happiness” and billions of dollars of feel-good advertising. How is obesity, disease and lies the road to happiness?

It may seem impossible to change this. What can one person do? Not much. But together, using modern tools… if we have the will, we can change anything.

Towards the solution

What would you do if there was a clear way to make the world a better place?

Most of the truth we need is already out there, it is already known, many are already using it with fantastic results. What’s needed is to find this truth and make it as simple as possible to use. To empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health.

This can’t be achieved using old thinking, we’ll have to question everything. And it can’t be achieved by selling a magic product, a pill or a packaged food product or by financing from the corporations who are profiting from the status quo. That’s the thinking that got us into this mess.

Here at Diet Doctor we want to be a part of the solution. That’s why we’ve decided to take no money from industry, sell no food, no supplements, no other products and to have no ads.

Instead we’re fully funded by the people, via an optional membership (free trial available).

Everything necessary we give away for free to the world, even without signing up. We’re focusing on free simple guides, recipes and step-by-step plans, providing everything you need to lose weight without hunger or to cure diabetes type 2.

Welcome to Diet Doctor. Let us tell you more about reality and some of the misconceptions that stop people from achieving health and happiness.

The solution

The solution to the obesity and diabetes epidemics already exists. It’s very simple:


That’s basically it. Although there are details too: if you want to lose weight effortlessly or improve your diabetes you should probably make a special effort to drastically reduce the carbohydrates, especially sugar and processed starch (like flour).

Natural fat, like butter? Eating that is fine. Red meat? That’s fine too. Calories? That’s just another, bizarre, name for food. Eating real food is perfectly fine, as long as you are hungry. Counting calories and ignoring your hunger is an eating disorder.

Exercise? That’s great for your health and well-being, but it’s never going to make you thin. You cannot outrun a bad diet.

There’s only one long-term solution that is truly effective. Eat real food, when you are hungry.

Why change is so slow

So if the problem is so huge, and the solution already exists – why is the problem not solved already?

TIME: Eat ButterBecause of inertia, old dogma and vested interests. Primarily it’s just hard for us humans to change our minds. It takes time.

The mistaken fear of natural fat is still just about alive, like some kind of half-dead zombie – even though modern science has thoroughly disproven it. The magazine TIME even put this fact on their cover in 2014. Fearing natural fat leads to even more high-carb, high-sugar junk food – so it’s been a really bad idea.

There is also massive money to be made from the status quo. The entire food and pharmaceutical industries depend on it, and they employ armies of lobbyists and even researchers.

The food industry wants to divert the blame from their own bad food (the real problem) to their consumers. Thus their emphasis on calorie counting, “personal responsibility” and exercise.

The pharmacological industry does not want people to get well. It’s easy to understand why. That would put them out of business.

The government would love to improve the health of the people, but official agencies move slowly and they are easy prey for trained lobbyists and influencers. Just look at Michelle Obama’s sadly failed “Let’s Move” campaign. As soon as the junk-food industry got involved it all turned into empty pep talk, with no real change that anybody truly believes in.

Bringing the solution to the people

Paulos Hughes
As no solution is coming from the top, it can only come from the bottom, from people like you and me. And it will, because nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.

The Diet Doctor organization wants to speed this process up and we have a plan to do it. We want to make it much simpler to understand and get inspired to revolutionize your health. And then for you to help other people – your friends, family, etc. – to revolutionize their health.

Then the cycle can repeat, at ever greater scale.

Use the menu at the top of the page to find our best guides. And don’t forget to sign up for our free weekly newsletter. If you do it now you also get access to a free video course on eating a low-carb high-fat diet.



Direct support questions about the membership, newsletter etc. to support@dietdoctor.com (answer within 24 hours)

If you want to contact anyone in Team Diet Doctor send an email to firstname@dietdoctor.com, e.g. andreas@dietdoctor.com. Please note that while we read all emails, we unfortunately have limited capacity to answer every question. Furthermore, we can not give personal medical advice about diet or health over email.

The Food Revolution

This talk from 2016 summarizes the ongoing revolution. How we realize old mistakes and the most effective way to improve our health and weight.


Do you want to help change the world? There are many things you can do. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Be a positive example and inspire the people around you (answering their questions is more effective than trying to persuade someone who isn’t ready).
  • How do you become a positive example? Check out our guides like How to Lose Weight or How to Reverse Diabetes Type 2.
  • Do you just want to get started on low carb right away? Take The Two-Week Low-Carb Challenge – it contains everything you need.
  • Learn more. Check out or member site – free trial available – with a wealth of video courses, concrete expert interviews and Q&As, presentations and movies.
  • Consider supporting the Diet Doctor organization with a long-term membership at $9 per month. Our members supports our fast-growing organization with now seven employees and many freelancers, allowing us to stay completely independent and show no ads and sell no products.
  • Teach others: Comment on blogs and discussion forums and in papers, start a blog yourself, prepare a lecture, talk to your doctor.
  • Feel free to spread the link to dietdoctor.com. You may also use anything you find on this site in whatever way you like, if you mention the origin of it.
  • Do you have any other ideas? Please tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Yeon
    Is this diet recommended as "healthy" to all people regardless of cultural background, past- dietary habits, or personal body type?
    I have really suffered a lot from what people call "keto flu" for about 4 months.

    Before starting this diet, i followed asian- plain diet for my entire life which includes small portion of meat and dairy (probably once or twice a week), and LOTS of carbs(rice) and vegges. I was underweight and yes, lack of muscle, silghtly high in fat.
    So i started to excersie and switched my diet to 90% strict low carb diet.

    Since then i'm having hard time for dealing with digestive issue(bloating and costipation), haire loss, dry eye, dry mouth, low stomach acid, weird body odor, menstrual irregularity.
    I drink tons of water, like 3~4 liters of clean water.. but the thirst isn't going away.

    I don't have any particular health issue,,,, nothing but my liver which is little bit low-functioning comparing to really healthy and active people's.

  2. Barry Pawelek
    Would like to talk to someone to see if we can work out a program for the transportation industry
  3. Sofia
    Hi Andreas,
    I´m not overweight or have health issues. I just needed to loose 2-3 kilos. I´ve been low carb for a year but still could not loose the "muffin top" . All of my life I tried to loose belly with no success. I tried everything there is: diets, excercise, mesotherapy. After watching Dr.Fung´s interview, I was curious, I snack a lot, so I decided to give intermittent fasting a try. I´m so amazed at the wonderful results. After only 3 days of intermittent fasting, I lost 1.5 kilos and my waist has shrinked a lot. The fat just melted. i´m so happy. Fasting is not difficult at all and I enjoy food even more than before. I feel my skin really improved as well. In just 3 days! I can´t wait to see how I will be doing after 2 weeks of intermittent fasting. Thanks so much Diet Doctor !!!
    Sofia, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  4. Sofia
    Have you tried intermittent fasting? I used to eat 3 meals a day, plus snacks. I could not loose any weight. When I tried intermittent fasting ( I skip breakfast now, eat lunch at 1 pm and eat dinner at 8pm, no snacks), I managed to loose the weight ! The fat just melted away.
  5. Richard Pletcher
    I would like to know what the cost of membership is beyond the free month. You might get a better response if you put cost page to the site.


    Reply: #556
  6. Hi Richard!
    It's free to try the membership out for a month. If you continue a second month it's $9 per month until you cancel.

    Of course membership is not required, it's for bonus material and if you want to support the site.

  7. MJ
    Hello Dr. Eenfeldt,

    Thank you so much for your informative LCHF site and the opportunity to be a member.
    I asked my doctor to refer me to an Internist after she told me that an ultrasound of my liver revealed gall stones and mild inflammation around the liver(NAFLD). I had that appointment to day and much to my disappointment, I was told that all I could do is to lose weight and that a LCHF diet would make matters worse for me. I cannot seem to lose the weight on this diet with the ease that others on your blog have mentioned. I track my macronutients and usually eat between 20-25 net carbs (under 50 carbs total per day) and my protein is 15-20%. Fats are usually 67-75%. I do count calories as I have been programmed to due to years of dieting. Please let me know if you have LCHF coaches as I think I could use one. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOU DO TO SUPPORT THE HEALTH AND WELL BEING OF EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS YOUR BLOG.

  8. Gordon
    My login is not working, and the system fails to recognise my email address?

    The contact link at the bottom of the page does not work either???

    Reply: #571
  9. Gunilla
    I am trying to cancel my membership. Went into account, can't find anywhere "cancel membership" as suggested. Please cancel, have no time left in the day to follow the site.
  10. Linda
    I am a 1 hour old member and I have a question regarding foods that I preserve myself. Is there any cautions to canned vegetables that I preserve?
  11. john
    Hi... I just wanted to add a little user content in case you don't have this. Here is a link to a video that was made in Australia.

    If you already have or have seen it, apologies in advance....

    If you haven't seen it... then its pretty interesting...


  12. Roisin
    Hello ! Thank you for this wonderful site/blog. It has changed my life!
    I have a question.....I come from a family of diabetes and obesity. My mother developed gestational diabetes while pregnant with me that then stayed with her and my three siblings have developed type 2 diabetes in their 20s. They are all obese. While my BMI usually stayed under 25, by age 31 I realised something was terribly wrong. I realise now I was pre diabetic ..I had the signs and symptoms of hyperinsulinemia and was addicted to sugar. Since age 10 I have suffered with severe irritable bowel ( think pretty much constant diarrhoea with blood, mucous pain etc) To make a long story short ..within a week of starting the lchf diet my IBS was cured and I feel so much better and am losing weight so easily. Thank you so much . But now I realise my body was in a state of severe inflammation for 20 years . What damage has been done ? Will I be able to recover from the damage that has been done to my body ? To my coronary and vascular system ? My bowels were obvious. ..but who knows what was happening to those other systems. I did what the doctors told me....I reduced the "rich foods (aka everything I should have eaten !) And increased the high carb foods...just so unbelievable . I didn't know what I was doing to my body. So thank you again...any thoughts would be greatly appreciated !!
  13. Colin B Maharaj
    I have learned quite a bit about this stuff and other things to make health right.
    I have even experimented on myself and others and seen amazing results.
    I want to either lecture or write a book or something, but I am not a doctor.
    Where should I begin?

    PS: Great Site, and thanks..

    Andreas, please keep up the the brave fight .....
  15. Valorie
    I cannot get to my account it is not recognizing my email or my password please help me
    Reply: #566
  16. Valorie,

    For customer support please email support@dietdoctor.com.

    / Inger Swanberg
    Team Diet Doctor

  17. Kathryn
    I'm discouraged for my husband, he has been on LCHF diet since March 2015, happily he lost 25 lbs. and test results for fatty liver have greatly improved, but other health markers have not improved as great as we had hoped. He is eating around 50 grams of carbs a day, sometimes less. He also is suffering quite badly with reflux, we thought it had improved in the beginning so he stopped taking meds but symptoms reoccurred so he is back on Nexium. Should he stay on the diet and cut back further on the carbs, will the health markers get better as time goes on? We thought so highly of the diet from the beginning but we are a little discouraged. Has anyone else gone through this? Any advice/encouragement would be appreciated.

    Liver ALT was 95 now 24
    Liver AST was 52 now 22
    LDL was 3.45 now 4.06
    HDL was 0.87 now 1.05
    Fasting Glucose was 5.7 now 5.9
    Hemoglobin A1C was 6.2 now 5.9

    Reply: #589
  18. Rick

    I found out I was diabetic a few weeks age. That same day I watched your interview with Dr. Jay Wortman. I knew I had hope of turning this around. When first measured my blood-sugar read 345. I was 220 lbs. and had high blood pressure. The Doctor put me on metaformin, 1,000 mg. once a day. Plus I am taking a high blood pressure medicine. I started a ketogenic diet immediately (the same day I was diagnosed) and have been on it for three weeks without any cheating. My blood-sugar dropped down quickly and is now in the range of 120 with lower reading usually in the afternoon as low as 99. I have lost about three to four lbs I am guessing and walking 45 min. plus twice a day. I met with a Endocrinologist a week ago who uses the ketogenic diet. When I asked her about it she referred to the diet as low carbs and high protein. They don't see high fat as part of the equation. This concerned me a bit and told her I am continuing on the low carb, high fat diet. When I told her my goal was to get off the medication as soon as possible, her reply was, "we will see." This concerned me as well. I was not impressed at all with the service they were providing in helping people work towards reversing this. I am! I am looking for another doctor who will work with me on my goal, but have not found one yet. Usually at what point can one stop taking the medication? Dr. Jay said medication should be lowered once the diet begins. I need a yard stick so I can keep my doctor in line if I have to continue using her and have an idea when it would be safe to drop the medication.


  19. Jerry
    Where can I find information about the HEAL clinic in Durham North Carolina.
  20. Charles Chambers
    So here is a question I pretty sure your not getting.....

    Let's say I know what my BMR is... say 1750.....if I follow a LCHF approach (diet.... I hate that word) and I stick to the ratios of 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% or so can I achieve the same out come and preserve my lean body mass if the calories are restricted to 1450.....
    This is a question I have never seen asked or answered by anyone in the LCHF realm.

    So, if I restrict my total calories to 1450 and truly keep my approach to 70-20-10 can and would I be able to loose weight and preserve my lean body mass.....

    If you answer this, this would help a lot of people.
    please feel free to do so.....

    Charlie Chambers
    990 Doire Dr.
    Conroe, TX. 77301
    936-900-3777 CST

  21. Me either
    I can't either Gordon, did you get yours resolved? I always use the same email so what the heck, I'll be charged another $9 soon. Jill
    Reply: #573
  22. Ernest
    Hi, I wish to discontinue my subscription with you with immediate effect (5 August 2015 )
    I have enjoyed your various info by all your contributors.
    Thanks .

    Ernest sebastian. Email. rsebas77@gmail

  23. For customer support please email support@dietdoctor.com.

    / Inger Swanberg
    Team Diet Doctor

  24. Ilse Bergmann
    Hello, I would like to try your recipes but I am not sure what type of psyllium seek husks to use. Do I use the whole husks or the powder and where can I buy them? Thank you.
  25. Tristan
    Hi Andreas, I found your website several months ago (specifically the LCHF site http://www.dietdoctor.com/lchf) and have been loving the benefits of switching to that diet! One thing I'm having trouble understanding however is whether it's ok to eat a little bacon every day (i.e., 2-3 shortcut rashers)? I have been eating this, along with scrambled eggs, avocado, spinach and fresh tomato for several weeks (for breakfast), and while I haven't experienced any physical issues (I feel great actually), I can't find any definitive evidence to clarify the correct position to take on bacon consumption? Thanks in advance!
    Replies: #578, #580
  26. Debra
    Dear Dr. Diet,
    Thank you for providing this interesting new way to think about my daily diet. I would love to lose 20 lbs. but even though I do not eat over 50 grams of carbs I do not loose the weight. I quite enjoy my new diet and I am never hungry. I will keep eating this way for the rest of my life because I do feel so much better. Thanks for that!
    I have lost my passion for the whole concept.
    Please take me off of the membership list.

    Debra Newberry

    Replies: #577, #579
  27. Hi Debra,
    I've cancelled your membership (generally it's safer to do it yourself on your account page or by emailing support@dietdoctor.com as I don't always read every comment).

    Regarding the weight feel free to check out http://www.dietdoctor.com/how-to-lose-weight.


  28. Tristan,
    A little bacon every day should be fine. And of course it tastes great.
  29. Debra, if you eat once once or twice a day while eating less than 20 grams of carbs a day you will likely find that you can lose more weight.

    Check out this page for how to do this: http://www.dietdoctor.com/how-to-lose-weight#14


  30. Tristan,

    You can enjoy bacon and it's important that the bacon is as little processed as possible. I choose a type of bacon that has pretty much no stuff added to it.

  31. Jintana K
    Hi Dr. Andreas,

    I'm from Bangkok, Thailand. We are a country whose diets are staple with rice. We eat white rice three times a day with something like stir fried veg, green or red chicken or pork curry (full of coconut milk), different kinds of Thai salad, eggs, seafood. In our diet, we rarely have milk, butter, steak, bread, pizza or pasta.

    I am very impressed with your presentation and right now i am recommending my beloved aunt who has type 2 diabetes to cut all the rice and fruits out of her diet. She is now on this no carb diet for 14 days. Her weight is down from 70 kg to 68.5 kg this morning. She is now less dependant on insulin injection, from 42 cc. down to 10 cc. The result is astounding.

    My question to you is should i myself follow this kind of diet and go ahead to recommend friends and family who don't have problems with weight or diabetes to do the same by eliminate all the rice we have been eating for thousands of years? And if the answer is yes please advice me on the reasons behind. I find that this is quite difficult if they don't have problems such as diabetes or obesity to start with.

    (I am 45 years old, 162 cm. tall and weigh 52kg. I check up once a year and very thing is normal except for a small kidney stone on my lower pole right kidney. I do weight training twice a week and enjoy tennis once in a while)

    Thank you

    Reply: #584
  32. lotfi
    i have some problems in my navigation
    Reply: #583
  33. Lotfi,

    I see. What in particular is your navigation issue?

  34. Jintana,

    Great questions and good work on helping your aunt.

    I am not Andreas but I'm part of the DietDoctor team and I can at least share my views with you.

    First of all, I think it depends on what you're trying to achieve. If you want to improve your health and feel better I think making food changes is smart. Before removing rice though, I'd remove processed junk foods like candy, soft drinks, white flour.

    Your question about rice is valid. I would watch this lecture by Jason Fung. In it he describes, amongst several other important things, why the Chinese, Kitavans and other rice eating nations didn't get fat and diabetic until during the last 30 years (hints: fiber, meal frequency, sugar...).

    Hope this helps.

  35. Farah
    Hi, Andreas. Can you please tackle the issue of caffeine on a keto diet a bit more thoroughly? All the articles out there are way too confusing. Dr. Atkins did not really discourage it but some articles do.

    Some people say they're not affected even if they drink 5 cups of coffee a day and other claimed it knocked them out of ketosis. Is that even possible without them overeating or taking in carbs?

    I went decaf when I started keto because I was too afraid to risk it but I really do miss my green tea and the caffeine is a great boost for productivity.

    I know some people are sensitive to artificial sweeteners, I'm not. I have been losing consistently on things like Erythritol, Stevia, and Sucralose. So, is caffeine the same? Does it vary from person to person or is there a good study on this subject?

  36. Joy Glory
    1 Vit K levels, veggies, (coumaden)
    Hi, I was put on warfarin (coumaden) after an incident and they tell me I have to take it for life.
    Because Vit K level affects warfarin, I have to restrict many vegetables or the warfarin level will bounce all over, necessitating frequent blood draws.

    Fruit is not generally a problem with vit k. But since this diet is telling me fruit is high in sugar, I'm having a problem eating enough non protein foods (vegetables mainly) that are also low in K. For example, I can eat carrots but carrots grow under the ground. I can eat tomatoes and mushrooms, certain types of onions, and a few other vegetables .....or else
    eat alll veggies in very tiny quantities.

    This limits what I can eat. Do you have any suggestions on how I might be able to use this diet?

    Would there be a problem eating the same foods over and over (I've been told can cause food allergies)?

    Currently I eat eggs, meats (we don't usually eat pork), fish, nuts, natural peanut butter (only peanuts and salt, oils (preferably more healthy ones), water, herbal tea, coffee

    I am trying to eliminate cereal, bread, soy, sweets, sweeteners, deserts, and

    I am trying to limit fruits ....to one cup daily. This may be high and I may cut it further but
    given the reduction in veggies and herbs and spices which I can eat which are lower or moderate in vit K content, I have to eat something. I use frozen fruits without sugar added
    and 1 cup is 19 total carbs. (Using frozen foods is probably an issue in itself...I can use
    non frozen fruits)

    I was diagnosed with strokes due to afib but the afib was allegedly periodic. The reason they
    have told me I have to take coumaden for the rest of my life is due to the afib to be safe. However I have to say I have significant doubts about the diagnosis and the treatment I received. For one thing, I was on medications which can produce side effects which include
    rapid or racing heart beat. They had to try to figure out what happened as they told me it had occurred about 12 days prior. The only symptoms I had were lots of vomitting, They said I was dehydrated (although I was hydrating the entire time I was ill), and so on. They did run Cat scans, but seem to be giving what is their best hypothesis...don't seem one hundred percent sue. However I was told they think I had blood clots which went through my heart and brain, causing the whole mess. Interestingly I never had symptoms that go along with stroke, the
    symptoms were basically just vomitting and my heart rate was low.

    Could any of your doctors show me how to find a recommended doctor in my area?

    I would like to find a doctor that I have a better trust level with, and one thing that would help is if the doctor is more knowledgable about things.

    I can no longer trust the medical care I've been getting all my life, it appears to me the doctors have been given much false information, unfortunately, and there are so many myths abounding. I don't want to take any drugs that I don't really need. The drugs I was given for various ailments over the years have caused many further problems. I am not saying this was done deliberately but it is a reality. The diet advice and the medical advice I've received over the years has, unfortunately, been wrong in many ways. They do not have time or often do not want to discuss the medications with me, and they are relying upon the paradigm they were given in medical school and they see more drugs as the answer. I am working to get off as many medications as possible (safely). The medical staff (doctors and nurses) in all honesty do not see the problems that drugs are causing and have been almost hypnotized into believing that they
    are the answer. I am not saying they are bad people but I cannot go for further medical help
    or advice from people if they are deceived or giving out advice that continues to harm me. No
    offense to anyone meant.

  37. Aly Lockart
    Hi Diet Doctor,

    I stumbled onto your site today and I think we could work really well together.

    We have a platform that increases engagement and generates revenue for our partners.

    If you have a little bit of time, I'd love to discuss this further over a brief phone meeting. Here is my schedule. Pick out a time that works for you and let's chat!

    Looking forward to it!


  38. Tiffany
    Hello, I would like to cancel me membership. How do I do this?
  39. Martin
    Hello Kathryn,
    I also lost 12kg within 6 months after my start of LCHF. As with your husband my HDL went up, A1C went down etc.
    When loosing wheight quite a lot of cholesterol gets released off the adipocytes. and as I read it in a german book by Dr. Lutz for our body this substance is by far to precious to be thrown out or whatever. So it takes some time until the levels normalize again. So do not worry, just continue. I am now 2 years on LCHF and feel super.
  40. Debbie
    Closed captioned? If none, remove me. Thanks
  41. Louise
    Hello Andreas,

    I find Tim Noakes's site good for calculating carbs:



  42. Tom Griner
    I have lost 20 pounds in about four months. It is incredible! I not only feel a sense of well being but have seen blood pressure go down as well as triglycerides. My wife and I are starting a monthly group at our home called the Banding Lifestyle. Thanks for all the great info on this site and the dedication to real health. Sincerely, Tom
  43. David
    Hello Andreas; I love the site though member navigation could be better. I'm a software architect by trade so I have to add exercise to my weekly schedule. My wife and I started the LCHF diet both are type 2 diabetics. Her blood Sugar has been pretty good on the diet until recently she limits protein to about 60 grams and carbs to about 20 grams is this temporary. What are some articles of things we can try?

    We picked up a breath analyzer from Ketonix which seems to be pretty goof she is in the trace range.

    Also I want ed to say that since on the diet I was taking 120 units Short term insulin a day and 50 units of long term. Most days I'm down to about 10 - 15 units of short term and 40 units of long term. My sugar is well regulated and according to the analyzer I am in heavy Ketosis and feel great. My weight loss has stalled so I'm going to try IF and cut the portions of nuts downs.

  44. David
    Hi Dr Andreas,
    Appreciate you must be swamped by emails for your opinions. One of the reasons I am a Diet Docto member is to the opportunity to get areply from you. Pls in due course give a reply to my query 373. Been checking daily for a reply for quite some time now. Keep up the great job spreading the LCHF message. . David
  45. Hazel
  46. Hazel
    12/6/15 Fresh off Dr. Michael Eades' excellent website.
    The drumbeat is getting louder. :-)

    Dietary Guidelines for Americans
    Science or ...?

  47. Gil
    Hi Doc,
    New member and just getting educated by going through site. Have a couple of questions. I am type 2 and have stage 3 kidney disease. Been advised to keep my protein around 70 grams a day. What impact will LCHF have on my kidney health issue. Thanking you in advance.
  48. Rasel
    Dear doctor , My have type 2 diabetes ,blood high pressure and no need reduce weight Now can i flow LCHF ?
  49. Wilfred de Souza
    can you suggest any book on diet for diabetes
  50. Barbara Lange
    I am very interested but almost the first picture was raw meat. Do people actually eat it like that. I am genuinely interested as this just turns me off the food. I know that the supposedly good restaurants serve their meat like that and I watched a program where a young man ate all his meat raw and I can understand that too but I am wondering do most people like raw meat or fairly well done? Thanks Barb.
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