A worldwide nutrition revolution: what is next?

A Worldwide Nutrition Revolution – Prof. Tim Noakes
Professor Tim Noakes has made a huge impact in South Africa, helping tens if not hundreds of thousands of people to transform their lives – losing weight effortlessly and reversing diabetes – on LCHF diets (or Banting, as it’s often called in South Africa).

Professor Noakes has been viciously attacked for this, by people who are still stuck in conventional dogma. How can so many experts be so wrong about nutritional science? How can they believe that all kinds of things are proven, when they are not?

I warmly recommend this insightful presentation by Professor Tim Noakes, from the LCHF Convention in Cape Town. It’s his defense against his critics. It’s his explanation for how these so-called experts can all be wrong, and how he can be right.

There’s a simple answer – the bar for evidence has been set far too low, completely ignoring the classic Bradford-Hill criteria. The bar has been set so low in fact, that you can quite easily “prove” that any food causes anything.

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I Knew Nothing – Professor Tim Noakes

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