A travel report from the Low Carb Cruise 2018


The ship – Liberty of the Seas

Last week Team Diet Doctor was at the Low Carb Cruise in the Caribbean. We had a great time!

An especially-big thank you to all inspiring low carbers who participated. You have given us plenty of valuable insights on how to improve our work.

After a long trip from Stockholm, we arrived at the hotel in Houston and joined other participants at the pre-cruise dinner.


Pre-cruise dinner

The next day we went on board on Liberty of the Seas, the enormous ship where we would spend the following week. We unpacked our bags, explored the ship and got ready for the upcoming lecture days.


Dr. Eenfeldt on the obesity epidemic and low carb

Monday, Tuesday and Saturday were presentation days. The interesting speakers delved into different aspects of low carb and keto.

Should you be concerned about cholesterol? Is eating more protein a good idea? Is exercise necessary? Why is loving and accepting our bodies important? And what are the benefits of having elevated ketones really?

All these questions – and many more – were discussed by the knowledgeable lecturers. We filmed many of the presentations, and they will be available on our membership pages soon, together with videos from earlier conferences.


Team Diet Doctor gave away brochures, beach bags, hats and pens


It was easy to find low-carb food on the ship, given the endless food options. But there were also tremendous amounts of high-carb temptations. Had I been a sugar addict, I would probably have had a very hard time sticking to a keto diet…


Sugary foods at the buffet

I personally don’t fast, so I indulged in bacon and eggs every morning at the breakfast buffet. For lunch and dinner, I usually had a steak or some hamburger patties and vegetables.

The dinners were especially great, as we got to sit down and socialize with other low carbers.


A better lunch in Mexico (skipped the rice)

On the days when there were no lectures, we stopped at a few exotic locations like Roatan (Honduras), Costa Maya (Mexico) and Cozumel (Mexico). Amazing beaches and great company made the days fantastic, despite a few raindrops from tropical storm Alberto).

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Team Diet Doctor in Costa Maya, Mexico

An especially-big thank you to the arrangers: Jimmy Moore, Debbie Hubbs and Ailsa Marshall. You gave us a fantastic experience!

How was your cruise?

Were you at the cruise? What did you think? Or maybe we will we meet at next year’s cruise? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Becky Spencer
    I'd like info on next year please. What would be better than education and vacation all at the same time :)
  2. Beatrice Clay
    I would like to know when the next cruise is taking place also.My email address lindseysissy7@gmail.com Thank you.
  3. Ilana
    I would like to know about next years cruise! Sounds amazing!
  4. Brian Korman
    I would love information on next year's cruise Sounds fantastic!
  5. Sally
    What is next year's plan?
  6. Grainne & Gordon
    What a great idea! Love cruises and sharing it eith other low carbers would be great!
  7. Kathy
    I would also like info on next years cruise. Sounds amazing and inspirational !
  8. Sabrun nahar
    Wow! What a great idea. I am from Bangladesh and would like info on next year’s cruise.
  9. Tina
    Next cruise info please...
    Is it possible to cruise the Eastern or Southern Caribbean?
  11. Venkata
    Do they have vegetarian choices and no meat and no seafood options and send me details at Venkata.chillara@gmail.com. Also do you have the cruise starting from Florida??
  12. Lynn
    I would like information on the next cruise lroslansky@aol.com
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  13. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Here you can find info about next cruise:


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