1. TJ
    Lol, wait, "Fatty acids aren't trapped in fat cells" ... instead "some are used for energy" and some are "distributed and stored"?

    At that simplistic reduction, it's exactly the same as glucose, and this infographic is BS.

  2. brass
    You don't get it.
    "Trapped" means something else then "stored". Fat is trapped by insuline spikes, but stored fat is freely accessible to burning when needed.
  3. That is a great diagram contrasting the way food is metabolized.
  4. Its a great way to explain to people the difference between normal en lchf diet.
    Pictures are easier to remember than fields of text.
    I am gonna give to all my patients !
  5. DA
    The infographic is false.

    Weight gain results from excess calories, from carbs or otherwise, not from insulin release. You can gain weight on a virtually no-carb diet if calories are consumed in excess of daily needs. Whether you're eating a high-fat diet or a high-carb diet, your body takes what it needs for energy and stores the rest.

    Excess carb calories are ultimately stored in your fat cells.
    Excess fat calories are ultimately stored in your fat cells.

    You got fat because you ate to excess. Now you're losing weight because you're eating at a deficit. This is reality whether you choose to accept it or not.

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  6. FrankG
    Someone else who need to get out more.. do some more reading and learning.

    This infographic has to do with the quality of what we eat rather than simplistically focusing on the quantity...

    Are you seriously saying that 1,000 calories of sugar will be digested and used by my body in the exact same way as if I ate 1,000 calories of coconut oil?

  7. Peter
    ...but when I eat the bacon and eggs or whatever lchf meal AND a "dessert" containing a lot of sugar or something high of carbs, then does that mean all the fat from the bacon will be "trapped" because of the insuline spike caused by the "dessert" ???
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  8. Zepp
    Kind of.. but if you are healty its supose to work like that.. and when your blood sugar geting lower, the fat is relesed!

    And soo its goes.. at least till your midell age, and then when you is sitting there whit your beer belly and the begining of metabolic syndrome.. then you have exceeded your biological capacity!

    Burning the candel in both ends!

  9. FrankG
    Hmmm... not exactly an LCHF meal if it includes "a lot of sugar or something high of carbs"..? :-)
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  10. Peter
    :) What I ment was, can I actually make it worse by eating HIGH fat and then later, maybe even later that day, eat some carbs.

    Let me put it this way: if I know, I'm going to eat (or I "have to" eat) some carbs, should I avoid HIGH fat in my meal and replace it with more protein for example?

    I don't mean eating this way regularly, then it's not LCHF obviously, but in exception or "accidentally" :) Can eating high fat AND high carb be even worse than eating high carb, low fat.

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  11. Zepp
    Noe.. not in the real world.. becuse if you eat high fat, then you dont eat that much high carbs, becuse you are not that hungry!

    And did you know.. the majority of your meal is stored anyway.. if its high carb or if its high fat, or both!

    The real problem is if you got a damaged metabolism.. like hyperinsulinemia.. how is a condition that try to reduce cronicaly and toxicly high bood sugar, by all means!

    Then your body is in a state that is insulin resistant and tryes to store all fats and cut out all fat oxidation.. to lower the blood sugar!

    But then its gone a long way and often ends up in a merry go round.. high insulin levels forcing the fat to store in and trap it in adipose tissue and dont relese it, and your blood sugar goes down.. you get hungry again!

    After several years you get obese.. and in worste case get metabolic syndrome!

  12. Sunny
    There was an article on Yahoo not to long ago about a woman that is over 100. I can't remember why they wrote the article about her but when they asked her what she had for breakfast usually she said she has Bacon and Eggs EVERY morning. I sent it to ALL my sceptical family members.

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