Coke funded study that backs diet drink


A “LANDMARK” study that claimed diet drinks might be better than water in helping people to lose weight was funded by a food industry taskforce whose members include Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

The review of thousands of research papers — headed by academics at Bristol University — made headlines when it was published in November and provided rare good publicity for the fizzy drinks industry.

Bristol University announced the research but did not disclose the funding in its press release. It said last week other organisations had supported the work and it had not provided details of funding for “reasons of space”. Keep Reading >


I love how Bristol University blames “reasons of space” for not disclosing the Coca Cola funding of their scientists.

This is another well-deserved dose of attention on how Coca-Cola buys experts and scientists. Here at Diet Doctor we found and covered this story two months ago. Get your news here first.

By the way, a recent study without funding from Coke found that quitting diet beverages resulted in weight loss, compared to a group that kept drinking them.

Who do you believe? Coca Cola’s own pet scientists, or scientists with some integrity?


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