A new toy measuring blood ketones


I just got a new toy: a device for measuring blood ketones. This is a far more exact and reliable measurement than testing for urine ketones using cheap dipsticks. Ketosis is of course the state the body is in when eating very low carb. Ketones, made from fat, will then fuel the brain instead of glucose.

So who needs one of these gadgets? Perhaps nobody. Obviously it’s easy to eat LCHF without it. This is for curious nerds (like me) and for those who want definite proof that they are eating so little carbs that insulin levels are low and fat burning is maximized.

A ketone level somewhere between 1.5 – 3 is said to be an optimal level for maximizing weight loss. It means that insulin levels are very low. As you can see my first measurement was 0.2, after a caesar sallad dinner. I’m not surprised as I’ve probably eaten at least 50 grams of carbs a day lately.

I will try it out fasting in the mornings during the coming days. Perhaps I’ll try being really strict with the carbs for a while to see what happens.

Have you tried one of these or are you interested in doing it?

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  1. DoragonMama
    @Tracy I have two monitors, one that is for BGL and on that does both. The one that does both needs to be re-calibrated when you switch from one type to the other, which is a pita.

    Much easier to have both and use them each for it's one purpose.

    I also got both of mine free from manufacturer giveaways, just google for free ones and I am sure something will come up. They are happy to give the monitors away since they make their money on the strips.

  2. Free Nova Max Blood Glucose/Ketone Testing Monitors at this site.


    You can also find the cheapest Ketone Blood Strips at a price of $18.74/box of 10 from CVS online.

  3. Jonathan Swaringen
    They don't have it at Walgreens :(. How annoying...I work there would be nice.

    I just noticed CVS is out of stock....was that people on this thread :) lol

  4. Fabs
    Hi guys, I need some help here, I been on diet for like a month, I haven't taste any sugar at all, and I have carbs once a week, I just eat, chicken , eggs and bacon ,pork, beef, tuna, and salad,with avocado, sour cream, mayonnaise, butter, thickened cream, everything fried on macadamia oil. I bought a freestyle machine in special for 5 dollars, and I been doing measuring, but is so frustrating when my level of ketosis is 0.1, the maximum I reach once was, 0.3. Am I doing something wrong, ? Maybe Im drinking tooo much water?, could be the coffee I drink? or maybe too much protein?
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  5. Hey Now
    Thanks very much for this comment; I am in a similar situation at the moment.
  6. Butch
    The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate
    The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance
    both by Volek and Phinney

    good start to get some answers

  7. Butch
    FREE - Precision Xtra Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System


  8. This is very interesting to me as I have been on LCHF for over a month and have seen very little weight loss/fat loss. Little as in.... drop 4 lbs, gain 2, drop 3, gain 1. I'm so frustrated. I'm now wondering if it's the amount of protein I'm eating. I have been pretty much sticking to under 20g carbs per day. I'm wondering if I should drop the amount of protein and increase green vegetables. Thanks for our post.
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  9. nostents4me!
    Yes indeed, reduce proteins, or also get a ketone meter! Check #85 above and her good results here: http://lowcarbbetterhealth.blogspot.ie/search/label/Ketone%20Testing
    Good Luck!
  10. Zepp
    I think this is special to Sweden, that we point out that this is a High Fat diet, (Ketogenic)!

    Not that Atkins and other gurus sayd it should be a High meat diet.. but this is the missconception for a ketogenic diet.

    And the name comes from that.. so you eating a low carb high meat diet.. no im eating a low carb high fat diet.. LCHF!

    And that did make people to be more worried.. you know everybody knows that fat is a poison!!

    And to that.. one shouldnt eat to much protein, thats unnesecery, protein is mostly a boulding stone for our bodys, and we need about 1 gram/kg a day.

  11. Rebecca, thank you for your post! I have been on LC/HF for about 3 months, and after reading a lot of these posts and your post, I definitely think it's the protein. Thanks also for the references as to where to buy the meter and the strips. I also found out today that avacado is anywhere from 12 grams of carbs to 23, and I've been eating a lot of avacadoes. I thought it was pure fat!

    I am using the meter. If you want to see my results, go here for weekly reports: http://lowcarbbetterhealth.blogspot.com/search/label/Ketone%20TestingThe short story is that now that I am in nutritional ketosis, verified by my ketone meter, I am losing weight for the first time in over a year. There is no doubt in my mind that I was eating too much protein up until now.Did I need the meter? I guess I could have just reduced the protein and waited to see if I got results, but that would not have been as much fun!I bought the Precision Xtra from Amazon.com and I got the strips from the Canadian pharmacy for around $2 each from universaldrugstore.com

  12. Long read but get through it, I think this is VERY interesting! I'd love to start a convo about this and see you guys' thoughts.

    After much waiting from a Canadian drugstore, I finally got 30 test strips in for the Precision Xtra ($2 a pop). I plan on using them pretty sparingly obviously. I am no diabetic and was a bit overweight before starting a strict ketogenic diet a year ago. My only method of making sure what I ate was was using a blood glucose monitor (again even though I am not diabetic... I just like data).

    I've already done three tests today and the numbers were all over the place. But I think my situation is different than most LCHF'ers and what it would have been if I didn't recently tweak my diet. Here's what happened:

    In 2012 I did LCHF and within 3 months lost about 25-30 lbs (mostly fat as measured by hydrostatic weighing). Then I didn't change my diet but my fast weight lost just stopped. I figured it's just a plateau and if I just keep doing what I'm doing, my fat will start to melt away like it has again. Well, 9 months later, my weight and fat (still making me look just slightly overweight and pair shaped with a good band of fat around the naval, back, and buttocks). So I used the power of logic to think of how to tweak this diet... So here is my thought process:

    I've been eating a very high amount of dietary fat (80% fat), as I was trying to aim for Phinneys ratios. I ate no more than 20-25 grams on a higher carbohydrate day. My protein was fairly low (or so I thought). And I probably ate about 150 grams of fat a day. I've definitely keto adapted, as the MINIMUM amount of time I ever stay in ketosis without breaking the diet was 6-7 weeks (and around 7 weeks I'd usually have ONE free day because the thought of never having Auntie Annie's Pretzels ever again is too much for me to handle, so 7 weeks at a time helps me stay disciplined and very strict, and allows plenty of time to re-keto adapt). Oddly enough, I've never NOT shown purple on the ketone urinalysis sticks (except after those free days).

    So a few weeks ago, I thought: what if I eat the same # grams of protein and carbs as I have been but just reduce the fat. This would surely make my body rely on body fat instead of the dietary fat I've been giving my body plenty of. So now I'm eating about 15-20 grams carbs a day, 70-100 grams protein, and as little fat as possible (usually between 20-40 grams). If my weight hasn't changed while I was eating 150 grams, that must mean all 150 grams of fat were being used in gluconeogenesis. So cutting down to 40 grams of fat a day means 110 grams of that fat used in gluconeogenesis must come from body fat. Obviously eating less will slow metabolism but even still, if 60 grams a day of fat came from fat, thats about 3,700 cals of fat from body stores a week!

    Then I found out this is basically Lyle McDonalds Rapid Fat Loss. And that Phinney has said on multiple occasions that in order to lose weight, one must eat less fat and keep carbs/protein constant and low so that their body turns to burning from fat stores.

    The body should still see it as a low carb high fat diet, the only different is the fat that your body is "eating" comes from you not that ribeye steak (that I miss oh so much right now). During my high fat days, I always had to remind myself to eat like many ketogenic dieters report. I still managed to eat 1800+ cals a day (I am 5'6 and weight about 139-141). For the past 2.5 weeks I've been eating about 500 cals a day almost exclusively from protein and a tiiiiny bit of fat. And I still don't feel hungry, which implies that my body is eating away at the fat stores still I hope! Although 500 cals seems extreme, I believe my body is still "eating" 1800 cals a day from the inside. And the urine ketone strips are still in the darkish purple range which means it's burning fat from somewhere! And don't worry, this is just for change and not a type of diet I'd stay on. After I am done losing the fat I want, I'll add the dietary fat back. In theory, the composition of my diet never changed.

    Back to my original reason for posting (sorry this is getting long). So I got my ketone strips today 2 hours after waking up. So I tested (before my first meal) and my blood ketones were at 1.2 mmol/L and glucose at 95 (which is very odd for me since usually my fasting glucose is around 75.. I don't have an explanation for this yet.). I didn't eat for another hour but had a double espresso and tested an hour after that. My ketones were then at 1.6mmol. My blood glucose at that point was 73 (back to my typical fasting levels). Then a bunch of very stressful things happened in my day that kept me from eating my brunch! Dog sitting and the dog uprooted my carpet and now I have to get it professionally repaired. And then she soiled the carpet in another area! My cortisol must have been through the roof, I was fuming. But finally I ate and by now it was 4PM. I made chicken breast, a tiny bit of cheese (5grams of fat worth) and asparagus baked with no oil. I know, it is so bland without all that fat I'm used to. And I almost never eat chicken breasts, I usually opt for greasier meat like steak or fatty fish. Before that I had a small bite of beef jerky while the chicken was baking (probably only 2-3 grams of carbs if I round up, and 5 grams protein). The chicken was about 40 grams of protein worth. Anyways, an hour after that meal, which I would call moderate (on the side of higher) protein at about 45 grams protein in one sitting, almost no fat, and almost no carbs, my blood ketones were tested again. I was actually expecting HIGHER ketones since everyone testing their blood ketones reported higher ketones throughout the day. But my blood ketones were 0.4mmol/L! Completely caught me off guard.

    Again, throughout the day, thats:

    It got me thinking, what's the reason for this? Was it all that stress I just endured through this day? Was my 45 grams of protein in one sitting way too much and caused a big insulin spike? Has my body been quickly using up all the ketones in my body faster than my body could produce more? Surely, the fat in my body isn't just stuck there in adipose tissue because this is no different than I have been dieting for the last 2.5 weeks and I have stayed in ketosis (based on urinalysis and the tests earlier today). And the fact that I've already lost 3lbs of weight while putting on noticeable muscle with resistance training that I started Jan 1.

    Perhaps the fact that I am eating a lot less fat than everyone else checking their blood ketones, the effect of more ketones towards the night doesn't apply. Maybe the reason everyone else's ketone levels read higher at night is because they've been eating a lot of fat throughout the day? What do you think?

    Another thing that I might consider of why my ketone levels were only at 0.4 is because when I tested, my hands were pretty sweaty, which my have diluted the blood to ketone ratio. But I doubt it would have cut it to 30%! It's been a couple hours and I'll test again soon to see if my ketone levels went back up, but I figured I'd post all of this for those of you who are interested and want some food for though :D

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  13. Martin
    Hi all,
    Googling for this device (where to buy, how to use it) I found the producer's site ( https://www.abbottdiabetescare.com/products/patient/pxtra-ketone-test... ). The striking thing here was Abbotts information'about ketones, suggesting that high ketone levels are life-threatening:
    "What are ketones?
    In diabetes, there is not enough insulin to help your muscles absorb glucose from the blood. And when your muscles are starved for energy they start to "burn" fat. This produces breakdown products called ketones. These are toxic acids. The accumulation of these acids in the body may lead to elevated levels of ketones (called ketosis).

    Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA):
    - Seriously elevated ketone levels
    - Occurs when excessive levels of ketone accumulate and the body becomes acidotic
    - It is a potentially life-threatening condition
    - β-Hydroxybutyrate is the predominant ketone associated with DKA "
    Scrolling down, it becomes clear that these high ketone levels are dangerous only if the blood sugar level is high too
    "- If your blood ketone result is between 0.6 and 1.5 mmol/L and your blood glucose result is higher than 300 mg/dL, this may indicate development of a problem that could require medical assistance. Follow your healthcare professional’s instructions.
    - If your blood ketone result is higher than 1.5 mmol/L and your blood glucose result is higher than 300 mg/dL, contact your healthcare professional immediately for advice and assistance. You may be at risk of developing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)."
    I think that if you're on LCHF, the blood sugar level is close to zero, so no danger here. Right?

  14. Zepp
    No.. your blood sugar are not going to zero.. becuse then you are dead!

    There advice is for type 1 diabetics.. they have to manage both blood sugar and keton bodys.

    And on a type 1 diabetic state, one cant produce insulin.. how regulate both blood sugar and keton body production.

    With a normal insulin excretion.. one get normal blood sugar levels and more keton body produktion on a low carb diet.

    If the keton bodys in the blood rise to high.. insulin is excreted to lower the lipolysis.

    Normal carb eaters have about 0-0,6 of keton bodys in there blood.. about 1-3 says to be an diet induced state as an outcome of a ketogenic diet, over 3 is often an starving or exercise induced state.

    Ketoacidos is more then that.. and typical its only type 1 or alcoholics that get in this situations.


  15. nostents4me!
    Blood ketones 0.4....
    You measured that just one hour after meal, i.e. postprandrial BS and ketones.
    If you test BS at same time after same meal tomorrow you may see BS over 110 and same poor Ketones after the meal. Seeing the high BS at same time would confirm it for me. I understand ketones are produced only when BS is at or near a low, usually due to low carb intake and lack of liver glucogenesis.

    I find that my BS now rises on a high protein meal much more than I expected. (I did not measure first time on LC diet!)
    And ketones drop off to below 1 within hours when BS goes up much over 100.

    Protein has two side effects. 1/ It drives insulin almost 50% of what carbs do. 2/ Liver can make BS out of it.
    The 2nd effect is the one that the liver seemingly gets better and better on over time, and the key reason success in weight loss often lasts well only first 3-6 months...

    After that time , or on a plateau, proteins must be reduced, simplest by using a blood ketone meter as a tuning(!) yard stick. It cuts out the guess!
    But if the body is going to burn the body fat, also the fat intake must be reduced....!

    I have had keto readings over 2 for weeks with a constant weight now, which mean I need to cut out some butter and coconut oil, or take a few extra walks... When I did cut out evening cheese bits (with butter...) 6 weeks ago after I re-started using keto-meter to tune, I lost 2 kgs in 3 weeks immediately.
    Moving down from the new plateau, I feel confident I know how to do again and weight has started to drop again... I also think that belly fat that is over 10 years in place may become harder to shift over time? Next to test again is to add proteins when ketones go up over 3 and BS down at 4, to confirm consistency.

    The insulin promoting effect of proteins is another reason to moderate these, if from meat or not! After all, excess fasting insulin or IR usually come out as a strong common denominator in DB2, CVD and cancer.
    And high insulin common denominator is primarily excess carbs, but also just excess protein.

    Fats alone on the other hand has near zero influence on insulin, but PUFAS have their own problems, like unwanted peroxidation which the guys on HYPERLIPID know lots about!
    A good reason to stay miles away from Benecol and cheap veggie oils.

  16. Bonnie
    My first ketone reading was 2.1 after 9 days on a high fat low carb diet. I've been averaging around 75% calories from fat and keeping my carbs below 30g most days (the highest has been 32g). I'm now 12 days into the diet. My reading this morning (fasting state) was 1.1. I'm pretty happy with that. I started out with 10lbs to lose, and have lost 5. Most of it was in the first couple days (water weight I'm sure). I feel really good on this diet, and am excited to see what changes the next few weeks bring!

    What does everyone use for tracking calories and macronutrients? I started using the DailyBurn Tracker iPhone app and that seems good, but am wondering what else is out there that is easy to use

  17. lyn thiessen
    Where can one find this meter.......checked amazon.....not finding......also......what do you think about Julian Bakery's Paleo breads......coconut and almond.......are they hype too????Dare we trust.....the coconut bread tastes like a sour sponge and smells like one .....waiting for the almond bread.......at this point.....almost easier to just give it up. Your input will be appreciated. lyn
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  18. nostents4me!
    I used this Canadian company: http://www.universaldrugstore.com/medications/Precision+Xtra/

    Also here: http://www.kostdoktorn.se/keton-och-blodsockermatare/

    Try the coconut in coffee instead of these breads. But if they only contain coconut oil and almond it could be ok.

    But bullet coffee is hard to beat, maybe with coconut tea.

    Good luck.

  19. Galina L.
    Guys, if you determined to have a bread-like food, make an Atkins muffin, it takes 1 minute of a microwave "baking" in a coffee mug. Mix 1/4 cup of almond flour, you can add a TBs of coconut flour or add a little bit more almond one, add one egg , pinch of salt, 1/2 tsp of baking powder mix all. I would gain weight on that one, but it works for some people
  20. Jennifer
    I'd like to know the answer to that too. Good question.

    I'm wondering if I also ate 1/2 inch of butter on my cheese would it drive up my blood ketones from the food, rather than from my belly fat? The fat is satiating, but it is through low carb (20 g max) and low protein (35 g max daily) that get a higher blood ketone reading, and lose weight. On a continual Fat Fast, as an older woman, getting enough fat in my diet a challenge since I've very little to put it on.
    I've also noticed that if I go off the diet AT ALL, I gain very rapidly. Why is that?

  21. quasar731
    I got the Freestyle Precision Abbott glucose and Ketones monitor and as I said in another window, I measured my blood ketones. I had 0.2 mmlo/L. I happened to see your chart now and 0.2 mmlo/L appears to be in the middle of the ketone therapeuic window. Am I right? Thanks! I lost so far 1 kg in 4 days.


  22. dreammedia
    I am struggling with getting blood ketones over .5 and trying to find the problem.

    - I am between .2 and .5 on the ketone meter morning and evening
    - I am eating 20 carbs (net) max a day
    - I am eating .6 g of protein for the lean body mass (210x.6=126g of protein)
    - I am eating the balance of calories as good fats

    I am counting the calories of everything to hit my daily goals, as I often feel like i could eat less.

    I assume to be keto adapted I have to start hitting over .5 but ideally 1.0-3.0 for making progress.


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  23. sten
    Check ketones before dinner , with and without a 30 minute walk.
    Blood sugar is produced by the liver while asleep, and high enough ketone production is stopped!
    With a glass of wine or two on Friday or Saturday, check the ketones following morning.
    Ketones should then be higher - and blood sugar lower.
    The liver has to clear the alcohol and blood glucose/glycogen production then stops...
    Your proteins sound a bit high to me.

    The usual reason to get high ketones is to lower blood sugar, from a general health and weight loss point of view. If that is the case it could be more useful to check the BS. Exercise seems to have a great effect on lowering BS when low carbing!
    When your BS is down check the ketones again and let us know!

  24. dreammedia
    Thanks for the reply - I have been checking blood sugar and it is never over 106 and runs as low as 71. I do them both with the same poke every time to try and see correlation

    Maybe go below .6g of protein on lean body mass?


  25. Sue-Ann
    I've started using a meter to test my ketone level... it's fun. Been under 50g of carbs for ~4 weeks now and started measuring ketones in the last week. It was small at first (1.2) but steadily increased and now I'm in the range of 2 - 2.5 :)

    I lift heavy, don't really count calories, but try to eat ZERO carbs (I know some carbs sneak in there... from nuts, cheese, etc) and try to get some fat in whenever I eat (esp. protein shakes - add cream and oil, or chicken breast, add some ghee on top).

    My 2 cents :D

  26. Tammy
    I've been doing 20 grams of carbs and 60-70 grams of protein for 5 days when I had my last SAD meal and started this ketogenic diet. I have taken my blood sugars on day 4 and 5 as follows. Day 4 my ketones were at 3.8 and sugar at 72. Now on day 5, my ketones are 4.8 and sugars are at 55. Does this mean I'm already keto-adapted, or is my body still not going to be adjusted until week 2 or 3? The reason I'm asking is i have a half marathon to run in two weeks. Thanks for the replies. T. Ps. Forgot to mention that yesterday (day 4). I ran 5 miles and went from a 13 min mile to a 12 min mile.
    Replies: #128, #129
  27. Galina L.
    I have my doubts you would be totally adapted to run on a LC diet so soon. I found for you some post of a guy who has some interesting writing on the subject http://thatpaleoguy.com/2012/02/13/more-on-carbohydrate-and-endurance.... If you check what else he has in his blog, it may be worth the try.
  28. Zepp
    Probably post exercise ketosis!

    And if you are a long distance runner.. you probably alredy have a great fat oxidation capability!

    But as Galina wrights.. you are probably not totaly adapted yet!

    But what a f**k.. take some carbs at the race.. you burn them anyhow!

    And if you get your hand on UCAN Superstarch.. use it in the race!



  29. Tammy
    I just wrote a post and it disappeared. Basically those measurements were taken today. All I've done is lay in bed reading. Had coffee with heavy cream early this am. One hour before my measurents I had a 11 oz green juice with celery, spinach, cucumber, parsley, and 1 lemon. I just started jogging this summer doing Galloway method which is jog for 3min followed by a 1 min walk. I've been diagnosed with insulin resistance and lived on candy and bread all my life. So go figure. Thanks for your comments everyone.
  30. Tammy

    Yes. I already have the UCAN that I'll be taking 30 min before the half with some dates in my pocket. I've also read Attia's stuff. Thank you for the excellent links.

  31. Nan
    I began the BK testing again two months ago, am/pm. Protein turned out to be a big culprit in my stalls. I am a middle-aged female, post menopausal, who spends my days writing, with an hour of fast walking or dance exercise. To lose a fifty pound weight gain I went very low carb, and recommended protein of about 65g--way too much for me. To get the meter to move I had to drop protein to about 10% of my 1000-1200 calories, 10 % carbs, 80% fat. I try for even higher fat on most days. I have a sluggish thyroid, and had become insulin resistant with the weight gain, so I am on the far slow side of the continuum of metabolism.

    Some people get lucky and don't have to be so strict, but as Jimmie Moore amd many others, myself included have learned, it may take a lot more monitoring of intake to get into NK, or to lose excess weight. Just being very low carb maxed out for me after a couple years. Apparently some of our bodies get very good at converting protein to BG.


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  32. sten
    If it doesn't resolve one can try adding Intermittent Fasting to "get out of the doldrums".
    One or two month may be enough and both BS and BK meters will show very soon.
    The higher the dawn blood sugar is the longer to go, I think.
  33. Nan
    @Sten- Now my protein is better I am getting good results. My morning BG is in mid-90s down from 107 morning high.. I am up in the 1.5-2.5 BK in afternoon test. I have been doing a bit of IF, but may do more if I stall again.
  34. jennifer
    I'm in the same situation, and I write most days, so am sitting at my desk while my brain does pushups. I'm also postmenopausal with a goal of 50 lb weight loss. I've been LCHF for 14 mos and have lost 20 lbs. Thirty to go. Despite being in deep ketosis 1.5 to 2.8 and once a crazy 6.0 I've lost weight veeeeeeerrrrrrry slowly. Just the slightest slip puts the pounds back on, not carbs either, but protein.
    What I've noticed is this, for me ketosis does not necessarily equate to weight loss. (Peter Attia MD refers to this in his blog). Ketosis also does not, for me, greatly supress hunger. However, ketosis keeps my asthma completely controlled, b/p 120/70, I'm off statins and feel better overall. My blood sugars are coming down to a steady high 80’s and the episodes of hypoglycemia of 50-60’s have disappeared.
    What has helped me most is to fast 16 hrs, then eat only between 12 noon and 8pm. This made my appetite drop significantly. I normally stick to 1000-1200 cal, and try hard to be at 80-90% fat with carbs at 20 gm or less. Some days I'm eat 800 calories because I'm simply not hungry, but 1 day a week or so I eat 1600 cal. craving protein. I find it a challenge to figure out what to eat that's not just butter, cream cheese, and heavy cream. I wonder if I'm eating too little protein, but sure can make blood sugar out of steak. I'm hoping I'll be able to eat more protein someday, as that works best for appetite suppression and satiety. I also wonder if I'll have to follow LCHF this strictly for the rest of my life. Better than being sick and fat I guess. Any comments on whether the body actually heals eating LCHF? Am I always going to be this severely insulin resistant and have metabolic syndrome?
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  35. sten
    I think Intermittent Fasting (IF) can be the route and I also think it can suffice as a once off affair to restore insulin sensitivity damaged by too much visceral fat (VF) / high carb eating, and whatever causes just VF.
    Because diabetes-2 (DB2) is an advanced stage of metabolic syndrome (MS) and even DB2 has been quickly reversed (in just 8 weeks !) in trials by removal of VF (through severe caloric restriction), I think that as long as we can manage to move the VF, IF should work!
    See a summary of how DB2 was reversed by severe caloric restriction in subjects in Newcastle, UK below. That some of them had been DB2 for over 18 years. is staggering I think!
    LCHF alone is 1/ a method of getting you started with this without too much "violence", 2/ A safe way to prevent the MS to come back, without IF I think!

    That epileptic kids put on ketone regime manage to have very low morning BS (3- 4.2 ) over a long treatment period and usually are too young to have a metabolic syndrome indicates to me that the MS itself is what is preventing us to get out of the MS. But it doesn't have to be so if what the Newcastle study claim holds: It was reversed through the VF reduction.

  36. Galina L.
    You can eat many different low-carbohydrate vegetables cooked with butter or bacon or raw vegetables in salads with olive oil of mayonnaise and still be in the ketosis.
  37. Naomi
    I have tried "Googling" ketone measuring gadgets (to purchase), but can't find a link to a website.

    Please let me know where to buy one (that will deliver to/in Australia).

    Thank you

  38. PJ
    Hello, I've been on a LCHF now strictly for 33 days, I finally tested my blood ketones last night and I was a 4.9. I retested this morning and I'm a 4.8. My issue is I'm not losing weight, the first 2 weeks I lost about 7 pounds, but I haven't lost anything since then and I have a good 25 more to lose. I know optimum blood ketones is up to 3.0...could I be eating too little and be in starvation mode? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
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  39. Zepp
    I think its beginner levels?

    Becuse it takes some more months to do a full adaption to a ketogenic diet.

    It means that you got high levels of FFA and low levels of glucose.. and then it converts to ketonbuddies!

    You know almoste every beginer get a bad breath and pees ketones.

    Yes it could be starvation ketosis or excersice ketosis.. but that you should now?


  40. Christian
    I have a really hard time losing weigth and I dont know why.

    Atkins had me loosing 13kg in 7 months but now I am at a total stall for 3 months :/

    Tried to measure ketones but was always at 0.5 no matter what I do....
    Also no display of ketones on ketostix.
    Even though I tried to change calories, changed the macros, everything :/

    29 years
    186cm = 6“ 2‘
    148,5kg (started with ~ 161,3kg at 01.07.13) = 330lbs
    insulin resistant.

    01.03.2013 // 161kg
    FAT 90kg
    MUSCLE 100kg
    WATER 76kg

    22.10.2013 // 151kg:
    FAT 39,4 % / 59,7kg
    MUSCLE 57,6 % / 87,3kg
    WATER 44,5% / 65kg

    Could you give me some advice ???

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  41. Zepp
    At first.. qongratulations to what you have achived alredy.. its 0.5 kilos a week, thats a fast weight loss.

    And mayby your body need to stall a time and reconsider the new regime?

    Or you have to adapt to that your body have changed?

    We always stumble on people that have a hard time losing weight.. of unknown reasons!

    Sometimes its becuse medical reasons and sometimes its becuse they are doing/thinking wrong.

    You should know how many that thinks that as more fat the faster weight loss, so they force feeding them self whit fat.. and gain instead of loosing.

    Its high fat of ones energy demand.. and that one have to find out.. by listen to ones body signaling of hunger/satiety!

    Something telling me that you not on a high fat diet.. becuse if it was high fat and low carb, you should be in ketosis and could measure higher keton levels.

    You are insulin resistante and have to be very strict.. becuse of that.. or do a lot of excersice to make more GLUT4.

    If you have tryed that and still not measure ketones, then its about your body make glucose by it self.. its moste comon for those whit severe type 2 or type 1.

    Heres an other way to prescribe what to do.. read it.. figure out if you doing anything wrong.. often it is the mindshift thats the problem.


  42. kyle
    just picked on up and its been very useful.
  43. Peter
    Started testing with the Freestyle Optium my results are
    1304 hrs. 05.06 0.8
    0736 hrs. 06.06. 0.6
    1736 hrs. 06.06 1.8
    0911 hrs. 07.06. 0.5
    1732 hrs. 07.06. 1.8
    0840 hrs. 08.06. 0.7
    0941 hrs. 09.06. 0.7
    2032.hrs. 09.06. 3.0
    0810 hrs. 10.06. 0.8
    2147.hrs. 10.06. 1.8
    1336hrs. 11.06. 1.3
    2034 hrs. 11.06. 3.9
    2300 hrs. 11.06. 2.4
    0800 hrs. 12.06. 0.8
    1242 hrs. 12.06. 2.0
    2200 hrs 12.06. 4.0

    The results as you can see vary a lot so I don't think the device is accurate! Once from the 11.06 to the 12.06 the measurements changed from 3.9 to 0.8 overnight when I didn't eat or drink anything! I was asleep! Has anyone else had these sort of results? The last measurement I had was 4.0 when I wake up tomorrow morning who knows what the reading will be!

    Reply: #145
  44. Misko
    Been keto-adapted for about four months now and just started testing my ketone levels a week ago. I use a Precision Xtra monitor. They vary alot for me too:

    23h00/16-07 = 3.8
    9h00/17-07 = 1.8
    12h15/17-07 = 1.8
    19h15/17-07 = 2.5
    22h45/17-07 = 0.8 (ate berries and sweet potatoes about four hours earlier)
    16h50/21-07 = 1.2
    17h50/23-07 = 2.1

  45. Shem
    Hi am looking for a study, if any one knows of one that prescribes the optimum ketone levels (1.5-3mM)??
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. it is for a University study.


    Reply: #147
  46. Zepp
    I think its Voleks and Phinneys conlusions only.. there experience.

    Against Epilepsi it seems to be 4 or more.

  47. Peter
    Hi, notice a lot of people trying to find the blood ketone test strips and
    I just thought i should share where i got my ketone strips cheap from.
    I found a place called Ketosistools. http://www.ketosistools.com
    They sell them for about $1.49 per strip.
    I first brought from them about a year ago and they took a little long to get to me,
    However the last 3 times they have been great.


    Reply: #149
  48. Jeanne
    Thanks for the info on new outlet for ketone strips. I was pretty excited to learn about Ketosis Tools after I noticed that universaldrugstore.com had raised their prices (to $2.50 per strip). Shipping from KT is pretty expensive, however: a pack of 50 strips costs $15 to ship. For some reason, 2 boxes of 10 strips costs $20 for s/h, which brings cost in line with Universal Drugstore. So I'm going for the pack of 50 and thinking I may change over to one of the new breath meters soon....
    Reply: #150
  49. Jeanne
    Just checked universal drugstore again. I misquoted price - it is now about $3/strip + shipping. So KT price definitely is best to date.
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