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“The Old Me Would Not Have Believed That the New Me Could Be like This”


Could eating fat and skipping meals every now and then be the recipe for success? The answer is a clear yes if you ask Julia:

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Health A-Z

Here are common health topics where Diet Doctor can offer knowledge and inspiration.

On some topics we can so far just offer a few comments. On other other topics – like type 2 diabetes – we can potentially empower you to revolutionize your health (or that of your loved ones).

We’re primarily focused on conditions where a low-carb diet has been proven to be hugely …

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“Had to Tell the World About It!”

Before and after

Before and after

In order to manage his blood sugar and weight, Mark had to follow a low-carb low-fat diet that left him with intense cravings and no success. Then one day a friend of his posted her dramatic transformation on Facebook, and said that she’d been able to lose weight with help from the Diet Doctor site.

He checked out the site, and thought that it made sense! Of course one has to eat more healthy fats to stay satiated. So he decided to give it a go: Continue Reading →


“Within Days I Stopped Taking Metformin and Januvia as My Levels Were so Good”

Before and after

Before and after

Lonnie’s health wasn’t too great. She suffered from high cholesterol, hypothyroidism and constant infections. In 2008 she also received a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, and her weight was increasing.

When she had grandchildren, she realized that she wanted to get more healthy, so that she could see them grow up. She then stumbled upon Diet Doctor, and the rest is history: Continue Reading →


“For the First Time I Am Not Hungry”

Before and after

Before and after

Valerie made several attempts at losing weight, something that was very hard after having been in a car accident that left her unable to move much. She never succeeded.

Then she heard about ketogenic diets, and immediately became interested: Continue Reading →


“With the Help of LCHF, I Am Winning My Battles”

Before and after

Cassie Davey had tried all diets and failed. She was “every weight-loss program’s dream customer”, as she kept regaining the lost weight and coming back.

Then she decided to try LCHF, and quickly realized why she’d been failing before.

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Career Officer Challenges Doctors and Dietitians

Fredrik Söderlund helps diabetics and challenges doctors that butter is better than carbs for diabetics.  Photo: Åke Karlsson, Corren

Fredrik Söderlund helps diabetics and challenges doctors that butter is better than carbs for diabetics.
Photo: Åke Karlsson, Corren

Major Fredrik Söderlund, Swedish Armed Forces, challenges inadequately updated doctors and dietitians on who can best improve health in people with diabetes type 2. The embarrassing thing is that he’d likely win:

The recent report from SBU (The Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment), he calls “opening Pandora’s box”. Hopefully he’s right.

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