70% of US adults worry about sugar consumption

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Worrying about sugar consumption is going mainstream. A new Ipsos study found that 70% of US adults are either somewhat or very concerned about the amount of sugar in their food.

Food Dive: 70% of US adults are concerned about sugar consumption, study finds

Despite so many being concerned about sugar, only 49% were somewhat or very likely to find an alternative to sugar, like stevia, agave or monk fruit. The sugary foods the respondents were most worried about included soda, juice, candy, desserts and flavored coffee, with soda being on the top of the list.

According to critics, Americans are still consuming too much sugar:

Americans typically consume more than 13% of total daily calories from added sugars, according to the Food and Drug Administration. This can lead to obesity, cavities, diabetes and heart problems. As a result, some manufacturers have been limiting the amount of sugar in their products, others have started using sugar substitutes and many are trying to be transparent about the process.

Earlier, we reported that sugar is now UK consumers’ top food worry, so the trend of focusing on sugar intake is definitely spreading. We can be sure that the food industry will do its best to adapt without losing revenue. In the end, our hope is that taken together, consumer and corporate actions will result in meaningful reductions in sugar consumption.


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  1. Sally
    I think it’s better to cut out sugar than to “find an alternative to sugar”.
    So it’s good news in my view that people are not all jumping on the sugar-alternative bandwagon!

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