#7 Video of 2016 – The Power of a 7-Day Fast

The power of a 7-day fast
This is the seventh most popular video of 2016.

Do you want to supercharge your weight loss? There’s just about nothing more effective than this. It’s the very end of our series on fasting for powerful weight loss, diabetes reversal and for simply feeling better.

Note that a 7-day fast is certainly not for everyone. You must stop if you do not feel well, and you should not do it on medications without clearing it with your doctor.

With that said, in this video Dr. Fung tells you exactly how to do it, and what you need to succeed.

Watch The Power of a 7-Day Fast (available with membership or free trial)

Shorter fasting

For some more basic fasting advice, and more normal, shorter, fasting periods, check out our free introduction to the fasting course:

Learn Intermittent Fasting – The Video Course!

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