#5 Top weight-loss tip: Avoid dairy and nuts


It’s January – so many people want to lose weight after the Holiday festivities. But where do you start?

Well – here’s our #5 weight-loss tip: Avoid dairy and nuts.

Dairy products and nuts, although moderately low in carbs, can cause problems. Mostly because they are easy to overeat, but certain milk proteins can also cause an insulin release that inhibits fat burning.

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  1. Ed
    High energy density combined with low satiety = recipe for overeating energy requirements, which then overflows into storage.

    You have to be in tune with your body's signals when eating these. It makes it harder to be in tune when you're combining different foods and flavors in one meal. But its easier to be in tune when you're only eating that single thing. Straight butter for a meal vs butter on a steak. Straight Heavy cream for a meal vs whipped cream and berries for dessert after a LCHF meal.

  2. Tamara
    That is the daftest thing I have ever heard. In moderation, nits and dairy are very good for you.
  3. Jackie
    What about Home made 24 hour yogurt where all the lactose is fermented out?
  4. Carlos
    Nuts are basic in a keto diet or low carb diet, in deed, there is no relation between nuts and gaining fat.

    In addition diary consumtion is related with less appetite and less food intake.

    Moreover, if we look the literature and we compare with other food: The glucemic index, absolut net carbs (g) and relative insulinogenic grams is completely low as we can see:


    Or graphically:


    So, I'm completely disagree with you in this written about nuts.

  5. Lynne
    I think the issue with nuts is that people have a tendency to over eat them.
  6. Bobbi
    People like me who are overweight have a tendency to overeat everything! I see no reason not to eat nuts if I'm measuring and weighing them like everything else I'm eating on Keto.
  7. Jen
    Another good point though is that both nuts and dairy can cause an inflammatory response in some people. I avoid both for this reason.

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