#4 Low-Carb Fear: Ketoacidosis


Does low carb cause ketoacidosis?

No. But many people mix up ketoacidosis with ketosis.

Ketoacidosis is a rare and dangerous medical condition that mostly happen to people with type 1 diabetes if they don’t take insulin.

Ketosis, on the other hand, is a 100% natural and safe state, under full control by the body. It can be caused by a low-carb diet or by a brief period of fasting.

Under normal circumstances, a strict low-carb diet never results in ketoacidosis. It results in ketosis, a natural and safe state that enables the body to quickly burn large amounts of fat.

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  1. deborah
    Which is why it's smart to use the name LCHF rather than "ketogenic" diet. Onward!

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