1. Dean Grove

    A lot of Ketogains people and others who use Keto with a lot of exercise, suggest you'd need far more protein to build muscle and not just "for maintenance".

    I work out a lot and I'd say I never ever get below 100 gr protein, but have 130+ gr of Fat with <30 gr of carbs per day.

  2. Dirk
    I find it very difficult to guess how much meat all those protein grams represent.
    Is it there a calculation-table with various kinds of meat (e.g. pork, veal, beef, lamb, chicken, etc...) and the amount of protein they contain? Is this also geographically dependent?
    e.g. I go to the butchery and I see a nice tenderloin which weighs 560gr. It does not show how much grams of protein it contains and certainly the butcher can't tell me. How much do I need to stay below e.g. 60gr of protein if I fry it with butter or olive oil? Can I eat an egg salad with mayonnaise too?
    I never have had any clue about the amount of protein or fat I consume on a daily basis. I just follow the basic rule to eat when hungry and never to overeat (except during the latest festivities).
  3. Colin McKay
    Also have the same problem as the above in how much protein is in a gr off meat
  4. Karoline
    Hi Colin and hi Dirk, i use the app lifesum (free version in app store available) to calculate how much protein is in the meat I eat. You can get a clue of how much fat and protein you are eating. The same way you can see, how much carbs you are consuming. good luck!

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