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The Fat Magnet

The Fat Magnet

Here’s the stupidest weight loss product I’ve seen this year. It looks like infomercial junk from the fat phobic 80’s. Instead it was recently shown on the popular American health show Dr Oz – which says a lot about the quality of the advice there.

The Fat Magnet works by you first freezing your food into a block of ice (I’m not joking) after which it can remove some of the fat from the top of the ice/food. Of course some of the flavor and fat soluble vitamins disappears as well. And the food will be less satisfying, so you’ll probably eat more. Perhaps you’ll end up gaining weight.

The Fat Magnet and other fat phobic junk on the dr Oz Show

Beside all the other reasons why this is stupid it’s also bad for the environment to throw away good food.

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Crisis in Nutrition – Vox Populi

If you haven’t seen this recent lecture (20 min) by brilliant stand-up comic and food blogger Tom Naughton yet, you should. It’s about how people are turning away from obsolete official high-carb eating guidelines. How people seek out better advice online. And how this evolution is unstoppable.

Unless the official nutrition advice is updated to something that actually works, more and more people are simple going to ignore it.

Tom Naughton’s blog (well worth reading)

PS: Vox Populi means “voice of the people”.


Milestone: One Hundred Thousand Views

Half a year ago I uploaded this video of my presentation from the AHS conference in Los Angeles. It’s now been viewed more than 100 000 times on YouTube. I think that’s fantastic.

I’ll continue studying how to improve my online interviews and presentations, to spread the knowledge about healthy real low carb food for free. The next target? One million views.

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The Science of Low Carb

After 150 years of on-off popularity, low carb diets are finally getting the scientific support they need to be taken seriously.

Dr Eric C. Westman, MD and president elect of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians (weight loss doctors), has 15 years of experience helping patients lose weight and improve their health using low carb. He has also helped do several high-quality scientific studies on low carb.

In this interview I did with him at the last ASBP meeting he talks about the science and the practicalities of using real low carb food for improving your weight and health.

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Prejudice at Work: Fat Cops Face Pay Cuts


Cheap junk food – worse than a high salary?

England, Europe’s fattest country, has big problems. More than one in five police officers are obese and the problem is getting worse. Meanwhile, proposals for solutions are getting stupider. Pay cuts are now proposed for police officers who fail to lose weight.

Evening Standard: Police face the sack for being fat

This is yet another sad manifestation of today’s ignorance and prejudice against people with weight problems. The problem will hardly be solved by kicking harder on the afflicted, neither with pay cuts nor with insults. That the latter is a real past proposal by the British health minister is just mindblowing.

Obesity is more common in poor people and cheap junk food (like sugar and starches) is probably the biggest cause. Lowering the salaries of the victims will hardly help.

When this initiative doesn’t make fat people slim, what will be next? Restaurants where fat people are not allowed? Buses they may not ride in? Park benches they aren’t allowed to sit on? Where will it end?


Experienced Heart Surgeon About What Really Causes Heart Disease

Dwight Lundell

Rarely have I received so many e-mails sharing a link as with this: Heart Surgeon Dwight Lundell’s text about what really causes heart disease. There is certainly a lot of truth to what he says:

World-Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease


Meat, Pseudoscience and Why People Who Eat Their Placebo Are Healthier

Don’t worry too much about the health scares in the media. Here’s a very nice blog post by Gary Taubes about how uncertain the observational science behind them really is:

Taubes blogg: Science, Pseudoscience, Nutritional Epidemiology, and Meat (a short post, for Taubes)


Do Unhealthy Meat Eaters Live Shorter Lives?

Meat eater

Meat eater

So it’s time for another health scare in the media. Another thing that ‘shortens life’, this time red meat. But don’t worry: as usual it’s just a new uncertain observational study.

Today’s warnings are more transparent than usual. Meat eaters do indeed die slightly younger, but what do you think they do besides eating meat? Continue Reading →