#2 Meal of 2016 – Keto Lasagna

Out of a few hundred new low-carb recipes from last year, this is the #2 most popular meal.

Do you miss pasta on low carb? Here’s a delicious lasagna that is super strict – even keto! Prepare the lasagna sheets and the sauce the day before and you’ll make this Italian dish in no time. Your guests will be incredibly impressed. Full recipe


  1. Ellen
    Amazingly simple and delicious! Won't be missing regular lasagna ever again! I used silicon baking sheets for the "pasta" sheet, which makes it very easy to both spread into and get out of the baking pan. A can of crushed tomatoes in addition to the tomato paste, letting it simmer for 30 minutes makes an even better meat sauce. Some shredded cheese added between the layers of "pasta" is also recommended!
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  3. Joyce V
    Today I tried something new with these "noodles". I actually made them into NOODLES and not lasagna sheets. I ate them with Keto style beef stroganoff and even my hubby ate them! He says -- NO DIFFERECE. What I did with them with actually made them only half as thick. Then I rolled the entire sheet up and sliced them with a knife to the width I wanted them. I will also be cutting some much thinner and using them for pasta dishes.

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