1,500,000 views on YouTube

Diet Doctor on YouTube

Another milestone: The Diet Doctor YouTube-channel just hit 1,500,000 video views. Here’s a top-10 list of videos you may like:

  1. The Food Revolution – AHS 2011, 245,000 views
  2. The Paleo Diet Explained with Dr Loren Cordain, 90,000 views
  3. The Cause of Obesity with Dr Robert Lustig, 84,000 views
  4. Low Carb Living with Dr Stephen Phinney, 70,000 views
  5. Low Carb Explained with Dr Mary Vernon, 62,000 views
  6. How to Cure Type 2 Diabetes with Dr Jay Wortman, 53,000 views
  7. Low Carb Paleo with Mark Sisson, 50,000 views
  8. Why We Get Fat with Gary Taubes, 45,000 views
  9. The Science of Low Carb with Dr Eric Westman, 33,000 views
  10. Very Low Carb Performance with Dr Peter Attia, 27,000 views

What or who else would you like to see?


  1. Great news! Youtube is such a successful venue for spreading the word. I know how much I appreciate hearing so many of these distinguished voices supporting the hflc way of eating.
    Especially Dr. E!


  2. moreporkplease
    Jackie E talking about low-carb women's health - menopause. She's been there, she knows.
  3. I love low carb diet. I reduce my carb intake 3 times in a week. It was hard to gain strength esp when you are hitting to the gym. But you will get used to it. In fact you will lose weight and gain muscle mass at at the constant rate.

    I think this website has great information on losing weight too. I am still considering this.
    Let me know what do you think. Cheers!

  4. Mike H
    Considering the population of your videos, it's about time you posted some new ones!
  5. eddie watts
    J Stanton from gnolls.org would be good
  6. Jake findley

    Good lecture on aetiology of obesity explaining insulin and obesity

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