The 15 signs you could be a sugar addict


Do you eat sugar when you’re upset? Can’t you imagine a life without it? Do you feel like you can’t stop eating once you’ve started, even if you decided “only to take a little piece”?

Here are 15 signs that could mean you’re suffering from sugar addiction:

DailyMail: The 15 Signs You Could Be a Sugar Addict

Studies show that sugary foods can be quite addictive, so it is something to be taken seriously. Especially since it often leads to a wide array of disease (including obesity).

Do any of these signs ring true to you?

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If you want to know more Karen Thomson’s new book Sugar Free has just been released in the UK, and it’s already a bestseller:

Sugar addiction success stories

“With the Help of LCHF, I Am Winning My Battles”

“Now I’ve Got the Rest of My Fantastic New Sugar-Free Life to Live!”

Finally, 100 Sugar-Free Days!

Sugar addiction course

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