14% of American adults have diabetes according to CDC

Diabetes rates rise
A new report, just released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), pegs US diabetes rates, as of 2016, at 14.0% of adults. This includes cases of both diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes. In 2014, this rate was pegged at 12.2%.

This new data, sourced from the National Bureau of Health Statistics, paints the picture of a disease that crosses all sectors, but some are hit harder than others:

  • Men are more likely to have diabetes than women.
    15.9% of men | 12.2% of women.
  • Older people are more likely to have diabetes.
    3.5% 20-39 years | 16.3% for 40-59 years | 28.2% for 60+ years
  • Disease rates vary by race
    12.4% non-Hispanic white | 17.9% non-Hispanic black
    15.3% non-Hispanic Asian | 19.8% Hispanic
  • Obese citizens are more likely to have diabetes
    6.2% for normal weight adults | 20.7% for obese adults

This meaningful change, a 15% increase in prevalence in just two years, reminds us that the diabetes epidemic is still growing. A new approach, to reverse type 2 diabetes and prevent more new cases, is available on our site. Please share it with friends and loved ones who are either diagnosed or at risk.

NCHS data brief from CDC: Prevalence of total, diagnosed, and undiagnosed diabetes among adults: United States, 2013–2016


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