Over 100,000 signed up – “It’s a game changer”


What a milestone – over 100,000 people have signed up for our free two-week keto low-carb challenge.

In the challenge you get free guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and troubleshooting tips – everything you need to succeed on low carb.

Here are reactions from the people who have tried it over the last two weeks:


I thought it was fantastic because I weighed in yesterday, which was my last day of the challenge and I am very happy and pleased with the weight loss, altogether I lost 7 lbs (3 kg) during the 2-week challenge and I also find that I don’t only lose weight but I also do not have seizures every morning and afternoon again, and I hope to see more of this progress I am a epileptic young girl who would love to see my epilepsy tone down to a lower level.

Anyway, this diet to me is one of greatest thing I have ever done. I am so glad that I have chosen to do the 2-week challenge; I have been on many other diets which failed to deliver the best.

Diet doctor LCHF diet is the best one thank you so much Dr. Andreas, and hope to keep it up,

Diet Doctor,

I really enjoyed these last two weeks. As my family and I followed this simple formula for healthy living, we have found that we truly enjoy our meals instead of rushing through them to get to the next activity.

We all feel fuller and more satisfied after each meal, and as an added bonus my wife and I have lost a combined total of 14 lbs (6 kg)!

To further encourage our paradigm shift to this better way of cooking, the delicious recipes are so easy that I can cook them myself, giving my wife a much appreciated break. While also boosting my confidence in the kitchen and my family’s commitment to LCHF. My wife has signed us up for a trial membership so we can continue down the path to a long healthy life!

Thank you Diet Doctor for providing the tools to succeed!


The best thing about it, is that is wasn’t that hard. By far the most important thing I found was I needed to make sure I went shopping to have the right foods at home and a small amount of planning. I am following the ‘strict’ low-carb diet. Otherwise, I had a couple of headaches (not enough water) and the odd time at the beginning a little hungry, only because I have a habit of cutting back and limiting fat (brainwashed by previous diets, lol).

I bought the keto sticks and remained in moderate to deep ketosis the entire time. The only thing I found disappointing was I didn’t lose the amount of weight I thought I might. I lost 5 pounds (2 kg). My brother lost 9 lbs (4 kg). The first couple of days I was eating too many calories I believe, and I know the concept of not counting, so I ‘ball parked’ going forward. I cut back on dairy, drank more water and still only 5 lbs (2 kg).

However, I didn’t exercise and my job is accounting (sitting ALL the time) and I do have a thyroid disorder (for 12 years) which is ‘out’ right now and I just increased my medicine (some to do because of my weight) with the doctor who told me of your site (he is a big believer). I also have been sick since Christmas (chest cold going around for weeks).

BUT, the best thing is that I actually feel better overall and I am NOT going to stop the diet, I am going to continue (and because of doctor’s orders, lol, as I am quite heavy 303.6 lbs (138 kg), as of the start), and I am positive I will have the same results as your testimonials on your site, so thank you!

Thank you,

Diet Doctor has changed my life tremendously in this two-week challenge. I have tried to get control of my eating habits many times and I always found my headspace surrounded in thoughts of food. Eating LCHF leaves me satisfied so I’m not searching for my next fix. I am finally not beating myself up and feel like I have found the control I’ve always yearned for a healthier active me. I have realized the refined carbs I was indulging in were nothing more then a drug fix for me. I am a creature of habit.

Thanks to the numerous success stories, food information and videos on Diet Doctor’s site I am able to go there when I’m having a weak moment of craving and get the support I need to get me through it. I am now looking forward to journeying through each day with the knowledge I have learned about food and myself. Lost 15 pounds in two weeks, I know I can do this now.

Thank you so very much for the wealth of knowledge on this site, it’s a game changer.

Hi Andrea,

I really enjoyed the 2-week challenge; I coupled it with intermittent fasting for at least 8 of the 14 days. I had to cut down on the amount of cheese I was eating and sometimes I got tired of all the eggs. Other than that it went relatively well for me. I am going to continue the program and will stick with no more than 30 or so grams of carbs a day until I get to my ideal weight.

GREAT program!!! I have already reduced my type 2 diabetes medication from (6) tablets a day to (4); and I have another medication that I am not taking AT ALL. Lastly, when I went to the doctor last week my blood pressure was 115 over 58. I am still taking my blood pressure medication but I’m hoping to reduce it as well over the next month or so. I have a complete physical on February 24th and I’m looking for more GREAT results. This program is an answer to prayer.


Decided to do the challenge whilst on holiday in Switzerland so my first week wasn’t easy. Now I’m back home in South West England I’m finding the whole process very achievable. One kinda problem I am having is feeling ‘guilty’ about my absence of constant hunger! I can’t be losing weight if I feel satisfied all the time?… Wrong… I am and I do…! Finally a sensible diet without the expense of meal replacement shakes, pills, protein powders etc… Just extra butter, olive oil and veg… What’s not to like….????


I loved it and have adopted it as my way of eating. I lost 12 lbs (5 kg) in under 3 weeks. I have type 2 diabetes and my blood glucose readings are way down too; not quite in normal range but getting there. Thank you for these emails.

This is not the first time I tried LCHF. When I first started I had just quit taking antidepressants because they were contributing to weight gain. I was trying to eat all the “right” foods but while I was on the medication I was gaining a pound (0.5 kg) a week and feeling like I was starving most of the time. My body hurt all over and in spite of the high dose SSRI, I was barely hanging on some days. I couldn’t sleep for days at a time and had terrible acid reflux even though I didn’t drink coffee, rarely had black tea and had cut my fats to the scraping by minimum.

I lost 20 lbs (9 kg) in the first month alone on LCHF and almost another 20 lbs (9 kg) shortly thereafter. I sleep fairly normally now, with little to no aches and pains even from my arthritis. In fact I feel better than I have in years but it’s really hard to stay the course when friends and family begin to offer you all kinds of foods you know you shouldn’t be eating.

Over time, I had started to eat more foods that just weren’t good for me and gained a bit of weight back and wanted to get strict about my eating habits again but I have so much stress in my life right now that just thinking about what to make for dinner can be a daunting task. So I signed up for the low-carb challenge. When I felt overwhelmed from the day I could relax knowing that I only had to cook one simple meal and my next day would be taken care of as well. During the challenge, I dropped 8 lbs (4 kg) and 4 inches (10 cm) on my waist as well as boosted my mood with the good, healthy food. I’ll continue on using the meal plans to ease the stress of the day and now my friends and family are cheering me on.

Thank you so much for all you do,

Hi there,

I am now a week beyond the challenge, and have signed up to continue – just heading into week 4.

What works well:

  1. The food guidelines are easy to understand and follow.
  2. The meal ideas are great – we love the crack slaw dishes, and the sausage/cauliflower/broccoli gratin ( my whole family is eating this way, despite not needing to lose weight).
  3. No hunger at all, and no feelings of deprivation. This also means you’re not obsessing about food all the time; I’ve even been able to try intermittent fasting this last week – that’s how ‘un-hungry’ I have been.

So far, so good!

What could be better:

  1. It would be great to have a better forum to communicate with the doctors or other LCHF followers. The question functionality is clunky: no central place for it, and no notifications once answered. I think that if this changed, your following would increase significantly, because of the value people find in easily-accessible support.

Now I am just working on patience, because the weight loss will take a while – I aim to lose 40 kilograms (88 lbs).



I could not believe how tasty the food was and how I was never hungry. I was also surprised that I had no real withdrawal symptoms from sugar. I lost 2 kilos (4 lbs) but most of all I have more energy and feel so much better. My joints are less painful. Overall I am delighted so thank you.


Thanks for checking. I loved every minute of it. The recipes are easy to make and so tasty. The shopping lists so helpful. I was never hungry, always content and had absolutely zero cravings for sweets, snacks or sugar at all. And the best: I lost 4 kg (9 lbs) ? I will definitely go on with LCHF and already look forward to cooking more of the great recipes and profiting from all the tips on your website. I feel like after a million different diets I at last found the one that really suits my needs. Guess I am a fan – lol

Keep up the good work!


Very pleased. I have tried a number of other low-carb diet plans over the years, they worked, however they left you trying to come up with meal plans, I would get tired of the same meals.

I found your plan has a wide variety of meal choices and recipe. I really liked the weekly menu plan with shopping list as well as the nutritional value of the recipe. This made the 2-week challenge very easy to follow and also to complete.

I convinced my wife to give it a try, she said “you know I don’t like these diets I can’t eat eggs every day”. I told her to take a look there are many options, even a porridge.

Week 2 finished, she lost 7 lbs (3 kg) and I lost 6 lbs (3 kg). We will be continuing with this regiment

Thanks for putting this program together,
Chris & Marlene

I really enjoyed the 2-week challenge. I found your recipes delicious, easy to make for a family of 5, and I will keep with this. I am down 7 to 8 lbs (3-4 kg) and feel great.

I was satisfied and didn’t snack and overall feel not as sleepy as I usually am.

My diet doctor (Dr. Bishop in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) that I see recommended your site for a 2-week kick start to low carb eating, which was great as your site also supports the regime with the videos etc.

Thank you for offering this service and website.

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