A 100 pounds lighter and type 2 diabetes reversed thanks to low carb and fasting

Here’s a happy success story I stumbled upon this morning on Twitter.

Congratulations to your success and best of luck on your continued low-carb and intermittent-fasting journey, Rick!

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  • Keto chicken ProvençaleMon
  • Keto and dairy-free vegetable pieTue
  • Italian keto meatballs with mozzarella cheeseWed
  • Keto salmon with pesto and spinachThu
  • Keto CarbonaraFri
  • Keto chicken Cordon BleuSat
  • Keto pork chops with cabbage casseroleSun


Do you have a success story you want to share on this blog? Send it (photos appreciated) to andreas@dietdoctor.com, and please let me know if it’s OK to publish your photo and name or if you’d rather remain anonymous.

It would also be greatly appreciated if you shared what you eat in a typical day, whether you fast etc.

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