1. Janknitz
    Sorry for being the "grammar police" (I am in awe that you do so well in a second language!) but it should be "More than one hundred people HAVE had . . . " ;o)
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Very true, fixed it. Thanks.
  3. Jan
    LCHF leads to so much success, and great to see all these stories.

    All the best Jan

  4. murray
    Paul, is the fatty liver from KD unique to mice? I would have thought the opposite in humans. Same with the triglycerides.
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  5. Paul TR
    It appears to be specific for mice, as you know mice are herbivores since, well just after dinosaurs went out maybe that is the clue. Rats seem to develop much less fatty liver (unpublished), and we reverse fatty liver with LCHF in humans (unpublished). (Mice are cheaper to do research on than rats - that's another clue).
    Below is a link to an excellent review, showing how LCHF - through ketone bodies, which interact with the pathways described - quenches inflammation.
  6. Paul TR
    I posted pdf few months ago in which it is shown how ketone body down-regulates NLRP3
  7. murray
    Thanks Paul. It accords with my experience and observations. I always get suspicious when I see a study of mice on a high-fat diet.
  8. Healthygirl
    Good info, reduce it down obesity makes you sick and can ultimately kill you.

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