Kickstart this Year’s Exercise — Properly


Jonas Bergqvist

Would you like to make this the year you started exercising regularly? At DietDoctor, we’ve invited an expert to guide you through the plethora of exercise advice and workout suggestions out there.

Jonas Bergqvist is a licensed physiotherapist who’s worked with dietary, exercise and lifestyle coaching for many years. He currently runs a combined health and education centre with courses in, among other things, LCHF and paleo dietary advice. He’s also a popular diet guru and has written several diet and exercise books, including (in Swedish) “LCHF and Exercise”.

Right here at DietDoctor, he’ll be publishing a series of guest posts to inspire you to get in better shape, better health… And perhaps even get that future dream body!

Guest Post

JonasIt’s the beginning of the year and papers are full of headlines with speedy get-started-now-tips: This is how you start exercising! How to get a flat stomach! Build muscle! Lose weight!” Continue Reading →


Vegetarian LCHF Sunday: Pizza with Coleslaw


It’s time for the last day of our vegetarian LCHF week and we had a vegetarian LCHF pizza. Popular among both big (adult) and small children in the family.

Would you want to see another theme-week in the future? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Here’s a recipe and nutritional value, 62 energy-percent fat and 9 energy-percent carbohydrates…and all of this week’s previous vegetarian LCHF meals:  Continue Reading →


The Sugar Industry Is Paying Obesity Experts in the UK


Yet another example of how the sugar industry is trying to hinder efficient dietary guidelines and legislation. According to a report the person who is probably the UK’s foremost advisor on obesity issues has received funding from the sugar industry:

RT: Big Sugar’s scandalous sweetheart deal with public health experts exposed

Why does the UK do so little to reduce the consumption of added sugar, an expert in the article wonders. Yes, why?


Vegetarian LCHF Saturday: Halloumi Burgers with Rutabaga Fries


Our vegetarian LCHF week is approaching its finale. This Saturday we had halloumi-cheese burgers with rutabaga fries and cheese bread.

It was so good you wouldn’t believe it was vegetarian.

Here’s a recipe and nutritional value, 75 energy percent fat and 5 energy percent carbohydrates… and the week’s previous vegetarian LCHF meals: Continue Reading →


Headlines All Over the World: The Fear of Fat Was a Mistake from the Beginning

Butter, healthy again

Butter, healthy again

The advice from the 1980’s about avoiding butter lacked evidence. The entire Western world received dietary guidelines that had never been shown to do any good.

This may be old news for the regular reader here, but now the knowledge is spreading faster and faster around the world.

A new scientific review shows that the advice completely lacked evidence of any benefit when it was first introduced. This hit the big headlines around the world yesterday:

The old fear of fat is dying out. Those who are still afraid of natural fat today haven’t yet managed to update their knowledge. Unfortunately, this includes quite a few older experts who govern our official dietary guidelines.

Getting over the fear of fat is absolutely necessary to return to honest, real food, which is needed to get away from calorie obsession and starvation dieting. It’s necessary to turn round the epidemics of obesity and diabetes and other related disorders. It is necessary and it can’t wait.

Fortunately, repeated headlines like these show that the Food Revolution continues, all around the world. Continue Reading →